Something Meaningful…

You may have noticed the long gap this week between posts…I have been deep in reflection about what I can write that is “meaningful.”  My sister bloggers have been talking about all these amazing thoughts and feelings…I tell you about the bugs that are eating my yellow beans! 

I have “meaningful” thoughts, but seem to have difficulty putting those thoughts into words, and I think I’m a bit reluctant to show my vulnerabilities too…

The BP disaster has been occupying my mind a lot…I keep wondering, “Why has it been so long?” “Why isn’t anybody doing anything to stop this craziness?”  I feel like I’m powerless in this one…

Two women in our province have died in the last month (allegedly) at the hands of men who “loved” them.  One of these women was a neighbour of mine when I lived in Moncton many years ago…our daughters went to the same school, and we used to chat in the playground.  She was smart…how did she end up with that loser?

I am also having a bit of a mid-life crisis…I am searching (once again) for a “real job,” that I don’t really want and will take me away from the bookstore.  Financial issues beyond my control have led to this necessity (thank you, Revenue Canada – not!).  Although I have many marketable skills, the reality is that I am an (almost) 49-year-old woman competing with kids with university degrees, cars, and flexible schedules (none of which I have).  Potential employers for entry-level jobs see my extensive resumé, and think I won’t stick around if they hire me!  All I need is something to put food in the kids’ mouths until I can actually take a salary from the bookstore!  Jim is being very supportive, but knows how foreign it is for me to depend financially on someone else (especially a man!).  My mom always taught me the importance of supporting myself… 

Please bear with me…I’ll try to keep being relevant…if I can’t, I won’t post!



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6 responses to “Something Meaningful…

  1. Judy Fortier

    I hear you on the job front, Wendy. I was 57 when we moved to Lavigne and thank god, I got a job with Statisitics Canada. The jobs I looked at at car dealerships, where I had worked for 36 years, did not pay enough to make things worth my while. I am sure you will find something soon enough, that suits you. I really enjoy reading your blogs daily. Good luck.

  2. smalltownbiglife

    What I love about your blog is you sharing your real life with us. Every post rings so honest and true! Good luck on the job-hunting…and keep posting.

    • Thanks, Kerri…you girls are just such amazing writers…sometimes I feel like what I do isn’t quite “up to snuff.”

      Feeling a bit better now…happy with yesterday’s post…

      Thanks for your support…it means a lot!


  3. planejaner

    Wendy–I love your “voice” in your posts. If it didn’t sound like you, it wouldn’t be true.
    keep us posted on the job front…I know something good is out there for you.

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