Crazy Eights…

Since this is my 88th post, I am focussing on the number “8” today:

1. Jim and I started going out on May 8, 2008.  It seems like we’ve known each other forever!

Jim and I - Winter 2009 in our yard...

2. My birthday is July 17th – 1  + 7 = 8.  I am one of eight cousins on my mom’s side of the family.  I moved to Canada when I was eight years old.

3. We have lived in “our” house for one year and 8 months.  We still love it as much as the day we moved in on November 29, 2008

Our house (not our vehicle)...

4. Anna celebrated her 16th birthday on Tuesday, which is divisible by 8 (16, not Tuesday)She was born (eight days late) in the eighth month of 1994, and weighed 10 lbs., 8 1/2 oz. (no epidural – OUCH!).  That baby grew to be 5′8” tall.

My Sweet 16 Girl: Anna...


5. Our new living room furniture was also delivered on Tuesday.  There were 8 pieces: couch, loveseat, chair, ottoman, recliner, coffee table, and two end tables.  There is now seating for 8 people in our living room (if somebody sits on the ottoman).  It was about 8 seconds after the delivery guys left that we discovered the 8 cm. (about 3 inches for the Americans) rip in the top corner of the couch (they came and exchanged the couch the next day).

This is our new furniture (we got different tables though)...

6. When I came to the bookstore yesterday, there were 8 boxes of books waiting to be put away (I did five of them).  There were also five boxes of books to evaluate – it was basically junk – I kept only 8 books out of the whole bunch!

7. We got home from getting groceries just after 8 p.m. last night (we spent $80-something at Superstore).  I noticed that I now have 8 sunflowers open in the garden.  I left Jim and the kids to put the groceries away, and rushed outside to pick blueberries.  When I first went out, there was an 8-point buck standing in our field (that’s only the second time I’ve seen a buck out there).  There were a couple of does too.  In the front field, a flock of Canada geese were feasting on bugs stirred up by the recent haying activity.  I picked the blueberries, which took an hour…it’s a minor miracle that I didn’t spill them as I swatted at the approximately 800 bugs which insisted on flying up my back and down my pants!

This guy is like the buck I saw...

8. Proposition 8 was defeated in California yesterday!  Jim and I and our many gay friends are all very happy about that…gay marriage has been legal in Canada for several years (it was legal in 8 out of 10 provinces and in 1 of 3 territories from court decisions beginning in 2003 until July 20, 2005, when the Civil Marriage Act legalized same-sex marriages nationwide).  It’s about time the U.S. stepped into the 21st century!  My friend, Nancy, wrote her blog post about that today:

Gay Pride Flag...


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14 responses to “Crazy Eights…

  1. You are a crazy (8) lady. Here are 8 comments from me:
    1. Thank you for referencing my blog on Prop 8.
    2. Anna is gorgeous.
    3. I’m envious of the new living room furniture. I’d love something exactly like that.
    4. I’m so glad you and Jim met. He’s a keeper.
    5. The buck was magnificent. Takes my breath away.
    6. Sorry about the bugs – see my blog today – the 2nd one.
    7. Your house and yard are lovely. No wonder you’re so happy there.
    8. I just think you’re grand. Thanks for being my friend.

  2. planejaner

    Wendy…well, that was too much math for me. 🙂 seriously–congrats on making 88! 🙂

    • And congrats to you, Jane on being “Freshly Pressed”! It’s really a fun day…kinda like your birthday, only the presents are comments…off to read the winning post!



  3. planejaner

    Wendy–it’s nuts. That post just passed 1,000. that’s insane. Tomorrow, the crickets, right?

  4. That’s a lot of eights. I’m a numbers watcher, too. My two sisters and I were all born on the 28th of different months. I think that’s why I watch numbers as well. This was a fun post!

  5. Aunt Judy

    Wendy I so much enjoyed reading your blog. Forgot how much I had missed them. Love ya

  6. So many eights! I can’t help but wonder if it means anything … do let me know if you find out :).

  7. Tracy

    I wanted to comment on this sooner but then I noticed there were 8 comments and I couldn’t bring myself to ruin it. Lol

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