More Scenes from Outside…

Here are the promised photos of Jim and Anna’s “Avian Ritz-Carlton” – it will house up to 2 dozen birds (photos by Anna):

The front...

One Side...

The back...

The other side...

Anna took some other photos around the yard as well:

These are blossoms on our horse chestnut tree...

These are wildflowers that grow near our peony bushes...

This is the first wild rose of the season...

Enjoy the weekend…


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8 responses to “More Scenes from Outside…

  1. planejaner

    love the pictures!
    running around like an ADHD freak…so, the pictures are fab…no time to read!

  2. smalltownbiglife

    My daughter and son plan to paint a birdhouse this week for our back yard. I’ll show them your photo. It is lovely!

  3. “Avian Ritz-Carlton” – love it! And the birdhouse and the photos. The decorations are beautiful. Two dozen birds? Wow!

    • The “Bird Hotel” was started by Jim’s dad, finished by Jim, and then painted by Anna and the other girls. The problem is that it weighs about 60 lbs., and is sitting in our back yard on the ground because it’s too heavy to hoist up into the tree! I think there are currently lots of “vacancies.” Maybe Jim will figure out a way to mount it this spring… Wendy

  4. Maybe there are other critters living in it while it sits on the ground! We have a single unit birdhouse that never made it off the ground because my husband wasn’t reminded 10 times to put it on a tree. I gave up at nine. I see nest-like stuff coming out of it. I’m thinking maybe chipmunks have taken up residence.

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