Clueless Wonders…

We have all encountered people doing things that annoy other people, but the offenders are completely oblivious to the distress they are causing.  Here are some of the things that bug me:

1. People who conduct loud conversations on their cellphones in public.  I really don’t care if Barney has two toes on his left foot!  It’s scary when the person they’re talking to is talking loudly enough that I can hear both sides of the conversation.

2. People who mosey along on a public walkway as if they have all the time in the world, completely ignoring the folks around them who are trying to get somewhere on a schedule.  Worse are the ones who stop and talk to friends, and block the entire path.

3. People who stand too close to you in line.  You’d think they’d get a clue after you move away from them for the third time!

4. People who don’t turn off their cellphones in restaurants, movies, or shows.  Your babysitter should call the theatre if Johnny has to be rushed to the hospital after he swallows a nickel.

5. Complete strangers who point out something negative about your body, hair or clothing (although I want to be told if I have something in my teeth!).

6. People without children who pass out free parenting advice.  Don’t judge me until you have walked in my size 10’s.

7. People who hold up lines by taking forever to dig out money or credit cards, or are busy telling the clerk about their Aunt Myrtle’s psoriasis.

8. People who listen to their I-Pods at too high a volume…I really hate rap, and you will start losing your hearing soon if you continue!

9. People who wander around during live concerts.  It is customary in a civilized world to wait until a song is finished before going for beer or to answer a call of nature.  Do not walk between me and the act I spent $60 to see!

10. People who talk during performances – nothing ruins a ballad like some yahoo recounting his night at the bar.

11. People who bring giant strollers to crowded events and run over innocent bystanders’ toes and bruise others’ shins.  If you can’t leave the kids at home, at least use a baby carrier of some sort.

12. People who don’t hold the door open for the next person as they go through it.  It is disconcerting to have a door close in your face.

13. People who don’t walk on the right.  I also don’t appreciate groups of people who take up the entire sidewalk and don’t move when you approach them.  My shoes are really uncomfortable when they’re filled with mud.

14. People who try to use the express line for more items than posted on the sign.  We’re all busy.

15. People who believe they’re so special that they deserve a discount.  These losers are not that special.

16. People who don’t flush the toilet in public washrooms.  These are usually the same people who leave without washing their hands.   The next person does notice!

17. People who stand in front of other people who are seated at an event.  They paid their money – do not block their view.

18. People who smoke in public places, including bus shelters.  I really don’t enjoy standing in a downpour while you kill yourself slowly.

19. People who don’t pick up after their dogs.  If you can afford a dog, you can afford poop bags to clean up his mess.

20. People who bring children to adult events, and then refuse to leave when the kids start crying.  Get a babysitter, or stay home.

If you are guilty of any of the above behaviours, please change your ways…the rest of us would be grateful!



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7 responses to “Clueless Wonders…

  1. Judy Fortier

    I totally agree with each and every one!! Another great read. Thanks Wendy.

  2. planejaner

    Wendy–when I get around to making my “Angry Samaritan” Cape, I will make an extra, for you. 🙂

  3. planejaner

    (I should add–if you read that one…don’t know if we were buddies yet…

    I am thinking a cobalt blue cape, maybe with a mask.
    p.s. glad we are buddies now.

  4. agree with everyone except 4. i’l like to know first hand if my child is poorly as he’s mine and no one elses! plus that could take time if your at a show to find you and will annoy alot more people while they look for you. but that’s a pretty solid list i can’t think of much more!

    • Thanks for your comment, Ashbosh…usually if there’s an emergency, someone will come over the loudspeaker and ask the person to come to the front desk…easy, quick, and painless!

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