Introducing Jim…Guest Photographer…

Since this is a “cheerleading weekend” (competitions on Saturday and Sunday), I’m short on blogwriting time.  So, instead of not posting at all, I have chosen to feature some of my favourite photos taken by my sweetheart, Jim:

This paraplane was flying over our house yesterday…there were supposed to be two of them, but the other guy was apparently having trouble with his rig.  My personal opinion is that they’re nuts, but they sure are neat to watch!


This is Hope standing on the ice washed up from the river this past January.  We were lucky in the valley that there was no significant flooding this winter.

"Hope Alone"

Here’s what happened after 90 mm of rain fell in one night last October:

Stranded Farm Animals...

Chickadees are probably my favourite birds…Jim took this photo a couple of weeks ago in our yard:


Jim shot this one of Brianna and her best friend, Jessica, at the cheerleading competition earlier this spring:

Cheer Girls Jessica and Brianna...

We went to Open Farm Day last fall…this calf took a liking to Jim (believe it or not, Jim shot this photo himself!):

Jim, Up Close and Personal with His Bovine Friend...

Jim also has an affinity for birds…this little parakeet flew up on Jim’s shoulder while he was barbecuing on our deck last fall.  He brought it into the house…Hope recognized the bird from her friend’s place nearby, and we took him back home.  Lucky Jim was out there…the bird might have frozen to death!

Parakeet Perching On Top of My Bread Cutting Board...

This post wouldn’t be complete without putting in a picture of Jim’s buddy, Jake…here he is fetching an apple in the back yard last fall:


This is one of my favourite pictures of me and Elise together (she was four days old in this one):

Elise and Gramma...

One day, when Elise was visiting, Auntie Hope decided she should learn where babies come from:

"Gimme a Break!"

Perhaps another day, I will feature some of Anna’s photos…


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  1. Correction: Anna informed me that she was the one who took the picture of me and Elise…oops! I’ll be featuring Anna’s photos in another guest spot later.


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