A Love Letter, Teenage Talent, and a Zombie Baby…

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon…Jim and the kids have gone to buy tires for the Corolla and have lunch at my least favourite fast food restaurant (I’ll give you a hint – its spokesperson is a clown with a rhyming name).  I wish they had taken Jake with them…he’s driving me crazy…wants to go out on the deck and chase the chipmunks and squirrels!  I’ve got a Hannah Georgas concert playing on the computer while I work (thank you CBC Concerts on Demand).  The second of three loads of laundry is spinning in the dryer…I’m saving a fortune on dryer sheets!  I bought a couple of those dryer balls at the dollar store, and they actually work!

One of the best dollars I ever spent...dryer balls!

The ear, nose and throat specialist called on Monday with the date for Jim’s sinus surgery: November 10th.  He’s having his deviated septum fixed, and they’re scooping stuff out of his sinus cavity.  I’m glad we’ve finally got the date: Jim’s been off work most of the week with another sinus infection…he regaled me this morning with a description of the secretions he’s harbouring.  Thanks, honey…I really didn’t want to eat lunch today!

Tuesday night was Dad’s chorus rehearsal night, and I was looking for something easy to make for supper…I had gotten turkey bacon on sale the day before, and had bagels in the fridge.  I cooked the bacon, sliced and toasted the bagels, spread them with peanut butter (both sides), put a couple of slices of bacon on, and top them with the other bagel slice.  Jim refuses to eat them (he ate his leftover jambalaya, which was good, but my wimpy intestine did not agree).  However, the girls and I love my bagel/bacon sandwiches!  Try it…you’ll like it!

On Wednesday, I wandered uptown to get some money from the banking machine…I saw one of my male friends pushing his daughter down the sidewalk in her umbrella stroller.  He was doing the “Daddy Push” as I call it…you know the one: one hand on the handle, walking beside it like, “This kid isn’t really mine.  I was just walking down the street and my hand caught on this stroller handle…”  In my head, I know it’s because umbrella strollers are poorly designed for tall people, but I can’t help thinking that there’s more to it when I see a man pushing a stroller that way…like it’s not cool to be a dad or something!

As many of you know, Thursday was the one-week anniversary of my blog being “Freshly Pressed” for the second time.  I had what I thought was an amazing idea…why not do a funny piece about the roller coaster ride that being FP’d is?  Unfortunately, my regular readers thought I was upset, and went about trying to console me!  So, here is a love letter to all my “peeps”:

Dear Fans of Herding Cats (you know who you are):

I would just like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit  Hammond River and the ramblings of my brain.  Your compliments and encouragement (and even your criticisms!) are always much appreciated!  I have been fortunate to be in the company of some truly talented writers, all of whom I consider friends, even though we’ve never met (please take the time to check them out on my Blogroll – He Said/She Said).  To my family and “touchable” friends, I love that you care about me enough to read what I write – it means a lot!

I will continue to write Herding Cats in Hammond River as long as we’re both enjoying it!  Thanks again!



P.S. Really…I’m FINE (and I wasn’t “harbouring small rodents in my eyebrows”)! WM      

Last night, Hope and her friend, Gabrielle, were signed up to participate in an Open Mic Night for kids aged 8 to 15.  Jim, Anna and I went to the Coffee Mill in Lancaster Mall for supper before the show (Hope was at Gabrielle’s and would meet us at the show).  Their average customer keeps his teeth in a glass beside the bed and gets a pension cheque once a month, so we missed the rush by arriving at 5:20.   They make the best Philly Cheese Steak sandwich at the Coffee Mill, and their fries are awesome too!  Jim had the roast turkey dinner, and Anna went for the chicken burger platter and chocolate milkshake.  Yummy! 

We got to the venue for the show, paid our $5 admission and took a seat in a large room where about a dozen teenage boys seemed to be making preparations for the show.  Jim and Anna got their cameras out…Jim was taking still shots, and Anna was doing a video of Hope’s performance.  We waited, and waited, and waited.  Finally at 6:50 (20 minutes after the show was supposed to start), the director came to the microphone and introduced the first act: a kid about 12 who played a trumpet solo…not bad! 

