My Blogging (Half) Birthday…

Half Birthday Cake...

Six months ago today, I wrote my Virgin Post, and the entity known as Herding Cats in Hammond River was born.  I started my blog as a way of getting back into writing after a three-year hiatus, and as a motivational tool to help me achieve goals.  One of those goals was to grow some of our own food…that happened.  Another one was to become more self-sufficient, and stop buying so much “stuff” (that didn’t happen!).  Here are some of the things I’ve learned in the last six months:

1. The blogging community is full of incredible people…I have lots of them on my Blogroll (check out He Said/She Said at right side).  These folks are not only talented writers, but caring human beings who provide support to others, especially when times are tough.  They are my biggest cheerleaders (and sometimes, toughest critics), and I’m so happy to have made their online acquaintances!

2. Having a blog is like having a child…it needs care and attention, and sometimes other family members get jealous!  Like children, a blog is a product of its mother/father, who often reveal their deepest thoughts and feelings to the world.  Bloggers are some of the bravest people out there.

3. I really love comments…they’re my “pay” for writing this blog…I do this as much for you as I do for myself!  If you like (or don’t like) something, please take a second to let me know!  I always respond to comments…I care what you think!

4. The number of people who subscribe to my blog is slowly increasing, but not fast enough for me…I want more!  If you like my blog, please hit the “E-Mail Subscription” button…it’s under my mug shot, and says: “Sign me up!”  You can also subscribe to the RSS feed (button to the right of the title).

5. Even though I’ve posted 115 times, I still don’t know what people are going to react to…it’s an interesting (and sometimes scary) process to hit the “publish” button and send your words out into cyberspace!  I apologize (again) to anybody I’ve offended…

6. I seem to be incapable of writing short posts (less than 500 words).  If I don’t have more than 500 words to contribute on a given day, I’d rather not bother.  As a word lover, I feel that it’s my duty to spew out use as many interesting words as possible (properly and correctly spelled, of course, grammar fanatic that I am!).

7. I find that writing about different topics keeps me stimulated (wait, is that a squirrel over there?).  I hope that my blog’s lack of focus “variety” is stimulating for my readers as well.  I get a lot of my best blog ideas at night… 

8.  I endeavour not to waste my reader’s time (I recently read a blog post about the advantages of plastic cutlery over regular silverware – there’s two minutes of my life I’ll never get back).  If I write about something silly, I guarantee it will at least be amusing!

9.  In my Virgin Post, I stated, “I’m hoping that this blog will help keep me from procrastinating.”  Ironically, I often use my blog as an excuse not to do other things, like laundry!

10. I’m grateful to my family for allowing me to tell strangers what they’ve been doing.  Also, thanks to my resident photographers, Jim and Anna, for letting me use their pictures!

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read these “musings of a matriarch.”  I plan to keep this up as long as time/energy/enthusiasm permits!



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36 responses to “My Blogging (Half) Birthday…

  1. Congratulations, wonderful friend, for six months of wonder, fun and thoughtfulness!
    Jane started first, then you, then me. All in 2010. I can’t believe what a wonderful journey this has been for me — and as you say, for you. And I know it has for Jane.
    You know, I’m experiencing the same pulls on me. I get the laundry in and don’t get it to the dryer. I look at the piles surrounding me and think, if I didn’t spend so darn long on the computer every morning, I could make headway with the mess. And then I sit down and 2 hours are gone. But my heart is so very, very full. And my soul thirst is so quenched. I am sated on the love and creativity of my friends.
    Thank you, thank you, dear one, for loving and supporting me and traveling with me along this incredible trip.
    P.S. Did you make that lovely 1/2 cake??? Gorgeous fondant!

  2. Ah! A blog always gets in the way of other “less” important things. 😉 Glad you found your procrastinating helper.

    Variety is good. I like variety. I would also have reciprocated with those awards you gave me, but you had just gotten them and then you’d have had to do them again and it just got crazy in my mind. Crazier than normal, I mean.

    Happy half-birthday! I love the cake. Bloody brilliant!

