Spring is Sprung, The Seedlings is Riz…

A week ago today, I took the day off from the bookstore to plant my indoor seeds…I basically planted them and forgot about them (didn’t even water because the soil was quite wet).  On Friday, Jim mentioned that some of them had sprouted!  Off I went to the back kitchen to peek at our “new babies.”

First to make their appearance were the vegetables that I remember being “hard to grow” when I was a kid: broccoli and cabbage – I planted a full egg carton of broccoli – everybody in the family likes it.  The Chinese cabbage is also up, as well as the purple Brussels sprouts – who knew that the plants would be purple too?  I’m hoping the cool colour will make the kids want to eat them, but I only have one child that I know of who even likes the green version (Hope). 

Top: Chinese Cabbage and Green Cabbage, Bottom: Broccoli

A few of the flowers, stock and zinnia, are also starting to come up.  No sign of any of the nine varieties of tomatoes I planted…I’m really looking forward to seeing them.  I have a 2-litre ice cream container full of crushed eggshells that I’ve been saving to scatter around the tomato plants once they’re in the garden…it will hopefully keep the slugs out of there…apparently, it’s like crawling over broken glass for them.

The lettuce is coming, but the herbs are a no-show so far.  I can’t wait until we can just pick fresh basil right out of the pot!  I love pesto!

Lettuce/Tat Soi

One of the other big pots has the greens in it, which are growing nicely, along with the Bull’s Blood beet greens – the 5-colour silverbeet chard is just starting to poke through the soil.  Jim is a big fan of beet greens, as am I.


Yesterday, I carried all 12 egg cartons and the three big pots out on to the deck to get some sun (Jake actually left them alone!).  After being out there all day, I noticed that there had been some growth, even in those few hours – neat!  It was quite windy, and the soil got fairly dry outside.  I took one of the kids’ water bottles (one with a valve), and carefully sprinkled each section with a small amount of water…a mistake I made last year was keeping the soil too wet – it actually started growing mold – that was gross!  I’m still trying to find a mister to use…I’m worried that my watering can will displace the soil too much or knock down the tiny plants.

In my usual Monday morning rush to get out the door, I didn’t have time to take the plants outside today…maybe I’ll be able to do that tomorrow…


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2 responses to “Spring is Sprung, The Seedlings is Riz…

  1. Nicki

    Turkey baster for the soil, and spray bottle to keep the leaves moist… this seem to be working out well for the seedlings and delicate plants. : )

  2. Thanks, Nicki…never thought of a turkey baster…having trouble finding a spray bottle!


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