Then the director called Hope and Gabrielle onstage.  We chatted amongst ourselves while technical difficulties with Hope’s CD were being sorted out.  No luck!  It was decided to bring up another act and try again later.  An 11-year-old came up and told an improvised story which only he and his relatives found amusing…please sit down, you obnoxious child! (I thought – I don’t think I said it out loud).  Then, Take 2 of the Hope and Gabrielle duet of “Bulletproof” by La Roux.  The informal tech crew was able to get the CD to play on some kid’s laptop.  The girls did a good job, although Hope kept glancing nervously around behind her at the laptop…her fears were realized when the CD crapped out in the middle of the song.  The girls stopped singing, we applauded, and the show went on.

Gabrielle and Hope in their "Bulletproof" vests...

After a performance by two cute 8-year-old girls who played violin, and then sang a Taylor Swift song badly, the next act came on: A trio of teenagers called All About Appearance.  The lead singer was a Justin Bieber lookalike who could sing and play guitar.  His sidekicks were a male guitarist, and a female drummer.  They were good, and sang three songs.  After that, the show went downhill.  We stuck around hoping it would get better…it didn’t!  Two brothers tortured us with an “experimental” techno song played on a synthesizer keyboard…it lasted an interminable six minutes  (it was at that point that my dad decided he’d had enough, and made for the door). 

The next band was four young teenage boys who were enthusiastic, and could play their instruments, but the lead singer couldn’t sing, and the other guitar player left the stage every two minutes to throw up (the lead singer felt the need to tell us that).  After four deafening “songs” punctuated with heavy drumming, we made our escape!  I’ve always frowned on parents leaving a show right after their child had performed, but I knew that if I didn’t get out of there, I might lose my mind!  I’m all for encouraging young talent, but I believe that some organization and some minimum standards for shows are necessary!

We dropped Hope off at her friend’s sleepover/birthday party on the way home…better late than never!

When we got home, I opened up Facebook to find that my daughter Kaylee’s profile picture had changed:

Zombie Baby...yikes!

I was not amused that someone with far too much time on her hands had turned my sweet “Puddin Pop” into a zombie baby…


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32 responses to “A Love Letter, Teenage Talent, and a Zombie Baby…

  1. Of course you weren’t serious with your rant! It was all in fun. It was pretty funny too.
    Zombie baby is creeping me out. Just had to say that.
    (Sorry I’m not up for more of a comment. Apparently, this “cold” is more complicated than I thought and my head is full of mush and slush today, but I just wanted to pop on here and say “hey” and that I’m still reading!)

  2. That “Daddy Push” is priceless. I never noticed that, but you are absolutely right! Re dryer balls: My friend is a model on HSN (Home Shopping Network). She and another friend were given these so they could try them out and then do on-the-air testimonials. I got a couple also. They totally didn’t work for me. Alas, the Dollar Store knockoffs must be better. Zombie Baby photo is perfect for Halloween.

  3. Judy Fortier

    Another good read, Wendy. I saw the picture of Elise before I read the caption. I thought she had fallen and was all bruised and though something was up-why would that be posted if she fell. Silly me.Thank god it was only photoshopped. She is such a cutie.

  4. Bagels with peanut butter and bacon…hmm, think I’ll give it a try. I eat peanut butter on my pancakes…delicious!

    Zombie baby scares me…LOL My Kailey zombied herself and posted it on her facebook profile. It scared me too! I’m a big chicken, what can I say.


