It’s All About Me…

I have been writing this blog for almost three months…many people who read it have never met me.  Some know me on a superficial level, and others are family members who haven’t seen me for years…

After receiving a negative comment about something I wrote (sent in a private e-mail), I felt it necessary to let folks know more about the “real me.” (the title is tongue-in-cheek).  Forgive me if I repeat myself from previous blogs.  These are in no particular order:

1. I am honest to a fault…I will never lie to you (and believe most other people are too – I believe most of what people tell me).  By the same token, my tongue (or keyboard) sometimes moves faster than my brain – I sometimes say things that could be hurtful without thinking about the consequences. 

2. I take everything personally…this is why I chose not to pursue journalism.  I was way too sensitive!  I want everyone to like me!

3. I see only colours and shapes without correction…I’ve been wearing really thick glasses since I was 6.  It’s a good thing my hearing is sharp!

4. I have been working since I was 10, and started my first business at age 11. 

5. I was a single mom with three children for ten years.  Other than three weeks on public assistance, I was financially independent during that time.  As a mother of girls, I have always taught them (as my mother taught me) never to depend on anyone else for money! 

6. I have a congenital hip defect that means my left leg is longer than the right one (up to 2″ difference at one point)…I went through school having to wear a lift on my right shoe.  I have had two surgeries to try to correct the problem.  The legs still aren’t the same length, but I’m not going to let them cut bone!

7. I am distantly related to the famous Beecher family on my mom’s side.  They were strong abolitionists…I have always had a strong interest in civil rights, and have a good knowledge of the Civil War time period.

8. I have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time.  However, I’ve never broken a bone.  I did go through a glass door once when I was seven – that was five stitches, and hours of people pulling glass shards out of me with tweezers.

9. I taught myself to read at age 3…I still love to read.  I wish everyone could read!

10. I became a Canadian citizen (with the rest of my family) in 1982.  I am a dual citizen of Canada and the U.S.

11. I really like to cook and bake…I feed people I love!  I hate cleaning up afterward (I’m a terrible housekeeper).

12. I have never smoked or experimented with drugs…I like to be in control of my faculties (I’ve only ever been drunk once in my life…I didn’t like it, so I never did it again!). 

13. My family and friends are my most precious assets.  I will fight anything or anyone who threatens them!

14. I chose not to go to university, because if I’d applied for a student loan, my parents were expected to make a financial contribution to the cost of my education…they didn’t have the money, and I wasn’t asking for it.  I paid my own tuition at community college.

15. I am stubborn, sometimes to the point of stupidity (after one of the surgeries mentioned in #6, I insisted on going out for Hallowe’en with my leg in a cast from crotch to ankle – I used my crutches to haul myself up and down the 1/4- mile long driveways in our neighbourhood).  I hate asking for help (that’s the stoic German in me)!

16. I don’t have a driver’s license.  I had my temporary permit when I was eighteen, but never took the test…as an adult, I never had a car and depended on my feet, buses and taxis to get around the cities I lived.  I know I can drive, but frankly, cars go a lot faster now than thirty years ago! 

17. I spend a lot of time promoting businesses that treat me well.  But, if I am treated badly, I will never go back.  I will also tell everyone I know about my bad experience. 

18. I have spent a lot of my adult life as an activist.  I have served on the boards of many community organizations including: the Kidney Foundation of Canada, CH.A.D.D. Canada (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder), the Midtown Residents Association (Moncton), the Saint John Women’s Conference, and the Business Community Anti-Poverty Initiative.  As a business owner, I was on the boards of the Atlantic Home-Based Business Network (Moncton), and the Saint John West Business Association.

19. I am a huge procrastinator…I always crammed for exams at the last minute (and pulled off A’s!).

20. I would never intentionally hurt anyone (unless they were hurting someone in my family – see #13).

21. My favourite number is 27.  I don’t know why.

22. My sun sign is Cancer…I have pretty well all the traits associated with that sign.   

23. I find walking over bridges with moving water underneath really scary.

24. I like bugs that don’t bite.

25. I can’t stand loud, unnecessary noise of any kind. 

26. I do not attend church, and haven’t on a regular basis since I was 11.  I treat other people as I wish to be treated, and go out of my way to be helpful – I think that’s what God wants us all to do.  People who try to push their religion on me make me extremely uncomfortable, and I avoid them if I can.  My beliefs are my business (as long as they “do no harm” – there are a lot of abhorrent things done in the name of organized religion).

