Things I Learned on My Summer Staycation…

I’m back at the bookstore today after our first 11 days of vacation…here’s what I learned:

1. Laundry and dirty dishes never take a vacation…in fact, when everybody stays home, their volume increases!  Wishing clothes would fold themselves doesn’t work.

Why can't clothes do this themselves?

2. Cleaning under furniture once in a while is a good thing…on a hunt for the satellite remote (it has to go back to the company in a couple of weeks because we’re changing over to fibre-op TV), we moved our couch.  Lurking underneath were bowls, spoons, forks, plates, assorted food wrappers, pencils, pens, dozens of ponytail holders, and a mystery object, which we later identified as a petrified clementine which resembled an oddly-shaped peach pit.  All together now: EWWW!  Oh, and we didn’t find the remote there either…

3. Our dog hates the vacuum cleaner…I think he thinks it’s some sort of loud animal.  He barks and whines and tries to bite it…we have to put him out on the deck to use it.

Jake's worst enemy...probably because he hasn't seen it enough to get to know it...

4. Sleeping in never makes me feel more rested…it just makes me feel guilty that I’m not accomplishing more (I think I’m the only one in my family who feels this way).

5. Wallpaper is now pretty much obsolete…Jim had to go all over town to find some…it was on sale for $5/roll because the store was selling out of it.  It’s just as frustrating to put up now as it was 25 years ago (which is why I let him do it himself!).

This isn't Jim...

6. I’m grateful for what we have after finishing the book “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls.  This was our Book Club choice…it was a tough read because I was so outraged that no one did anything to help Jeannette and her siblings!  It’s amazing to me that they all survived with their sanity intact.

This book made me furious!

7. Small things excite me – finding out we had a cherry tree and blueberry bushes in our yard after living there a year-and-a-half was the highlight of my week (see!

8. The number of times Hope has to pee on a road-trip is roughly the number of miles divided by 25.  There’s Gravol for carsickness…I wish they’d come up with something for “travelbladder.”

We always give Hope this when we travel...

9. I’m loving the headphones Jim got me for my birthday…I can plug them into the computer, and listen to CBC “Concerts on Demand” while I work on my blog…Jim and Anna got a kick out of watching me “get down” to Garrett Mason and Colin Linden’s rendition of John Lee Hooker’s “Boom Boom” yesterday (I think they were both giggling hysterically) .

10. Our hummingbirds are fearless…one buzzed my head while I was picking beans in the garden the other day…they like the nectar from the scarlet runner bean blossoms!

Hummingbirds love these blossoms...

11. Kids “can’t hear” you when you ask them to do chores, but announce that food is ready, and they’ll knock you over getting to the table!

12. I like my regular routine…as much as I love the kids, I really don’t want to be home with them every day!  I was happy to get up at 5:30 this morning and come to the bookstore, even though I have a ton of work to do.

A corner of our store...

Next vacation is in mid-August…


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20 responses to “Things I Learned on My Summer Staycation…

  1. The Glass Castle is one of my favorite books ever. I do remember having to put it down for a couple minutes at one point because I was in such a rage.

  2. planejaner

    I love the pinup gal putting up the wallpaper! She’s the BOMB! “Glass Castle” was a hard read for me, too…

    I bet you are happy to head back to “real life”…staycations, while wonderful…need real life to recover from!

    • She doesn’t even look frustrated, does she? I refused to do wallpaper since doing it in one of our first apartments 25 years ago…peeled 14 layers of paint and wallpaper off a stairway wall…by the time that project was finished, I’d nearly lost my mind!

      I am happy to be back at the store…now, if the kids would only quit fighting while I’m gone…


  3. Dale

    thanks for the great read again…..even though we are in Ontario we managed to find a spot with a forest and a creek behind us with an assortment of wild flowers, trees and critters including a little rabbit who makes himself at home in the yard….sunday a stray painted turtle was sauntering thru…

  4. smalltownbiglife

    #11…yes! Oh, and…I want to go on all my road trips with Hope. Loved the post.

  5. Loved The Glass Castle. Love your “travelbladder” term. What a fun post. Hope your staycation involves less laundry, cooking and more trips to the bookstore!

  6. izziedarling

    Good post, Wendy! Know it feels good to be back with the books. Glass Castle was really good. Hummingbirds, Love! Happy day.

  7. you’re funny.
    It was nice to read this. lol

  8. These are all wonderful observations and SO very true. Dang it but I wish the landry and dished would go on vacation. As usual another entertaining post, Wendy!

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