Can She Make a Cherry Pie?

“Can she make a cherry pie, Billy Boy, Billy Boy?…”

No, she can’t, because she can’t make piecrust.  However, she did decide to make cherry muffins with the bounty from the newly-discovered cherry tree in the back yard (see

I started with a small bowl of cherries…a very small bowl (another reason there will be no cherry pie).

This is the bowl of cherries I started with...

I’m embarrassed to say that it took me 25 long minutes to pit/cut up that little bowl of cherries, which is why I’ll never have my own cooking show:  “Well, that’s all the time we have today, folks…but, isn’t that a wonderful pile of minced onion?  Come back tomorrow, and we’ll peel some potatoes!”

These are the cherries after I cut them up...

A few of the cherries had gone bad since I put them in the fridge three days ago, so this is how many I had left.

I took out my trusty Purity Flour Cookbook, and found the “Fruit Muffin” recipe, which is basically throwing a cup of fruit into the dry ingredients for the “Plain Muffin” recipe.  I decided to double the recipe, because with seven people, it would hardly be worth the effort to make only a dozen muffins.

I put in the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt, and then stirred in the cut up cherries.  Then I mixed the milk, eggs, and vegetable oil in a measuring cup.  Following the instructions carefully, I made a well in the middle of the dry ingredients, and poured in the liquid.  According to the book, the secret of good muffins is just mixing long enough to incorporate the flour.  So that’s what I did.

I spooned the dough into the non-stick muffin pans I got at the Quispamsis Town Yard Sale last year for $1 each ( 

Here's the batter in the pans...

I put them on the top rack of the preheated 350-degree oven. 

Twenty minutes later, our kitchen with filled with the amazing smell of muffins…I did the “toothpick test” on the muffins, and they were done.

Muffins Fresh Out of the Oven...

Close-up view by Anna...

I waited the necessary ten minutes before turning the muffin pans over to get them out…”non-stick” my arse!  I ended up running a butter knife around the edge of each cup, and then using a spoon to remove the muffin, more or less in one piece.

Cooling Muffins...

Anna wasted no time helping herself…she ate three in a fifteen-minute time span.  “They’re more like biscuits, Mom!  They’re really good with butter!”  I finally got around to making one for myself.

Doesn't that look's still warm!

Devin ate his without butter.  Hope carefully cut the top off hers, and buttered both halves before popping them into her mouth.  Jim took a break from his wallpapering to have one…I asked, “Aren’t they good?”

“They’re okay,” he said tentatively.  “A little bland though.”

More for me…



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11 responses to “Can She Make a Cherry Pie?

  1. Kaylee

    When we were in ON, Aunt Brenda had this crazy little (very old) contraption for taking out cherry pits – maybe keep an eye out for one of those? 😛

  2. The best cherry pitter in the world was one that had a reservoir for the cherries. An individual cherry would roll down into a shoot and then you’d punch down a plunger and out would pop the pit. The pitted cherry would then roll out into your bowl. It was wonderful!!! You could do tons of cherries in your 25 minutes. My daughter in Boulder CO stole it from me. Well, actually, I gave it to her because she had a cherry tree in the backyard. Haven’t seen one like it since and she certainly hasn’t offered it back to me.

    Now, Wendy. No more kvetching about pie crust. Here’s the recipe: (Same daughter as stole my pitter, I mean, to whom I gave the pitter!)

    I guess you’re just not supposed to make a pie crust. I have looked high and low and cannot find the recipe. When I do, I’m sending it to you and I’m going to bug you until you make one. Be forewarned!


  3. That sounds like a pretty neat outfit, Nancy…will keep my eye out for that recipe…maybe I could use it for the blueberries…


  4. Those muffins look yummy! You know how I cheat on pie? I buy a frozen pie crust, a jar of cherry perserves, pop it into the oven, and there you go. Homemade pie for dessert…shhh…no one knows otherwise! 🙂

  5. coffeepearlsgrace

    I my goodness, those look delicious! The butter, especially, does the trick!!! 🙂

  6. Bland? The pictures alone were making me salivate. And with melting butter? How can you go wrong?

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