Tuesday Tidbits…

Here are some random things from this week:

1. Picking tomatoes in the dark is really hard (note to self: get someone else to make dinner on nights I get home late so that I can get out to the garden before the light is gone!).  I don’t see well even when it’s light out…I have two green tomatoes sitting on the counter that I mistook for ripe ones.  I also came in with my hair full of sunflower bits (they’re beside the tomatoes, and are seriously in my way!).

2. I need to get out and pick some squash…they’re everywhere now (note to self #2: send pumpkins to Omawarisan at Blurt, because he loves them so much!).  I also need to process the last of the green beans, and the tomatoes and zucchini I’ve already picked.  Maybe the Freezer Fairy will come and clean out my freezer so that I’ll have some room to put stuff in it!

3. We had our first beets from the garden this week…yummy!  They were a bit warty-looking, but they tasted good!

4. There’s nothing sexier than a man holding a baby.

Jim with Elise on Open Farm Day...

5. Cows experience their milk “letting down” at inappropriate times, just like nursing mothers…my children were amused (and a little horrified) to see streams of milk coming from several cows’ teats just before milking time at Open Farm Day.

This poor girl was in need of some heavy-duty nursing pads...

6.  We may have to invest in some knee pads for Anna…she comes home from cheerleading practice with her knees all bruised up.  She’s also bummed out because they can’t do any stunting or tumbling while the union representing Teacher’s Assistants and School Librarians is on a “job action.”  Their team’s faculty advisor is the librarian at the school.  With the New Brunswick provincial election coming up this weekend, it may be a while before they get things sorted out.  Come on, you guys!  There are a lot of families with children with learning disabilities who depend on TA’s!

7. Some schools believe in overkill…Hope was late to her first class yesterday because her inconsiderate locker neighbour was in her way.  The school left identical messages on the home phone, cell phone, and the bookstore phone to let me know my kid was late!  Thanks for telling me…I’ll get on with my life now…

8. I learned yesterday that, according to Root Beer World, there have been more than 2500 kinds of root beer produced (assuming that many of the brands are now defunct).  Root beer is pretty much the only kind of pop I drink, and I don’t have it very often.  Root beer floats are awesome!

My Granddad always had a case of Dad's Root Beer at his house when we visited...

9. The producers of Big Bang Theory have sadly disappointed me with their new sitcom, Mike and Molly.  Jim and I watched the premiere episode last night.  It was predictable, mean-spirited, and unfunny.  I will not watch it again.  On a related note, the new season of Two and a Half Men started last night as well…it is back to its pre-Chelsea standards (I’m glad she’s gone!)…I laughed out loud several times!  Ryan Stiles rocks, and Jon Cryer was his usual deadpan self.

10. Since I gave out the Bloody Brilliant Blogger’s Award  a little while ago, I have enjoyed watching my blogging buddies discover each other.  I love the fact that I was instrumental in turning somebody else on to someone whose writing I enjoy.  I am, however, missing more than a few “homework assignments”…am watching for the awardees to post their own lists of “Bloody Brilliant Bloggers” so that the Award gets passed on.  Looking forward to it!


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24 responses to “Tuesday Tidbits…

  1. Great picture of Jim and E. I bet she loved all those animals.

    A call to three phones for being late? Thank God nobody gets a call concerning my punctuality. The phone would melt.

    And speaking of punctuality, the Bloody Brilliant Blogger’s Award…whoops.

    • Thanks, Chase…it was a fun day. We tried to get Elise’s parents to let us take her (solo), but they were worried she might “freak out!” (despite the fact that I’ve rarely seen her do that!). She pet the cows and horses and dogs, and didn’t mind when they kissed her.

      The message from the school is automated, but I think I need to call them and have it sent to only one phone…

      With the BBB Award, you have an excuse (or four!)…


  2. Thanks, Wendy! And thanks for introducing us all to each other – you have a true abundance mentality, and share what you know and who you know with much kindness and generosity. I really value that!
    Sunshine xx

  3. Wendy, do you watch 30 Rock, by chance? Your #4 made me think of an episode last season, where Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) tells Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) about his latest idea: a series of “adult” cable channels where the only programming would involve recordings of handsome men saying things like, “tell me all about your day,” or “you look beautiful,” or “why don’t I make you dinner.” That whole concept just kills me. (But it would probably work.)

  4. Are those pumpkins going to stay within their skill set, or are they going to try to impose themselves on people?

  5. Um, I’m feeling a little pressure here with this award thing. (I’m not good at giving OR receiving them). I shall pass along the love at some point, but might not follow all of the rules.

    I know the episode 36X37 is talking about, and also love the show. Yes, a man with a baby….sooooo nice~

  6. I got the hint! LOL. Sorry–been so busy lately with photo editing. I’ll get on it.

    I’m also soaking up House and Glee this week… but I’m sure I’ll find time around my “schedule”. Also looking forward to The Big Bang Theory, but it won’t impact my time… much. That’s about it.

    Made to-die-for chocolate cookies today and played hide-and-seek with my preschooler. Is that a good excuse? (Seriously, the cookies are so rich and chocolatey that if you eat too many it gives killer heartburn.)

    • Gee, Koreen…what’s in your chocolate cookies that would give you heartburn?

      I’m looking forward to Big Bang Theory too! And playing hide-and-seek with a kid is always a good excuse!


  7. I enjoyed your post. Oddly, I still remember that let down sensation, which, by the way, eerily returned when I read about those cows. How very odd.

    • Hi JoDee:

      I nursed my first two children for 18 months, and the third for a year…my milk used to let down every time I heard a baby crying (whether it was mine or not!)…I don’t think women ever forget that feeling!


  8. All that fresh produce (love beets) has got my taste buds tingling! Would love to see pictures 🙂

  9. Gardens are so much work yet it’s wonderful growing your own food. I coudn’t imagine not having one. It’s something we’ve always done. Now that the kids are no longer living at home my husband can’t seem to get it into his head that we don’t need to have such a large one. Maybe one day when we are too old to bend over. 🙂

  10. Speaking of the fall TV season, I was kind of excited about the Hawaii Five-0 reboot, but my interest waned as soon as the theme song was over.

    P.S. Mmmmm, root beer.

    • Hi Todd:

      Jim watched the new Hawaii Five-0, but I didn’t get a report (I went to sleep…I generally hate remakes!). Loved The Middle, and Modern Family last night…looking forward to Big Bang Theory tonight!

      I learned that root beer fact after reading your post…I had to Google to find the name of that root beer we used to have!


  11. Kim Pugliano

    Okay so I come to your blog via simplydiane, and I have read only three of your posts and I’m HOOKED (I totally had a typo there that I thankfully caught before I hit submit, and inadvertently said I was hookered, which is NOT the visual I wanted to give you, NOR do I want the kind of traffic to my blog that could drum up!!!).

    I can’t wait to find more time to read more of your blogs and see what else you having coming.

    Very enjoyable!!!


  12. You have a garden with vegetables! Wow!

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