Wackadoo Wednesday…

I’m borrowing the word, “wackadoo” from my friend, Jane, not because she’s “wackadoo”, but because she is the first person I ever heard use this particular word!

I apologize for the long spaces between postings in the past week…we’ve been busy both at home and at the store, so I haven’t had nearly as much computer time (or thinking time) as I would have liked.  I think this posting will be another collection of random items:

1. My middle daughter, Anna, got braces last week…her 12-year molar on the bottom is fused to the bone (she’s almost 16), and needs to be coaxed through, as is one eyetooth on the top.  After the orthodontist explained that leaving things alone could lead to more serious long-term issues, I talked to Anna’s father, and we made the decision to cough up $4000 for braces (his insurance is covering the other $2000 – hooray for orthodontic coverage!).  Unfortunately, Anna grinds her teeth at night.  Braces were put on Tuesday, and by Thursday, she’d ground the little blue rubber cushions at the back of her mouth down to mere nubs (these cushions were to keep her from biting down on her bottom bracket with her top teeth and breaking it)!  Back we went, where the technician installed BIGGER cushions.  Those were totalled by Sunday, and since Monday was a holiday, I had to wait until Tuesday to call the orthodontist again.  Our appointment is tomorrow…maybe they could install stainless steel cushions this time?

They don't look like they cost $6000, do they?

2. As previously mentioned, this past weekend was a holiday weekend (for Americans who are unaware, we celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday the third Monday in May).  The weather was amazing – warm but with a nice breeze to keep from getting too sweaty!  I spent all day Saturday in the garden, except for a couple of hours we went grocery shopping and running errands.  I enjoyed listening to two birds having a conversation from two different trees – couldn’t see either of them, but it was fun to listen!  I hoed, pulled weeds, and finished planting (and replanting) all the vegetables.  At the top of the garden, I planted a full row of sunflowers I’m excited about – they only grow about 5 feet tall, but they come in 5 or 6 different colours – they’re called “Autumn Beauty.”  Beside the fence, I planted half a row each of sweet peas and morning glories – I’m hoping they’ll climb on the fence.  The flowers will be visible from our driveway out front too.

I hope my sunflowers are as pretty as these...

3. While I was in the garden, Anna was painting Jim’s big birdhouse on the side porch – it’s absolutely gorgeous!  Will post pictures later…flowers and bugs and leaves, oh my!  There’s a potential for 24 bird homes inside. 

4. When I woke up Sunday morning, I was pretty sore, but put on my “holy pants” (see this post for a better description:  https://writerwoman61.wordpress.com/2010/04/05/getting-down-to-the-nitty-gritty/) and an old T-shirt, and went back outside to water our garden.  The outside faucet is at the front of the house, and the garden is at the side of the back yard.  This necessitates dragging the hose several hundred feet around the corner and through the gate.  Combine this with a nozzle that definitely isn’t worth the $10 I paid for it (a 3-year-old boy could pee with more force!), and 25 feet of useless “coiled” hose at the end of my 100 feet of heavy duty hose, leaking connectors everywhere…let’s just say I was ready to spit nails after the 45 minutes that exercise took!  I stripped off my sodden clothes, and went to town to pick up Hope at her dad’s, and do a couple more errands.  Saturday was Kaylee’s birthday, and I had invited her and her family over for supper on Sunday- I needed to pick up a gift card for her at the mall.  When I arrived at the agreed-upon store, there were signs up everywhere saying they were closing…after a frantic phone call to Kaylee, she suggested I just get a mall gift card instead.  The “errands” took about three hours, and I still hadn’t made supper yet!  I also wanted to make a strawberry-rhubarb pie for Kaylee’s birthday (cake doesn’t seem to disappear very fast around our house).  Instead of the lasagna I’d promised her, we agreed on BBQ – I tried some portobello mushroom/swiss veggie burgers I bought – they were yummy!  Everybody else had steak, hamburgers, hot dogs or sausage.  I made a huge potato salad too.  With store-bought crust, the pie turned out to be delicious.  My granddaughter was dressed in her new spring dress, which is totally useless for demonstrating her newfound crawling ability, but cute as a button!

Elise - 8 months old...

5.  Jim’s daughter, Brianna, got home late Sunday night after a whirlwind school trip to Quebec City.  She had a great time!  Brianna brought me home some little cheese spreaders with bumblebees on them – the kids were quite amused when I called them “ladybugs” – I was a little tired…

6. Monday was another beautiful day…however, I wanted to make spaghetti sauce.  I watered the garden again, and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the kitchen.  We were invited to Jim’s mom’s for his brother-in-law, Chris’ birthday supper…we enjoyed another BBQ with Jim’s whole family and the birthday boy’s parents.  Jim’s mom had made baked beans, which I don’t get to eat at our house because Jim doesn’t like them!  Shirley told me that the recipe had come from an 82-year-old man at their church…it was amazing!  Jim’s dad offered us a raised bed from their back yard, which I’ll use to put my perennials in.  Afterward, Chris’ parents followed us home and got some rhubarb from our yard.  Then I built a lasagna with the spaghetti sauce, and fell, exhuausted, into bed.

Chris and his dog, Bella...

7.  Anna woke me up from a sound sleep about 2 a.m.  Our dog, Jake, had been “acting funny” for about three hours, and had just thrown up.  I went downstairs and discovered that he was completely out of water – I had no idea how long it had been that way.  I curled up on the loveseat, where I dozed for the next 2 1/2 hours.  Jake seemed to settle down after that.  We still don’t know what was wrong with him, although I suspect the part pieces of Popsicle sticks I’ve been finding around the living room have something to do with his discomfort…

8.  Tuesday morning, I went in to the bookstore, photographed three boxes of books, edited and uploaded the photos to the net, and then appraised four more boxes of books.  We have more books than we have space for…I have no idea where we’re going to put them all!  Getting some good stuff though…was fun to see issues of Cosmopolitan magazine from the early 1900’s – nary a mention of sex – it was actually a literary magazine then!

February, 1909 Cosmo...What...no cleavage?

9.  Tuesday was also my mom’s birthday – she died in September, 2007.  I wish she could have met Jim, his kids and especially her first great-granddaughter, Elise!  I miss her every day, although I’m happy she’s not in pain any more!


10.  Today, I’m at the store.  I appraised two more boxes of books, and Anna helped me hook up a new printer that I bought.  I have a new project which I’m excited about and will talk more about later.   We’ve had two more people offer us books today – we don’t have room! 

I’ve enjoyed reading my blogging sisters’ work this week – some deep thoughts there – check out the links at the right…I’ll try to get back here on a little more regular basis, but if the weather’s nice, I’ll be outside!



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6 responses to “Wackadoo Wednesday…

  1. planejaner

    Whackadoo Whirlwind WEEK!

  2. planejaner

    how do i know I spelled it right? it’s all good.
    great post. now–go rest.

  3. smalltownbiglife

    Your granddaughter is beautiful! Loved the post.

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