The Sounds of Easter…

I woke up at 6:30 this morning to the sound of birds chirping joyfully outside.  Jim’s rhythmic breathing was interspersed with occasional snoring, as the fan on his laptop whirred away.  Downstairs, I heard the shuffle of Dad’s slippers as he crossed the kitchen, and the creak and then the slam of the screen door as he let our dog, Jake, out to go pee.


Hope opened our bedroom door, and announced the start of the Easter egg hunt.  Jim and I came downstairs, and then Jim, Anna and Hope ran around the house finding eggs that Hope hid the night before…Devin chose to stay in bed (Brianna was in Moncton with her mother).  Careful counting (and trading) of the bounty left by the Easter Bunny followed.

Easter Bunny Hope...photographed by Jim...

Later, the hiss of the electric kettle will be heard before I pour one of many cups of tea (Ceylon Special).  We will turn the fan on the stove on while bacon pops and crackles in the frying pan, and buttermilk pancakes cook in the electric skillet.  Forks and knives will clink on plates as we gather around the table and eat breakfast as a family.

This afternoon, I will wield the potato peeler to scrape the skins off the  potatoes for the potato scallop for Easter dinner tonight.   The knife will thump on the cutting board as I slice onions.  The electric can opener will grind as it is used to open the pineapple slices that will adorn the twin hams.  The microwave will beep when the sweet potatoes and the broccoli are cooked.

Car doors slamming in the driveway will announce the arrival of our guests…joyful barking will ensue as Jake rushes to greet them at the door.

Chairs will scrape across the floor as people seat themselves at the dinner table.  Small talk will be heard, as bowls of food are passed, and family bonds are renewed.  Interspersed will be the coos and gurgles of my seven-month-old granddaughter, Elise, as she experiences her very first Easter.


Life is good…

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  1. Jim VanWart

    Beautiful. Thank you sweetie.

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