Coincidence? I Think Not!

Last week was a strange week, in that during a four-day period, four different coincidences happened.  Jim, being the naysayer man of science that he is, pooh-poohs any suggestion of coincidence…I, being a believer in “weird and wonderful” occurences, want to think that these things were not an accident!

It all started on Tuesday morning.  One of my blogging buddies had been “incommunicado” for almost a week…no posts.  I knew that she’d been down lately, and sent her a quick private e-mail:  “Missing you in Blogland…hope you’re doing okay!”  Two hours after I e-mailed her, she posted about a serious and scary situation her younger daughter was involved in!  I have to say that I was more than a little freaked out…I had only e-mailed this person once before, and that was in response to a particularly nice message she’d sent me!  Score one for female intuition – somehow, I knew my friend needed me!

On Wednesday, I bought my lunch (Chinese food) and took it to my friend Anne’s store to eat.  Our friend, Tania, was also there in the tea bar out back.  When our friend, Melinda, came in, Anne burst into song (she sings all the time): “Here she comes, On the run, With a burger on a bun!”  I asked where that song had come from…I remembered it from my childhood (Anne remembered even more of it than I did – she’s younger than I am!).  Tania advised that it had come from “The Flintstones.”  I didn’t think any more about it until the next day, when I made my daily visit to the “Today in History” website.  Surprise!  “The Flintstones” was celebrating its 50th Anniversary!

Flintstones Google Doodle...

Friday afternoon, a nice-looking older man came into the store, looked around for a couple of minutes, and then announced he was looking for some information.  He had a small, leatherbound book about chess by Ben Franklin from 1802 (quite a rare book).  The covers had come off, and he was wondering if it would be worthwhile restoring it to pass on to his descendants.  I assured him that it was probably worth a fair bit of money, and thus worth having fixed.  I went across the hall to the other room where we had the phone number of some women who do bookbinding locally.  Another customer had been eavesdropping on our conversation, and suggested that he might be able to assist:  “I’m a member of the Canadian Bookbinder’s Guild.”  The two exchanged business cards, and promised to get in touch with each other.  Dad also sent along a volume with the bookbinder that he wanted to have rebound.  These were the only customers we had in all day…

Title page of Franklin's Chess Book...

On Friday night, Jim and I sat down to continue watching “Eureka,” the series he’d downloaded.  In the episode we watched (Season 1, Episode 6), one of the scientists in the show is given a “new office” which is full of obsolete equipment, including an old machine which he and another guy start up using two keys they find in a drawer (one key each).  They might not have done that if they’d known they were activating a Cold War missile set to go off in 24 hours!  Of course, Jack Carter saved the day, thus averting another World War!  Damn, he’s good!  After “Eureka” was over, I suggested we watch the two episodes of “Pawn Stars” we had PVR’d earlier in the week.  A guy came into the pawn shop with some unusual items in a box – two titanium keys which he said were used to launch a Soviet missile.  He was wrong…the expert Rick the Pawn Guy consulted said that the keys were actually to launch a Soviet space shuttle!  What are the odds that we would watch the Eureka episode (downloaded with more than 50 others) and Pawn Stars show (which was from last season) in the same night?

These are the Russian launch keys brought into Rick's pawn shop...he didn't buy them...

  Do you believe in coincidences?


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18 responses to “Coincidence? I Think Not!

  1. Well… did you hear about the guy who’s coming forward with the whole story about aliens interfering with the nuclear warhead situation, you know, shutting them down from their invisible orbits and basically keeping us from blowing ourselves up? I WANT to believe it… I DO. But, I’m just having a little trouble with this one, you know?

  2. I have no idea what drives it, but I do think those things happen for a reason somehow.

    Why would you have a key for a space shuttle? Have people taken them for joy rides?

    • As I understood it, oma, you use two keys to launch it – turned by two different people at the same time just so that there’s no accidental launch. This is something done from the control room (there’s no joyriding in space shuttles, especially Soviet ones!)…


  3. What a week you had! I am a huge believer.

  4. That’s really neat about the Franklin book!

    Here’s my weird coincidence: Back in high school, the movie “This is Spinal Tap” came to town for a week. I went on the last night. The theater decided not to show it because only one other person had shown up. His name was Todd Pack. (We must be distant cousins, but I’d never met him.)

    • Your coincidence is neat, Todd! I’ve run into two people with my name: once when I was working in retail and wearing a nametag (the girl lived in Halifax while I was living in Moncton), and another time when I went to vote. They asked for my middle initial because there was another girl in my neighbourhood with the same first and last name (I found out after checking the phone book she lived a block away from me!).


  5. I so believe in coincidences, Wendy. Thanks for sharing these! I love this post.
    Sunshine xx

  6. What a great post!

    “I’m a member of the Canadian Bookbinder’s Guild.” What an incredible coincidence! Can you imagine? I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a bookbinder’s guild. To me, this sounds more like fate that coincidence!

    My favorite coinsidences revolve around learning that someone I know knows someone I know. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, the resulting gossip is usually fantastic.

  7. izziedarling

    Hey Wendy! I don’t believe in coincidences – I know they happen for a reason, my intuitive little friend!:) xo

  8. Carl Jung spoke of Synchronicity–the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated occurring together in a meaningful manner. Jung believed Synchronicity or “meaningful coincidences” spoke more about the person the connection was coming through than the events themself. A silly example would be to wonder what connection your unconsciousness was making between the Flintsones and your friend Anne–you can even look at Anne as an archetype (who is she to you–warrior, mother, father, singer) Synchronicity provides access to the archetype which in turn can help you develop a deeper relationship with your unconscious.
    Do I believe in coincidences? Yes, and aren’t you glad you asked ).

    • Cool…I didn’t know about Jung’s connection to synchronicity…he’s a man of science! Off to gather evidence to show to my naysayer…

      Thanks for your support, Katybeth!


  9. I love it when these odd occurences happen and I don’t think they are mere coincidences. I think they happen for a reason. Sometimes it’s our job to figure out that reason. 🙂

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