A Girl and Her Dog…

When we lived in an apartment in the city, my kids always wanted to get a dog.  I told them we would get a dog when we got a house in the country.  So we ended up with a cat for many years…

Yoko, who now lives with my daughter, Kaylee

We got our house in the country a little over a year ago, and the kids wanted me to make good on my promise.  The people who lived here before warned us to “get a big dog because of the hawks.”  Anna started prowling kijiji.com regularly.  Since Jim and his kids have allergies, we had to find a dog that was “hypo-allergenic.”  We researched appropriate breeds, and went from there.  One day, Anna found someone advertising schnoodle puppies. 

A schnoodle is a mix of schnauzer and poodle…these puppies were miniatures.  I was a little worried about the dog being too small, but decided we just wouldn’t let him out by himself.  The breeder was in Edmundston, New Brunswick, but we made arrangements to pick up our dog at her relative’s house in Florenceville.

We had several family conversations about names for the new dog…I didn’t want anything silly or fancy.  Since we all like the TV show “2 and a 1/2 Men,” we settled on “Jake.”

When the appointed day arrived, Jim and I drove down without the kids to get the dog.  We borrowed a dog crate from Jim’s sister to bring him back in. 

The minute we saw him, we fell in love with the little white ball of fur.  Jake was cuddly from the start.  The people also gave us a stuffed white cat who was Jake’s buddy (and bigger than he was at the time!).  He used to pick it up and shake it violently, but at night, Jake would drag the toy into his basket and sleep with it.

Jake as a puppy...

When we got back home…poor Jake didn’t have a moment when some kid wasn’t bugging him…in retrospect, he probably loved the attention.  He is a big suck.

Jake is also a champion chewer of objects…one of his favourites is lunchbags and their contents, although cords/headphones for our large supply of electronic gadgets is a close second.

Last spring, we got Jake fixed.  It didn’t slow him down at all!  On one of our first walks around the neighbourhood after that, Jake saw another small dog and promptly slipped his collar.  It was a crazy scene…there were eight people trying to catch one little dog!  Finally, one of the other dog’s owners went into the house and brought out a dog treat…food is one of the things Jake can’t resist!  We managed to catch him and bring him home safely.

Jake in flight...

Although Jake is everybody’s dog, my youngest daughter, Hope, has a special relationship with him.  She takes him for walks more than anybody else, and is the first to notice when Jake needs a bath.  She bathes him and then carefully dries him with the blow dryer.  Then Hope brushes him until he’s all fluffy…he hates that!  He runs around shaking all over until it feels right again!

Hope and Jake...

One day, Hope came out of the bathroom with Jake after giving him a bath.  She said proudly, “I even brushed his teeth!” 

“Whose toothbrush did you use?” I asked, grateful that mine was safe in our upstairs bathroom.

“Mine,” Hope said. 

Luckily, I have spares…

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  1. planejaner

    i am a sucker for an animal story. He’s a cutie. 🙂

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