My Dog Ate It…Again…

I think our dog, Jake, must have been a goat in another life…there are very few items at our house that he hasn’t tried to eat at least once!

Jake the Goat...

When the kids tell their teachers, “The dog ate my homework,” it’s usually true…no matter how many times we tell them not to leave stuff out, it still happens!  He also likes to chew school supplies: pencils, pens, erasers, rulers, protractors, etc.

All our pencils look like this...

Our gadget-filled home is heaven for a canine who loves the taste of plastic: I’ve lost track of the number of headphones, earbuds, I-Pod cords, and camera connection cords that we’ve had to replace.

Another one bites the dust...

Then there was the time Hope left her glasses within Jake’s reach…that was fun to explain to the people at the optical shop!  They replaced them at no charge (still under warranty)…yay, Vogue Optical!  Sunglasses is another thing that’s destroyed with alarming regularity.

They say the "second pair is free"...I don't think this is what they meant...

The bathroom is one of Jake’s favourite places to troll for trouble…he will chew small plastic shampoo bottles, and we’ve come home more than once to find the remainders of a tampon or two in our living room.  He also enjoys plastic headbands.

These don't stay pretty for long at our house...

Jake’s pretty good about shoes (a blessing since we have four women in the house)…he’s only ruined a couple of pairs…he likes to pull out the insole and chew it…

I’m constantly reminding the kids to put their Popsicle sticks in the garbage…otherwise, we find the splintered remains everywhere!

A nice light snack...

Jake likes “live” stuff too…in the spring, he thinks it’s fun to run by the newly-sprouted peony bushes and just grab a mouthful.  He totally ruined my vegetables that I planted indoors this year…there was dirt, seedlings, and pieces of egg carton all over our family room!  I ended up replanting seeds outside later on.  And then there was the time he thought it would be a good idea to “taste” our friendly neighbourhood porcupine… (Jake had already eaten enough of Mr. Prickles’ poop on his forays into the back yard).  He also likes to play with the chipmunks and squirrels on our porch, but hasn’t been able to get close enough to sample them…

Anna snapped this picture of one of our chipmunks eating seeds the birds dropped...see him watching out of the corner of his eye for Jake?

Food of any kind is not safe to leave within Jake’s reach.  He has stolen cookies, cupcakes, fresh rolls, chocolate Easter eggs, bananas (he really doesn’t like them!), potatoes, and onions.  Hope had a bonfire at her birthday party last year, and the girls made Smores…guess who found the chocolate bar that one of the guests left on the lawn chair?  Poor Jim took Jake out on the deck and induced vomiting!

Smore...Jake definitely didn't want any more when Jim was finished with him...

Jake’s all-time favourite thing to eat is lunchbags (and the plastic food containers within).  Jim attaches his lunchbag to his laptop bag when he goes to work, and sometimes forgets to detach the lunchbag when he comes home.  We came home from a movie last night, and found that Jake had found it (again!).  The lunchbag was toast…zipper was finally broken!

Today, Jim took his lunch in a bag with this guy’s picture on it:

Donald Duck...the only manly lunchbag I could find in the house...

His co-workers should get a kick out of that…



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6 responses to “My Dog Ate It…Again…

  1. Hilarious photos. I should have saved some of mine, compliments of several dogs over the last few decades. The worst was a big chunk taken out of the shoe molding in our 1912 home. What kind of dog eats shoe molding?

  2. I had to Google “shoe molding”…yuck!

  3. planejaner

    funny! Now–put a muzzle on that poochy!

  4. Jake sounds like quite a goat mean dog!! What would we do without our family pets? We don’t own a dog just a cat who thinks he’s a dog.

  5. Love the picture. How old is Jake? Our retriever was a pup for 5 years! Good luck!

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