Our July the 4th…

When one lives in Canada, July 4, 2010 is just another Sunday…however, ours was special because we were invited to a family reunion to celebrate two graduations (one university and one high school – Jim’s cousins’ kids), and a birthday (Jim’s aunt). 

We had French toast for breakfast before we hit the road for the hour-and-a-half drive to Fredericton.  We got in the van just after noon…we were halfway down our road when Jim asked if I’d brought the address where the party was…nope…it was home on my Facebook account.  Back we went!

Hope is notorious for two things on long car trips: getting carsick (she always takes Gravol before we go), and having to stop every 45 minutes to an hour to go pee.  On one such rest stop at a Tim Horton’s, Hope commented on how rude people were: “I held the door for three people, and not one of them said ‘Thank you,’ ” she complained.  She’s a good girl.

We arrived at our destination just after 2 p.m.  Fredericton was very hot!  Thank goodness for air conditioning in the van.  The kids jumped into the pool almost as soon as we got there.

Hope in a boat, Brianna freezing her braces off…

Jim and I sat outside by the pool for a while, but soon came inside because the sun was intense! Also as more and more kids jumped in the pool, the chance of being splashed increased incrementally!

Anna, Brianna and Hope cower at the side of the pool as the boy cousins toss another cousin...

The party was potluck…my favourite kind of event! The table was loaded with all manner of deliciousness: meatballs, casseroles, salads and my rolls. Some day I’m going to invent a paper plate big enough to hold all that food in one go!

The graduates and the food: Jaimee and Matthew

Aunt Alison with her birthday cake...

We enjoyed catching up with the various members of Jim’s family…soon it was time to go.

Our drive home was uneventful, and Hope made it all the way from Oromocto to home without having to pee!  I was happy to make it home from Fredericton without spending massive amounts of money (the kids usually talk us into taking them shopping while we’re there!).

I put in some frozen pizza for supper, and went out to the garden to pick spinach/greens to go with it.  The cucumber beetles were still dining on my squash plants (note to self: pick up more Trounce).

After supper, I went out to water the garden…I carefully sprayed all the plants with the hose.  I was coiling it up and putting the hose away, when I heard what sounded like a shotgun coming from the next property over…talk about scary!  After the second one, the Mama From the ‘Hood came out in me…I hollered, “Whoever’s shooting that gun better stop, or I’m callin’ the freakin’ cops!”  Jim called them anyway…there were two more noises after that.  Dad said the last one sounded like fireworks (did I mention we DON’T celebrate the 4th of July in Canada?)…one of Rothesay’s finest showed up at the door about a half hour after we called.  He was of the opinion that it probably was fireworks, but told us that it was now legal to shoot coyotes within 150 feet of a house (we figured they were shooting deer).  Great news…not!  The officer assured us he would keep patrolling the area for a while…I appreciated it!

It’s been a half hour since we heard anything from next door…I’m heading to bed soon…hoping it stays quiet!

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