My Top Ten All-Time Favourite Songs…

My friend, Jane, over at Theycallmejane mentioned one of my Top Ten All-Time Favourite Songs today (James Taylor – Fire and Rain) in this post:

Not having a topic for what is to be my 100th post, I thought a list of those songs would be a good idea…so here they are, in alphabetical order:

1. Chicago – If You Leave Me Now.  I was in the band in high school…I loved any group with saxophones and horns in it!  At the time this song came out, I liked a baritione sax player named Steve…go figure…

2. Climax – Precious and Few.  A sappy love song.  I think this was their only hit.  I played it over and over, and sang with all the passion my 11-year-old self could muster.

3. Fleetwood Mac – Songbird.  Christine McVie’s amazing voice makes this one of the most beautiful songs on the Rumours album.  Melanie Doane did an excellent remake of it a couple of years ago with Jim Cuddy:

4. Guess Who – Share the Land.  A bunch of guys from Winnipeg sing the ultimate hippie song…what’s not to like?

5. Elton John – Levon.  I love most early Elton songs, but this one is hauntingly sad…Rocket Man is a close second.

6. Carole King – So Far Away.  I saw Carole on a TV special with James Taylor a few months ago, and she sang this song.  It still makes me cry…

7. Joni Mitchell – River.  Another “love gone bad” song…there seems to be a theme here…

8. Seals and Crofts – Get Closer.  This song came out when I was hung up on a guy named Nick who did not return my affection…there were a lot of “Nicks” in my school years.

9. Simon and Garfunkel – The Boxer.  Not only is this song a beautiful ballad, I like it because it’s about an underdog: “I am leaving, I am leaving, but the fighter still remains,” is my favourite line.

10. James Taylor – Fire and Rain.  As far as I’m concerned, James has never sung a bad song, but this one is the top of his playlist for me.  This one is guaranteed to produce tears, especially the last line: “But I always thought I’d see you again.” 

I’d be curious to know what your Top Ten All-Time Favourite Songs are…maybe you could link to my post with your list…


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14 responses to “My Top Ten All-Time Favourite Songs…

  1. An impressive list and I actually know quite a few of these. I think I would find it nearly impossible for me to create such a list, Wendy. There are so many wonderful songs out there. Couldn’t whittle them down to ten, but I like that you are able to. 🙂

    • Hi Laura:

      That’s what Jim says…he’s sure I’ve said at least 40 songs were on my “All-Time Favourite Top Ten List.” I love music, and it is kind of hard to limit it to ten, but these are generally songs that when I hear them, take me back to a certain time in my life…


  2. izziedarling

    Love the list. Love Levon. And Tiny Dancer. And Your Song. And Suite for Judy Blue Eyes. Wow – you are bringing up all kinds of memories, Wendy! What a great post!

  3. Not a bad list–and brought back lots of memories–Thanks! If I tried to make a list like this it would change from day to day. But I Can See For Miles by the Who and Positively 4th Street by Bob Dylan would probably be in the top ten most days!

  4. How do you pick 1 Simon & Garfunkle song? They had so many great ones, and they’re all timeless.

    The same goes for Elton John songs from the ’70’s.

  5. Hippie Cahier

    I think it would be impossible to come up with a Top 10 favorite songs list. I always think about a Top 10 “Desert Island” album/cd list and that changes pretty much daily. It’s a fun thought, though, and I might give it a try. Maybe I’ll add a page to my blog and just keep changing it!

    I’m so envious that you got to see Carole King and James Taylor. They played two nights here and I couldn’t go to either one. I’ll bet that was a great show.

    • As I commented previously, these songs are ones that all have meaning to me, but I could probably name dozens of others…

      I wish I’d seen JT and CK live…the show was on TV. I wanted to go see them in Boston, but Jim doesn’t have a current passport, and there wasn’t enough time to get it renewed! I hope they go on tour again…


    • Hey, Hippie…just checked out your music links…I also enjoy Ellis Paul. I have fond memories of seeing David Wilcox live in Belleville, Ontario during my college days in the early ’80’s…


      • hippie cahier

        I was sneaking a read at work and missed that you’d seen Carole and JT on tv. 🙂

        This would be very interesting: I wonder if you might be referring to “the Canadian David Wilcox,” just going by the dates and the Ontario connection. A link to his website is posted on the website of David Wilcox based in Asheville, NC. Neither here nor there, but a cool connection.

      • Ohhh…I didn’t know there were two David Wilcoxes…I was wondering if you were Canadian!


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