My New Header…Or How I Discovered My Hidden Artistic Talent…

This morning, I opened up my friend Jane’s blog to discover she had changed her theme to a fresh, summery one…I loved it!  I decided that I should change mine too (I hope she doesn’t mind me following in her footsteps – things she does often inspire me!). 

I started browsing through the 100 or so themes offered on WordPress, but found very few that really appealed to me…then I discovered that I could keep the theme I already have, but change the header.  Perfect!  I looked through several photos I had on my computer, but found it very difficult to find an image that fit the weird proportions required (760 x 190 pixels).

Then, an idea struck me.  I have Paint Shop Pro on my computer…why not play with an existing picture, and make it into something unique, and use that as my header?  So I did.

Here is the image I started with:

Original image...

After about a half hour of experimenting with various effects (I particularly like “Wave”), it morphed into the image  you now see at the top.  I was thrilled because it came out so perfectly (my mom was an artist, but I draw like a seven-year-old!) – even the colours coordinate.  My artistic daughter, Anna, was amused at my enthusiasm…”I’ve been playing with that program for years,” she said.  “That’s elementary stuff,” she scoffed.

“Elementary, my dear Anna, but I like it!”


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6 responses to “My New Header…Or How I Discovered My Hidden Artistic Talent…

  1. planejaner

    My son and I are both saying, “Wow! That is cool!” Nice…very nice.

  2. smalltownbiglife

    Its’ lovely!

  3. Okay–now you have inspired me to play. I’m REALLY stupid when it comes to creating via computer. But, what the hey! Right?
    Love it, Wendy!

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