Hammond River Harvest…

I spent most of yesterday in my garden…it seems the work never ends!  I pulled out some of the lettuce greens that had gone to seed, picked beans, blueberries, black raspberries, zucchini, swiss chard, beet greens, and more lettuce for supper.  I also harvested my first yellow cherry tomatoes!

This yellow cherry tomato was about 1 1/4" in diameter, sweet and mild!

This is the first red tomato to begin ripening...it's Scotia Red, I think...

Tonight, I will make chocolate zucchini bread with the zucchini I picked.  All the squash and pumpkins are doing amazingly well.

Two Red Kuri squash, about 7" in diameter...

Uncle David's Dakota Dessert Squash, about 6" diameter - should be ready to harvest in a few days...

There are at least three pumpkins the size of a basketball already...

This little pumpkin is growing on the fence, about two feet off the ground...not sure how long it will stay up there!

The Autumn Beauty sunflowers have surpassed the height given on the package by several feet…it said they were 5′ high, and many of mine are 8′.  This is with no fertilizer whatsoever…I wonder how big they’d be if I’d put manure in the soil?

My "Wall of Sunflowers"...

I’m really excited that my first broccoli head is nearly ready to harvest…I’m trying to hold off until it’s a little bigger.

My first broccoli head...

Also imminent is the harvest of the first rutabaga.

This is Gilfeather rutabaga, named for John Gilfeather, a bachelor farmer from Vermont...it's about 4" in diameter...

I still have a little while to wait on the cauliflower and the purple Brussels sprouts.

You can see a head forming in the center of this cauliflower...

This Purple Brussels Sprout plant is about two feet high, but still no signs of sprouts!

My shell beans are coming along well too.

These are Italian Borlotti beans...

These are called Orca or Yin Yang beans...the seeds are black and white...

I will harvest these later in the fall when they have dried, and then use them for chili and other soups.

I’m off to make tonight’s supper – corn on the cob (from the store), and chicken thighs, with green beans from the garden.


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12 responses to “Hammond River Harvest…

  1. Nice harvest! I am jealous of your beautiful tom’s. 🙂

  2. nancy

    Oh, wow! Such exotic veggies! I’m jealous, too! And VERY impressed.

  3. WOW! I’m so jealous. What a fabulous garden. This is the first year I opted out of planting and I really missed my garden. You inspired me for next year.

    • Thanks, JoDee! This is the first year we’ve had a successful harvest! I grew up in the country, but didn’t live there for thirty years…you never know how much you miss something until you go back to it!


  4. planejaner

    Nancy–I love the pictures! Always fun when I get to spend some time with you in your garden.

  5. planejaner

    Wendy–you know I meant Wendy, right???

    sheesh! I had just read Nancy’s comment above…wow–edit the 1st one if you don’t want to post both.
    that’s what I get for staying up 2 hours past my bedtime!

    blessings again!

  6. I think I said this before, but your garden is AMAZING. I’m trying not to be jealous :).

    • I’m sure you’ll have one some day too, Juliana…be thankful that you’re able to be “mobile” while Luna is little, because once they get bigger (and in school), you have to put down roots somewhere!


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