Tuesday Trifles…

Here are some highlights of my last few days:

Shopping with Teenagers

After my rant on Friday about What the Cool Kids are Wearing, I took my two younger daughters shopping on Saturday.  We had two goals in mind: give the kids some “alone time” with their biological parent (Jim took his kids out too), and find me some new jeans, since crotchless denims aren’t really in style in New Brunswick…

Our first stop was Value Village.  I love Value Village mainly because it’s NOT the Mall!  I tried on four pairs of pants, and bought one for $6.99 (another one would have worked, but I discovered it didn’t have a top button when I got into the changing room).  While I was trying to squeeze into too-tight pants, I overheard a conversation between two guys in the next two cubicles who were trying on Halloween costumes: “Wow, these shorts are really short!  They look good though!”  “Do you have a headband?”  “Yeah, I’ve got a Nike one I can just wear inside out!”  I wish I could have seen them!

I debated getting a nice hardcover copy of “Charlotte’s Web” for Elise, but it was heavy, and I didn’t particularly want to carry it around for the next two hours…should have gotten it…it was only $3.99.  Hope found a wig and a shirt for her Halloween costume, and another top.  Anna got a vintage computer game she remembered from childhood and a DVD of some movie…I put the $50 or so on my debit card, and we headed across the street to the mall.

I was feeling a bit faint when we got there…time for an emergency frosted cinnamon roll…lucky I had my handy Tim Horton’s card with me!

Saved by my Tim's card!

“Is it time to go yet?”  I don’t know how many times I asked that over the next hour-and-a-half, as the kids dragged me into one store after another: Ardene’s for jewellery (for the Halloween costume – ended up being jewellery, headbands, track pants, and a hoodie!); Aeropostale for a hoodie (make that TWO hoodies – they were half-price, after all!); and La Senza for bras for Anna.  My fingers were cramping from typing in my pin number on the debit machine!  I did get a FREE bra though!  Standing at the checkout at La Senza, I was rooting through my wallet for my “bra card” (there it was, right next to my coffee card, my sub card, and my card card [no, I’m not stuttering – Hallmark]).  The perky clerk informed me that we had reached the magic number to receive a free bra (and I’d only spent $798!…I might be exaggerating, a little).  “You can pick the most expensive one in the store if you want!” she reported excitedly.  I share my friend Jane’s enthusiasm for bra shopping.  We’d already spent way longer than I had wanted to in my least favourite place.  I was like a deer in the headlights.  Handing the kids my bags, I looked anxiously around and grabbed a couple of bras, pretty much at random (avoiding the neon colours and the zebra stripes).  Into the changeroom I went.  Success!  One fit: the girls didn’t look too bad (and my daughters looked fine too!).

We celebrated with fruit smoothies ($10 and change for two smoothies for Anna and Hope – I don’t do any liquid thicker than water!).

Jim and his kids picked us up out front, and we headed home.  They had gotten some cool stuff too…

So, my girls spent the afternoon with me, I got new (used) jeans and a free bra, and it only cost me $200 (what’s wrong with this picture?)!

Disturbing Dreams

I had two rather disconcerting dreams on Saturday night (I blame the cinnamon roll!):

1. I dreamed that I was making out with a tattooed man.  I didn’t make this guy up…he’s a guy who lives in Saint John – not bad-looking if you can overlook the tattoos on his face, and multiple piercings!  I feel a bit sorry for him, though, because he’ll probably never be able to work a regular job.  He is quite a talented photographer, and occasionally sells photos/plays bongos on the sidewalk for money.  Anyway, it turns out that Tattoo Guy is a very good kisser (at least in my dream!).  I was disturbed by two aspects of the dream: that it didn’t seem to bother me that I was engaged to Jim and kissing another man, and that I really am not attracted to tattoos, especially on someone’s face!  I told Jim about the dream, to which he replied that he’d dreamed about chasing a radioactive alligator around his parents’ yard (he works in a nuclear power plant). 