    • I usually use turkey bacon…haven’t tried it with regular bacon yet… I was told by Puddin’ Pop’s dad that her real Halloween costume is more cute than scary…let’s hope so! Wendy

  5. izziedarling

    This recap of your week has been the highlight of my day. PB and bacon, yum. And that baby is precious, zombie or not!x iz

  6. Oh my gosh that’s a creepy picture. Why would someone do that?

    • Believe it or not, Joey, that is my darling granddaughter, and her mother (my daughter) was having way too much fun with the photo editor! Horrified doesn’t even begin to describe my reaction… Wendy

  7. That baby pic is seriously creepy and yet your daughter’s editing skills are seriously awesome!!!

    Have a great Sunday Wendy!

  8. Scary baby picture! Once, a friend of mine who lived 200 miles away sent me a photo by phone of him looking beaten up and with his eyes shut. I was mortified. I thought he’d been in an accident. I phoned several times, left several messages, and then decided since I couldn’t get hold of him, to set off for his house in London. I was 5 miles down the road when he called, laughing his arse off. It was his (very successful!) make-up for a zombie walk. Lucky he called me then or he’d have got a very distressed me turning up at Dagenham General Hospital looking for him!

    I totally got you were commenting the whimsy of the blog zeitgeist – but it’s always nice to know people care!

    • You drove 200 miles? Wow! He might have needed medical attention when I was done with him! I’m glad you “got” my satirical post…it was mostly the non-bloggers who didn’t (although some of the bloggers were fooled too!)… Thanks for reading! Wendy

  9. I really enjoyed spending the week with with you! I love the description of the average customer at Coffee Mill, and so enjoyed the detail of the concert that you survived! I so know those evenings!
    I totally got your tongue-in-cheekness about being Freshly Pressed – we share the same sense of humour, right?
    Sunshine xx

  10. OK, I gotta jump in here and defend the dad with the umbrella stroller.

    Umbrella strollers are designed for people around 5-foot-2. I’m 6-foot-3, and pushing an umbrella stroller the “right” way was darned uncomfortable, because you have to a) stoop and b) take tiny little baby steps.

    Pushing from the side is the only way a guy can push it comfortably — unless you buy extension handles, which clip onto the regular handles. They’re really ugly, but they make a big difference.

    We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming, already in progress. 🙂

    • Hi Todd: I understand what you’re saying (my brother is 6′ 3 1/2″)…it just looks funny to me! I’ve seen plenty of dads my height (5’6″) who still do the “Daddy Push” though! Wendy

      • 5’8″…and I always ended up kicking that strap down low near the wheels! But I’d do that all day rather than use one of those thing that tie the baby to your chest, those scare me to death.

      • I used to kick that strap myself (but I generally have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time)! Funny you should mention baby carriers, oma…my dad and I used to make them from leather strapping…it was called the Happy Hugger Baby Lugger. I carried all my kids in them until they were about three. Way easier than trying to maneuver a stroller through a foot or two of snow (we didn’t have a car then)! Wendy

  11. I know the Daddy push! My 6’3 husband does it. I’m going to have him read what you say – hilarious! Congrats to your girls and I’m intrigued by the PB & bacon bagel. Poor Puddin Pop.


    • Hi Amy: Please don’t make your husband feel bad…I know it’s hard to push those things when you’re tall! The PBTB bagels are awesome (and so easy if you don’t feel like cooking much)… We’re having Puddin’ Pop and her parents over for her daddy’s birthday supper tonight…haven’t seen her for a couple of weeks, so I’m really looking forward to it! Wendy P.S. I had a nasty comment today that I found so offensive, that I just deleted it…I guess I don’t have the grace to handle them that you do!

  12. Yikes!! That’s quite the picture…!! That’s too bad about the concert experience, but I’m glad the show went on. And bonus points for using La Roux; love her! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, Emily! I’m really glad it’s only editing that makes “my” baby look that way! I was surprised Hope picked that song to sing…I don’t think it’s an easy one! Wendy

  13. Definite “yikes” on the baby photo, and yet…she still looks absolutely adorable!

  14. Bacon + anything = outstanding. Bacon + bagel = outstanding X 50.

    Good luck to your hub on his surgery. That sounds awful, but I’m glad the dryer balls are working out!

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