I Wish I Could Climb a Tree…

Today, I wish I was ten again…I would go out behind my house and climb our horse chestnut tree.

This tree reminds me of ours...

I would grab the lowest branch with my strong arms, lift my legs up and hook my ankles around it.  I would then raise myself to a sitting position, and then stand on that branch.  I would climb, using both hands and feet – the branches as both steps and handholds. 

The higher I climb, the farther away my problems would seem…I would climb until I felt comfortable, but not afraid of the heights I had reached.  I would sit in the tree until I felt like coming down (or until my mom calls me for supper).

But, realistically, the tree was cut down, the victim of some disease particular to horse chestnut trees.  The house no longer belongs to our family.  And my mom died three years ago.

I need a new tree…


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6 responses to “I Wish I Could Climb a Tree…

  1. planejaner

    Wendy–you “sound” sad today, or contemplative…I hope things are ok for you. In the meantime, put that tree in your mind’s eye, and breathe and climb, breathe and climb.
    You are strong, and fearless, and can get to great heights, and see your lovely life.

    • Thanks, Jane…I am both (sad and contemplative)…missing my mom today…and letting stupid stuff get to me…

      I appreciate knowing that you and other people care about me!


  2. smalltownbiglife

    This post reminds me of Sarah Hannah’s “Alembic,” a fantastic memory poem. Glad to have discovered your blog.

  3. Ever thought of taking up flying??? That’s where my problems seem the farthest away. No room for them in the cockpit…I have to leave them on the ground. Thanks for the link to this post today, Wendy! I needed it.

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