2. The second dream must have been a residual from Open Farm Day.  I dreamed that I was on a farm where animals were kept on shelves.  On one shelf, there would be three piglets, and on another shelf, there would be three calves lying down.  There was only about a foot between shelves – no room for the animals to stand up!  The shelves were covered with manure…it was gross, but I didn’t think anything of it!

Gardening Apathy

The “new car smell” is starting to wear off of gardening for me…is it wrong that I’m wishing for frost so that I can be done with it for the year?

Sunday I went out and pulled out my sunflower stalks (or in some case, broke them off at soil level – those things are tough as small trees!).  They were getting in the way of picking tomatoes…the piles and piles of tomatoes!  I am freezing the big ones, and packing the little ones in lunches…there are not enough tomato-eaters in my household to eat all that I planted!  The increasing number of fruit flies buzzing around the bowls are telling me that something’s rotten in the pile…

I cooked two more squash and put them in the freezer…there are many, many more to cook…

I harvested my two “dry” bean varieties yesterday: romano beans, and orca beans.  I shelled the romanos, but still have to shell the orcas.  The yield is quite small, compared to what I got from the green beens.

These are the orca beans...aren't they pretty?

The root vegetables: carrots, beets, and rutabagas are next…is it winter yet?

Doing Our Civic Duty

Yesterday was the New Brunswick provincial election.  Jim and I made a point of getting out to vote, knowing full well that our candidate would not win, but that we did the important thing and exercised our right to vote!  People that don’t bother to do so really piss me off!  I told one young (educated) friend of mine to write somebody ridiculous in (I suggested Elvis or Lady Gaga) if he didn’t like the candidates, but to vote anyway!

The Conservatives won by a landslide, but only because of the rush to vote for anybody who didn’t represent the current party in power!  Voter turnout was only 68%…I wonder whether the outcome would have been the same if everyone had made it to the polls?  I don’t want to hear any bitching from non-voters when the Conservatives muck it up worse than their predecessors…maybe if you’d gotten off your ass, they might not have made it in!

And on that note, I’m going to have my lunch…


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37 responses to “Tuesday Trifles…

  1. Yum.. Tim’s. Hubby and I are jealous. 🙂

  2. planejaner

    Fun post, Wendy–
    and thanks for the shout out on the bra post.
    I share your feelings about the garden, although our weather seems to be rallying before the final “giveout” of the year…

    I love that you got a “free” bra…ah, the marketing gurus have us in their thrall, do they not?

  3. What an interesting journey through your days and your thoughts and your dreams! (Or were they fantasies?) A great post, Wendy.
    Sunshine x

  4. The only thing better than shopping for clothes with kids is … well, pretty much everything is better than shopping for clothes with kids.

    What’s great is, even when you let your kids pick out the clothes, in a couple weeks, they’ll refuse to wear them. Good times, good times….

  5. Clothes shopping for kids just got more complicated. Have you seen this up there?


  6. You had me at free bra! I love free bras! I like Value Village too, but it’s still pretty pricey for some things. The one thing I miss from Nova Scotia is Frenchys–for my son’s clothes. You can’t beat a pair of pants for $1.25, especially if he tears them in only a couple days of wearing…

    • Hi Koreen:

      Didn’t know you had Maritime roots! I like Frenchy’s too, but I’m basically lazy, and my arms get tired of rooting through the bins! At least the stuff at Value Village is somewhat organized…


      • Well, I’m not FROM there… I lived there for 5 years and just moved back west where I’m from about 6 months ago. My husband is from there. I’m a western girl. Something about the prairies and mountains that get me. 🙂

      • At least after living here for five years, you’ll get my Maritime references! I’m an adopted Maritimer myself…born in Ohio, raised in Southern Ontario, and moved to the Maritimes with my ex in 1983 – have been here ever since! I love the people here…

        I’ve only been out west once, about 23 years ago…my ex-father-in-law lived in Kelowna at the time, and we flew to Calgary, and then drove the rest of the way to BC. It was beautiful…I loved the Okanagan Valley! It’s too far from the rest of my family to live there though…


  7. LOL at animals on shelves…although what does that say about me?? I am an animal lover, I am! I’m thinking it must have been a smelly dream…if one could actually smell it!

