Waking Up From a Long Nap…

I’d been asleep for most of 36 hours, laid low with the worst flu I’d had in decades.  My man lay beside me, sharing the misery.  Downstairs, two of the four children also suffered (another had been stricken earlier in the week, the fourth had yet to be afflicted).  Medications and ginger ale were the only things most of us ingested.  The sounds of toilets being flushed was constant (that and ringing phones!).

Canada Dry Ginger Ale...

I woke up this morning with no appetite, but craved my morning tea – the pain in my gut had finally subsided.  I plugged in the electric kettle and filled my infuser with Ceylon Special and brown sugar, pouring the water into my mug once it was boiled.  I finished loading the dishwasher and started it.

Ceylon Special Tea...

Seeing the sun outside, I decided to take my seedlings out on the deck for some much-needed light.  Making several trips, I transferred the three large pots and 12 egg cartons from the back kitchen.  I was pleased to see that some of the tomatoes had made an appearance, as well as cauliflower and a couple more kinds of flowers.

Broccoli and Cabbage Seedlings...

In the midst of my labours, I heard a strange beeping from one of the electronic devices in the living room…didn’t have any idea what it was – electronics is “not my department.”  I would ask Jim about it when he woke up.  Coming back into the kitchen to fill a bottle to water plants with, I noticed the light over the stove was out – weird, Jim had just replaced the bulb last week!  Also, the dishwasher which had been running only minutes before was now silent.  That’s when I realized the power had gone out…

I called the power company, entered our phone number, and learned that it was a “planned power outage” expected to last 2-3 hours…so much for catching up on Facebook and writing my blog!  I picked up my tea and a pile of magazines I hadn’t gotten around to reading, and headed out on the deck with the dog.

As I perused “Woman’s Day,” I was struck by the inanity of most of the articles – in my humble opinion, having “cute boots” does not lead one down the path to happiness.  There were some good recipes though…

Woman's Day...

I was distracted from my reading by a knocking/rubbing noise around the end of the house – it sounded like trees banging, or some animal trying to build a nest.  I went down into the yard and took a quick look, but could see nothing, so I returned to my chair.

Two crows landed at the bottom of the back yard near the fence – Jake watched them intently.  Closer to the house, a robin also appeared on the lawn.  Jake decided he was going for that bird – he was off like a shot!  Unfortunately, my egg carton full of future pepper plants was a casualty of his doggy exuberance – it lay upside down on the porch, soil and seeds completely emptied from its dozen compartments!


A lesser woman would have been in tears, but being of sturdy (stoic) German stock, I picked up the egg carton, refilled it with new soil, planted more pepper seeds, and returned it to its original place on the deck.

By then, the power had come back on…I read a particularly beautiful blog post by my friend, Jane, (http://planejaner.wordpress.com/2010/04/14/starry-sky-a-glitter-with-infinity/), checked my e-mail, and perused the 300+ updates from friends on Facebook (I didn’t miss much!).

Tomorrow, my routine will return to normal…



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2 responses to “Waking Up From a Long Nap…

  1. planejaner

    oh, man! everyone laid low! I am happy to hear you are on the mend. oh, and exuberant Jake! How could he? But, like you said, what can you do? And thanks for mentioning my blog post. You made me smile. 🙂

    • Thanks for picking up my spelling mistake on “exuberance!”

      We’re off to see “Beauty and the Beast” tonight, at least some of us are.

      Have a great time at your show!


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