Random Things I’ve Learned This Week…

For lack of something else to talk about, here’s a wrap-up of some of the amazing (and not so amazing) things I’ve learned this week:

1. How powerful the “Yada-Yada Sisterhood” is:  I’ve spoken on several occasions about how much I value the friendships I’ve made through writing this blog, especially with talented female bloggers.  So far this week, I’ve made an editing suggestion for someone’s novel (replacing a word that didn’t quite work), recommended a post written by a new friend to another friend that helped her get over some self-doubts she was having, and connected an old friend with someone whose blog I felt she would relate to.  One of my blogging friends wrote a poem about peace that was so beautiful, I put a link to it on my Facebook page.  I love that so many diverse women are part of the community that is my Blogroll!  I invite you to explore these blogs at the right side of my home page if you haven’t already…all the authors are unique, but united in their generosity to share their words with us!

2. What a great example someone can be.  Our Saint John community lost an important volunteer this past week: Paulina was 85 years old, and active with many different organizations.  If she wasn’t selling raffle tickets on a gift basket in the mall, I’d see her walking for exercise.  She never stopped – she always had something to do!  Paulina was a quiet, gracious woman who will be greatly missed by all who knew her.  I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet her!

3. How someone can injure themselves getting dressed in the morning.  I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but Anna is slightly challenged in the coordination department (she inherited all my grace and charm!).  While getting ready for the first day of school yesterday, she lost her balance while putting on her jeans, fell, and broke the zipper on her pants.  She also scraped her leg on the bathroom vanity…

4. How important it is to do things with your partner that they enjoy.  Since Jim and I started watching Eureka together, he’s commented on how much it means to him that I’m doing something I normally wouldn’t do (watch science-fiction) just to spend time with him (well, him and Colin Ferguson – see previous post). 

5. That it’s possible to buy a sailboat on the Internet.  We had a customer in yesterday from British Columbia, who was purchasing a 52-foot boat from a man in Lorneville, New Brunswick.  The plan is for he and his lady to sail it home through the Panama Canal.  He found the listing on a broker’s site on the Internet, and this was his second trip to New Brunswick to make the deal. 

6. That how hard it rains is directly dependent on how slowly the tourists in front of you are walking.  We have cruise ship passengers in town today…’nuff said.

7. That simple suppers sometimes taste the best.  Anna and Hope made supper for us on Monday night: taco salad and macaroni salad.  My dad enjoyed it and couldn’t stop talking about how good it was!  I liked it just because somebody else cooked it (and there were leftovers for lunches the next day). 

8. That my garden will produce cucumbers after all (at least one).  I found what was the first cucumber the other night, and could quite possibly be the last…the pumpkins and squash have completely taken over the patch.  I am also hopeful about peppers – they’re finally starting to blossom!  I harvested some more rutabagas too…the slugs seem to like them almost as much as I do!

9. That I respect the strikers’ right to strike, but not their right to impede my progress.  I was on the way to do some errands yesterday, and encountered a lone picketer in front of Brunswick Square where members of the Delta Brunswick Hotel staff are on strike.  As I brushed past him, he said very sarcastically, “Thanks for respecting our picket line.”  Resisting the urge to smack him, I continued on my way to the post office to mail my package.  I was so angry, I completely forgot about going to the banking machine, and picking up an item I needed at the drugstore.

10. That ripe canteloupe is not a good thing to pack in a lunch.  Jim attaches his lunchbag to the strap of his laptop bag, and it bumps against the back of his leg when he walks.  He had the unpleasant sensation of something wet on his pants when he arrived at work yesterday…the canteloupe slice I’d thoughtfully packed for him had liquified in its plastic wrap, and was all over him and his lunchbag.  Sorry, honey!


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20 responses to “Random Things I’ve Learned This Week…

  1. sagaloo

    Enjoyed this post 🙂

  2. izziedarling

    Love this Wendy. Have award for you but you have to come fetch it as I am technically challenged. It’s under “Who? Me?” on my blog *hugs*

  3. Fun post–a reminder the the teacher comes when the student is ready!

  4. Although I enjoyed the entire post, your number one is my favorite. I agree with you. A unique comraderie exists amoung bloggers that I am also benefiting from on a daily basis. Thank your for bringing interesting thoughts and ideas into my world!

  5. Sorry about the spelling errors. It’s late and I’m tired.

  6. Loved this post, too, Wendy. I’m loving this community of bloggers – to which I am very new, and in which you have made me feel incredibly welcome! Thank you


  7. I’m with you on the striker thing (ok, everything else too, but that’s what I’m going to mention).

    How does he think being rude to you going to turn you to his side?

    • Truthfully, omawarisan, I normally do honour picket lines, but the post office outlet where we mail our packages for the store was in that mall, and there’s nowhere else to mail stuff in the whole uptown area! When it comes down to him or me, I’m going to pick me! Thanks for stopping by!


  8. Great list! Number #1, especially, and I had to laugh at #6. The rain here also seems to come down harder when I’m already late getting somewhere. Murphy’s Law and all that…

  9. Thanks, amanda! Are you back from “playing hooky”?


  10. 🙂 Well, I’m back to writing, but I guess I’m still playing hooky from blogging.

  11. this wasfun to read on my first visit here!

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