Nancy’s Homework Assignment…Where I’ll Be in 2030…

My friend Nancy at Embracing Myself recently wrote a post about how she saw herself in 2030  I hope she doesn’t mind if I do my own version of it…

In 2030, I’ll be 69.  I’ll probably have about 8 or 10 grandchildren by then (I hope all our kids have finally moved out).  I’m going to be the Gramma who’s always got chocolate chip cookies in the house, but knows how to hide zucchini in a chocolate cake!  My grandchildren will have to put up with listening to me sing silly songs, and read them stories like “Peter Rabbit.”  I’ll be telling them ALL the embarassing stories about their parents, and I will also tell them about their ancestors (being the unofficial family historian).  Anybody who wants to learn how will be taught how to crochet.  Grampy Jim can tell them what computers were like before they were born.

One of my favourite books to read aloud...

I’ll dress for comfort, not fashion…just like I do now (I am capable of matching colours though – no stripes with plaids for me!).  I’ll still put on makeup every day and have my hair done regularly…

I'm unlikely to ever wear one of these...

I’ll still be running the bookstore (my way, since I’m assuming my dad will be gone by then).  No more classical music…talented singer-songwriters will play as customers choose their books.  I might even have enough money to hire another staffperson by then, so that Jim and I can travel  occasionally (short trips mostly – a long weekend here and there).  Once every couple of years, we’ll take a big vacation: Italy or somewhere else in Europe.

I hope to see this view in Tuscany some day...

I want to be the kind of old gal who says what she thinks, and doesn’t worry much about what other people think of her…kind of like Hallmark’s Maxine.  That broad tells it like it is!  I pretty much do that now anyway…don’t ask me if you look fat unless you really want to know!

I love Maxine...

I’ll still have my garden, although hopefully by then, I’ll have some flowers too.  I ran out of time for them this year. 

I’m still going to be blogging, and maybe will have published a book or two – probably something historical.

We’ll have bought our home, and decorated it to our taste (although the decorating process has started as we speak…Jim’s in the other room, swearing at wallpaper).

Jim and I will have friends over frequently for “Game Night.” We’ll play games to keep our minds sharp, like “Scrabble”, “Upwords”, and “Trivial Pursuit.”  We’ll chow down on veggie platters and dip, and cheese and crackers.  There will always be music playing in the background.  There will be lots of family dinners too, potluck so that I don’t have to spend all day cooking.

Scrabble...a classic game...

In the summer, we’ll go fishing, canoeing and biking.  We’ll hire somebody to mow the lawn and bring in the firewood when it’s delivered.

Wait a minute…this sounds a lot like my life is now (except for the kids being gone part)…interesting…

Where will you be in 20 years?



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11 responses to “Nancy’s Homework Assignment…Where I’ll Be in 2030…

  1. tekia

    Hahaha! I love the life you have planned out for yourself in 2030! It really does sound like it’ll be a lot of fun. Great post!

  2. Dear God. I can’t even think that far a head. Love reading about your plans, though..

    “I want to be the kind of old gal who says what she thinks, and doesn’t worry much about what other people think of her”—I’ll admit that does seem to be something most of us gain with age..

    • Laura: I’m usually not much of a plan-ahead person either…I usually don’t know what I’m going to make for dinner. This was fun to do though, especially since I realized that my life was already pretty close to where I want to be…

  3. In 20 years? I barely know where I’ll be in the next 20 minutes! But I love your vision – maybe I’ll just copy yours! (Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by MY little blog!)

    • I’ve added a link to yours on my Blogroll, Jane…hope you don’t mind. It’s going to be kind of confusing for me though…I think you’re going to be “Brunette Jane” since my friend PlaneJane is blonde.


  4. Hmmm….I’m like Jane. I’m can’t get past this coming year with my oldest starting high school. If we all survive that, then anything goes. I definitely hope I’ve knocked a couple more things off of my “bucket list” in twenty years. I’m working on “learn to play the piano” right now. (You seem waaaaaayyyy too nice to be like Maxine, BTW!)

  5. I once had my horoscope done by an “evolutionary astrologer and philosopher” (pages of charts and graphs and phrases like “astro cartography”). he said I would be in my “sage cycle” in my 80s. I’m not sure whether this refers to my ability to impart wisdom or to the development of culinary skills.

  6. Renée: I think you already impart wisdom (and joy and laughter, too!).


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