Dear Earl…

September 4, 2010

Dear Earl:

I am writing to express my deep disappointment that you chose not to make an appearance today in Hammond River…That imposter you sent was hardly up to your standards!  Do you call that rain?  I can spit harder than that!  And wind?  It barely messed up my hair! 

We worked really hard to get ready for your visit!  I picked everything that was ready in the garden.  The kids took down everything but the frame of the trampoline…

Kids working on the trampoline...

Jim used bungee cords to lash our lawn furniture to a tree…

Our lawn furniture isn't going anywhere...

Jim also brought all the bird feeders in the house, except one, which was buzzing…he decided to leave that one out on the porch.

I had the menu all planned: tuna sandwiches and cheese and crackers (because we assumed that your presence would not have a favourable affect on our electricity).  Instead, we were forced to eat spaghetti sauce made from our garden tomatoes:

Freshly-peeled tomatoes...

Sauce cooking...

The finished product on some radiatori pasta...yummy!

The kids watched a little TV (or a BIG TV, as it turns out), something else we didn’t think we’d be able to do (we had board games on standby).  Deal or No Deal was on.  The contestant was from Alaska.  Hope asked Anna, “Does she live in a snow globe?”  When Anna broke into hysterical fits of laughter, Hope corrected herself…”I meant an igloo!” she said.  Anna assured her that the woman probably lived in a house or an apartment.

Once the rain stopped, Jake had fun with his little friend on the deck, who was helping himself to the formerly buzzing birdfeeder…

Jake watching the chipmunk fill his cheeks...

As you can see, we had a fine time without you.  I think our friendship is over, and we never want to see you again.




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10 responses to “Dear Earl…

  1. We had wind and rain, today. The power outage lasted 8 hours. Wasn’t nearly as bad as we feared.

    • Glad your power’s back on now, Laura…that’s as long as I’ve ever been without power myself (ice storm of 1998)…it seems like forever, doesn’t it? I think we take a lot for granted!


  2. I, too, was deeply disappointed. Now what am I supposed to do with all sixteen litres of water? (Hey, it was a sale. *grin*)

  3. Glad it missed you. I’ve never been able to figure out how Deal or No Deal works!

  4. Hehe, this was really fun to read! I’m in GA at the moment, so no excitement here :).

  5. Oh the disappointment! At least you’re good and ready for the next one! What a great idea for a post.

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