Reader’s Digest Condensed Books Make Great Firewood…

That’s just one of the things my dad and I have learned after ten years in the book business (and we’re still learning every day).  We celebrated that milestone with an Anniversary Open House this past weekend.

Here are some things we learned from the Open House:

1. Sending out press releases doesn’t guarantee coverage of one’s event.  I sent out more than a dozen well-written (if I do say so myself!) press releases a month in advance, and did exactly TWO interviews!  I was very happy with the story which appeared in here magazine (the picture – not so much!).  I was disappointed that neither CBC or our daily newspaper called.

2. People get really excited about my famous “West Side Wendy Brownies.”   I even had a marriage proposal from a man who was already married!  There were customers who just happened to wander in during the Open House, and were happy to have munchies!

A guy took one bite and said, "Will you marry me?"


3. Customers like sales – we had a special on $6 books (2 for $10 and 3 for $15).  We had a guy who was thrilled to get two Kerouacs (paperbacks) for ten bucks!

Posters on our door...

4. Our visitors appreciate our seating area…many sat down and had a nice long chat with us.

5. Assembling our “Art of the Book” display made me realize just how many gorgeous books that we have…we don’t often get to see them displayed with their covers “face out.”  A lot of people commented on the fact that we have a book from 1629 in such good condition!

Art of the Book - Part 1

Art of the Book - Part 2

6. We are very fortunate to have space in a building where the landlord cares about us and our business.  He and his wife brought us a lovely fruit arrangement, and two plates of shortbreads she had made!

Pineapple Flowers!

Shortbreads our landlady made...

7. Even though the attendance at our event was small, we enjoyed seeing the many friends we may not have made had it not been for the bookstore! 

Thanks to everyone who attended!  And for those who don’t live in the Saint John, New Brunswick area, please stop in and see us if you’re visiting  the Maritimes!



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10 responses to “Reader’s Digest Condensed Books Make Great Firewood…

  1. What a lovely party, Wendy. Wish I’d been there. Love the photos of the beautiful books and the yummy food. Cheers! *hugs*

  2. Sounds like a busy, busy time for you but a success! Good for you! The food alone would lure me over to your neck of the woods!

  3. nancy

    Congratulations, Wendy, to you and your dad, for your business’ anniversary. I wish I could have been there to shop and eat shortbread and brownies.

    I love the art of the book display. I heard an review article on NPR Sunday ( To The Best of Our Knowledge) on Kindle, etc. The commentator agrees with you and me: the pleasure of holding a book and smelling the glue, and looking at the cover, just can’t be replaced by electronics! You might want to look up the article and listen ( Several guests agreed with us, too.


    • Thanks, Nancy! I wish you could have been here too! Maybe you and Curt could take a trip east on your next vacation!

      Thanks for mentioning the NPR piece…I find that encouraging!



  4. planejaner

    Sounds delightful…I am always there when there are cookies. 🙂
    blessings as you journey forth for another 87 years.
    the kindle can bite it.

  5. If I lived by you, I would have come to your event. There is something so wholesome about fine books, yummy food, and good friends. I would like to read more about your insights into the book business.

    • Thanks, JoDee…I wish you could have been there! I have little tidbits about the bookstore in a lot of my posts…try a tag search for “bookstore” or “books.” I had fun earlier this week giving pointers to a “newbie” bookstore owner on Prince Edward Island (she asked for advice). Even after ten years, we still learn new things every day!


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