Turkey, Ham, and the Easter Bunny…

When I was small, we went to my Grandma and Grandad Thompson’s in Ohio for Easter.  My brother and I and our four cousins, Sandy, Larry, Barb, and Darin, always got a coffee can full of edible treats.  Each can was personalized, lined with Easter grass,  and hand-decorated by my grandma.  Grandad did all the cooking – a huge ham studded with cloves, mountains of whipped potatoes, and vegetables.  Dessert would be some kind of pie, sometimes peanut butter.  After dinner, my mom and aunts would do the dishes, while the men in the family retired to another room to talk (sleep off the meal!).

Grandma and Grandad Thompson

After we moved to Canada in 1969, we weren’t able to spend Easter with our grandparents, so we had to make our own traditions.  I remember Mom and Dad doing an Easter egg hunt every year for us and our friends  in our yard.  There were times we needed to wear boots for it – depending on the time of year, there was sometimes snow, or deep mud to tramp through.  My dad loved to hide the little chocolate eggs “in plain sight.”  We’d often walk right past them!

Easter Eggs...

We’d also decorate chicken eggs with the PAAS Easter egg decorating kits.  I still remember the smell of the vinegar the little colour tablets had to be dissolved in, and balancing the egg carefully in a spoon to dip it.  The finished product never seemed to look as good as the pictures on the box!

Paas Egg Decorating Kit...

After I had kids of my own, I introduced them to melting crayons to decorate eggs…I still have several egg cartons full of their childhood art.  I continued having an Easter egg hunt every year, but it was usually inside – our Maritime winters are not conducive to outdoor hunts.  Easter in the Maritimes is also different, in that there seems to be a (crazy, in my opinion) tradition of showering kids with all kinds of gifts – my kids always complained about not getting a new bike or new clothes for Easter (each kid would get a chocolate bunny, and the little chocolate eggs from the hunt).  They all survived, though…

This year, Jim wanted turkey for Easter, but the kids wanted ham, so he will cook a Good Friday turkey dinner (I’ve promised to stay out of the kitchen!), and I will make an Easter ham on Sunday for the whole family, including my in-laws (I hope mine is as good as my Grandad’s!).  Maybe Jim’s mom will bring one of her amazing pies.

Baked Ham...

My youngest daughter, Hope, is talking about having an Easter egg hunt, but since discovering the truth about the Easter Bunny (and Santa Claus, and the tooth fairy) this past Christmas, she says SHE wants to hide the Easter eggs…I might just let her…sometimes the Easter Bunny runs out of good places to hide things…

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