    The orca beans are very pretty and aptly named 🙂

    I love free stuff…even if it does cost $200 😉 Congratulations!

  8. Jim VanWart

    “I don’t do liquid drinks!” ??? So only solid or gaseous drinks for my lady. If she’s feeling a bit more adventurous perhaps an ionized plasma. 😉

  9. Seem to be in the minority but I love to shop, love the mall, and enjoy shopping with my fourteen year old son….could hang out at the cosmetic counters for hours–while he heads to different shops to see which jeans make his butt look the best.
    I’m so impressed you can find the right discount card when you need it–mine always seem to go into hiding the moment I need them.


    • You’ve got the right idea, Katybeth…strike out by yourself, and let the kid go on his own! I’d be perfectly fine if there was a thrift shop in the mall where I could scavenge for good old books! Unfortunately, my kids can’t be trusted to make wise purchases if I give them cash, so I’m forced to go with them to “supervise.”


  10. I was scrolling down, got to the beans and thought, “wow, those look like…” kept scrolling and discovered hence the name.

    With you on the voting thing. I don’t understand apathy in that arena. The tone of politics has gotten repulsive down our way, but they can’t be ignored.

  11. A bra card?! Is there a picture on it?

    I’m putting on my “patient and brave pants” to get ready for high-school-dance-dress-shopping this weekend. Think of me fondly~

    • A picture? Not sure…they took the card! I do remember it saying “La Senza” on the front, and having 10 little squares on it for them to mark the model #’s of our purchases…

      Good luck with the dress shopping…we’ve been dabbling in that a little too…the last combo I bought required a strapless bra, which cost more than the dress! Word to the wise…DON’T say you like it…that’s the kiss of death! You’ll be in the mall for another hour…


  12. Great post, Wendy. Gotta love a free bra! I want one of those cards!

    Took my son shopping on Sunday. His birthday money was burning a hole in his pocket. He learned a valuable lesson about the price of Levi’s. At least I hope he did:)

  13. izziedarling

    Feeling your shopping pain. Meh, there was nothing worse than shopping with my girls. Always ended in tears (me) and lockjaw (them). You are brave and talented. You shame me! *hugs*

  14. Very impressed with the productivity of your garden! I didn’t get around to planting anything veggie this year, as I had hoped to — maybe next year … but that does sound like a LOT of work 🙂

    The dreams made me laugh out loud — it’s so weird what pops up in our subconscious sometimes. I keep dreaming that I can’t find my room in a hotel …

    Loved your mall story! And good work with the jeans and free bra 🙂

    • Hi Amanda:

      Glad you stopped by!

      Yes, the garden is a LOT of work…I think it will save us some money this winter though with our big family!

      I had the “hotel dream” a couple of nights ago…I not only lost my card key, but couldn’t remember what room I was in!


  15. Your shopping adventure sounds like fun :). I wonder what it’ll be like to shop with Luna when she’s older … I have a feeling she’ll be dragging me all over town.

    Your dreams are great too … kissing a man with tattoos on his face and animals on shelves. I should pull out my dream book for you … there seems to be a link between the two, though I’m having a hard time putting my finger on it.

    Hehe … I could use a free bra.


    • Hi Juliana:

      I hope Luna’s not as picky as my girls!

      I thought that the “animals on shelves” thing was a bit “Brave New World” like, except for the muck everywhere…

      Glad you’re back!



  16. I cannot. stop. laughing. at this post.


    Making out with a tattooed man. I’m dying!!! Wendy, you absolutely slay me.

  17. Count me in as one who reads section C before scanning the front page! Oops!

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