  3. Congratulations on your ‘Half-Birthday’!!! My only regret is that I didn’t find you earlier…but better late than never 🙂

    I began blogging seriously in July, after a few attempts in the last few years when I slacked off because of laziness 😛 This time feels right! I totally identify with how the blog has become an excuse to avoid the routine stuff!!

    I love the way that blogging has opened me up to new friends and ideas and I hope to continue reading much interesting stuff from you 🙂

    Cheers and great going! Harsha.

    • I’m glad you found me too, Harsha (and, if you’ve got loads of time, which I’m sure you do given that you have only one two-year-old…NOT!, there’s always the Archives!).

      Thanks for reading!


  4. Congrats, Wendy. The blogosphere is a better place with Herding Cats. I’ve really enjoyed following your writing and will continue to do so as long as you keep posting.

    I agree with the 500 word count observation. I know that I could post more frequently if I shortened things up a bit, but you sit down and start typing and suddenly you’re at 1300 words. It just happens.

    Keep up the good work, Wendy, and I’ll keep commenting.


    PS – Is there a way to tell how many people are subscribed to your blog? I’ve wondered that.

    • Hi Chase:

      I’m really glad we found each other’s blogs…thanks for your kind words!

      To find out the number of e-mail subscribers, go to Blog Stats on your Dashboard, and scroll down to the bottom…clicking on the number leads to a screen where you can see their e-mail addresses, and try to figure out who they are! I still haven’t figured out how to know how many people are subscribed to the RSS feed…any techies out there?

      I’m glad you’re a “man of many words”! I love reading all of them!


  5. Congratulations!

    P.S. Plastic cutlery isn’t as sharp but is good because you don’t have to wash it. There: Everything you need to know about plastic cutlery in under 5 seconds! 🙂

  6. Congratulations on your half-birthday, Wendy! And I wish you many more! I’m glad I found you so early on in my blogging journey (I’m only in my second month!). I enjoy reading your blog and learning more about you each day, and I so value your encouragement and connecting me with other fab bloggers out there.
    Thank you, you star you
    Sunshine x

  7. planejaner

    congratulations on your blog’s half birthday! 🙂
    I, too, am constantly amazed at what posts are a “hit” and which ones are a “miss”…truly interesting.

    keep it up!

  8. My homework’s done, Miss!
    Sunshine x

  9. Blogging is both a great way to procrastinate and keep our family in line..I use to thank my family for letting me tell their stories…these day I just say “Just wait tell I write my blog post!”

    Write On!

  10. Congratulations! I look forward to more interesting posts.

    I had my one year anniversary two days ago–my 52nd weekly post (I’m a slow worker)!

  11. Oh, well said! I agree with everything you’ve said here. And I have a few responses:

    1) I hope you’re always blessed with lots of comments. Not only are you a fabulous and entertaining writer, you’re also a devoted and thoughtful commenter yourself. That kind of excellent karma deserves a big payoff.
    2) I know what you mean about wishing your blog would grow faster. I think this blogging thing might just be like a 401k…the returns start out slow, then start to build over time until suddenly you’re thinking, “Wow! I never thought I’d do this well!” Hang in there. You have a faithful audience, and you’re great–so stick with it and you’re bound to see great progress.

    Happy half-birthday. Here’s to many more such celebrations. 🙂

  12. I’m SO GLAD I found your blog. And thanks for the kind comment while I was down the “hate hole” this past week. I really did help 🙂

    It’s so funny: I agree with EVERY single point you’ve made here, from my inability to write short post to the “jealousy” my kids feel toward my writing. My 18-month-old daughter has taken to running toward me, arms outstretched, screaming (AND I MEAN SCREAMING) “Nooooooooooooooo!” the moment I sit down at the computer.

    Looking forward to staying in touch!

    • I’m glad we found each other, too, Amanda (thanks, Maura!).

      Sorry about your daughter’s reaction…can you write after she’s in bed?

      Looking forward to reading more of your posts too!


  13. smalltownbiglife

    So glad I found you!

  14. The variety is what makes it fun!

    See you here in 6 and a half years.

  15. Yes, congratulations! I think I’ve had my blog up and going for about that time too, and it’s been quite the experience.

    I love variety in blogs :).

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