Looking for Love…

A couple of days ago, my friend over at Hippie Cahier gave us a writing assignment: http://hippiecahier.wordpress.com/2010/10/05/tell-me-a-story-or-poem-or-whatever/

Here’s my take on it:


“A little Consideration, a little Thought for Others, makes all the difference” Single grey male, nothing much to look at, seeks like female to share his humble abode. Must have brains and be able to participate in two-way conversations. Would like someone who knows how to properly prepare thistles. Construction ability preferred as house is continually collapsing. Detail-oriented personality desirable – must be able to keep track of birthdays and lost tails. Medical training an asset to treat accidental injuries. Thanks for noticing me! I don’t expect this to work. Please call Eeyore at 555-POOH.



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20 responses to “Looking for Love…

  1. Love your take on the personal ad. Very clever and you used one of my very favorite characters:)

  2. Aww. It works so well with the picture you chose. My cat makes the same exact face when he’s been bad. 😀

  3. hippie cahier

    Love it! Thanks so much for giving this a spin. This is exactly what I thought would happen. Have you read Zen Assassin’s very dark take on the topic? That’s what I loved about the journals. Love the picture of Eeyore, too.

  4. Aaah, poor old Eeyore! What a sweet personal ad!
    Sunshine xx

  5. Clever, Wendy. He’s just a tough-luck sort, isn’t he?


  6. Ah. This is great. I’ve been reading A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh to the boys over the past week to help their suddenly insatiable 1,000 Acre Woods cravings. Your Eeyore personal ad is spot-on!

  7. Well, he can spell better than 95% of the guys on dating sites, so I think our little donkey friend could do quite well. Let’s get him signed up for Match.com 🙂

  8. “Ran a personal ad. No one called. Didn’t think they would.” — Eeyore

  9. Because Hippie Cahier isn’t grading, I’ll take the liberty of giving you an A+ on the creative writing assignment. “Able to keep track of lost tails” – love it!

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