27. It bothers me a great deal that people who steal in North America often receive longer prison sentences than those who hurt or kill other people.

28. I don’t like to sit and do nothing.  I like to be busy all the time, even if it’s just reading a book.  I don’t react well to my schedule being derailled by events beyond my control.

29. I am up at 5:30 every morning (I sleep until 8 on weekends), and in bed by 11:00 at the latest…I have always been a morning person.

30. I am an organ donor.  One of my cousins passed away in the early 90’s after waiting too long for a liver transplant.  I would urge all of my readers to consider being a donor.  There are far too many people waiting for far too few organs…you won’t need them after you’re gone!

I hope that this random list has helped you to get a better picture of what makes me tick…thank you for taking the time to read it!


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25 responses to “It’s All About Me…

  1. Connie

    Love all of you! Beautiful to read this morning. And then scrolling down to comment, I found your favorite musicians. Cool. I love you Wendy. Thanks for an intimate inside look.

  2. planejaner

    Sorry you received a negative email, but happy to have learned more about you!

  3. Judy Fortier

    Good blog. We seem so alike in many ways, I am a Cancer sign as well, love to read, organ donor, don’t like loud unnecessary noise to name a few. Really hope we get to meet in person some day. Look forward to your next blog. Thanks

  4. smalltownbiglife

    I enjoyed this post and getting to know you better. As for the sensitivity to hurting others…the world and Christianity would be SO much better if there were more people like you! I am a very sensitive person and did work for many years in journalism and one thing it taught me is that only God makes no mistakes and he was never at the news desk applying for my job! Sometimes our words hurt people, sometimes because people need to feel hurt and pain or to wake up and deal with something and sometimes we just hurt people and there is no greater good to make us feel better. But our words are just like our lives…you have to take the whole into consideration and I have already been reading your blog long enough to know that as a whole your words are nurturing and uplifting and beautiful (as are you!). At the end of the day, my words are my life and to censor them too much is to choose not to live my life with all its typos and imperfections. And whoever wants me to do that asks too much. Writers get that…others sometimes don’t. God was and is the first poet. Blessings to you.

  5. Tracy

    We have numbers 2,13,17,19,20,25,27 and 30 in common. Here are my thoughts on number 2. Being a “people pleaser” is tough. I sometimes lose myself in what I think other people want me to be. This is one of the reasons I’m single… Self preservation. I like you Wendy. Kim and I talked the other day about that and how happy we are that you have come into Jim and the kids’ lives.

    • Thank you, Tracy (tear)! That means a lot to me…I don’t have sisters, so I’m lucky to have good sisters-in-law (this means you too, Bev!). I love all of Jim’s family – you’ve welcomed me and made me feel comfortable from the start…


  6. I can definitely relate to a lot of this. I like reading about you and getting to “know” you a bit more. 🙂

  7. I LOVE this post – your courage and honesty is nothing short of inspiring. And you write so well. I feel like I am getting to know you bit by bit, and we have loads in common! I too am Cancerian, and I have wondered what the significance of the 61 in your blog name is??

  8. I thought so – me too! Maybe we’re twins! xx

  9. I am a Cancer too!!!! We are awesome loving people. And yes, I cannot help but take everything personal. I am like a crab: if I get hurt once, I immediately protect myself by pretending I could not care less even though I do. Nobody else cares more than I do!

  10. “23. I find walking over bridges with moving water underneath really scary.”

    I can absolutely relate. I think I have a number of undiagnosed phobias but this one has always stood out prominently for me. I remember, back in NY, there was a bridge we would cross to get to Roosevelt Island. Imagine if you will crossing a near 3000ft in length bridge that had a grated walkway allowing you to see right down to the flowing East River below.

    I get woosey just thinking about it.

  11. You sound like my kind ‘a gal. Plus I love the title of your blog. I’m signing up!

  12. Whitney

    Hello – I love your family Christmas picture. May I use it on our family holiday flyer. Did I tell you I love reading your blogs. Where have you been?

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