On Monday, I was working at the bookstore, when Dad brought me a small, brown paper-wrapped package with my name on it…I didn’t recognize the name of the sender, but she had included her website in the return address: it was from Jeanne at FlyingGma’s Blog.  I didn’t really “know” Jeanne the way I know a lot of my other blogging buddies…she’d left a comment or two on my blog, and I’d seen a couple of her comments on my friend Tom’s site.  Before opening the package, I was a little freaked out that she would send me a gift!  Was “Flying Gma” a pseudonym for “Crazy Stalker Lady”?

Suppressing my fears, I tore open the paper…I love presents!  Inside was a card box.  In the box, there was a small, old Webster’s Dictionary wrapped in white tissue paper.  There was also a homemade card with a lovely note written on it:


When I read on your blog this morning that you were a bookseller I immediately thought of this book, and that you might like it, especially after your link on Thomas’ post for

I found the book in a home we moved into when I was 13 (1973).  Walter S. was the owner of the home before we moved in.  He was in his 70’s at the time and a retired pharmacist.  

I’m downsizing my possessions and trying to find people who would truly enjoy them.  If you know of someone who would enjoy it more than you feel free to pass it on or keep it yourself.  Enjoy!

Jeanne aka Flying Gma

Jeanne's note and book...

I sent Jeanne a thank you e-mail, expressing how much her gift had touched me…I am about as sentimental as you can be!  I also asked if I could include the story in a blog post, and she graciously allowed me to share it with you.  I am so grateful for all the amazing people I have gotten to know through blogging!

On Tuesday evening, Kaylee and I went to the Rankin Family show at the Imperial Theatre.  They were celebrating their 20th Anniversary with the These Are the Moments Tour.

The Rankin Family: Cookie, Heather, Jimmy and Raylene...


I have been a fan of this talented Maritime group ever since the early 90’s when my ex-husband got tickets to one of their shows from the radio station where he worked at the time.  We took the kids along: Kaylee was 10 and Anna was two…she managed to fall asleep during the show (don’t ask me how!).  After the concert, we went backstage, where the Rankin girls made a big fuss over our little girls!  They were so tiny and so sweet!

Since then, we’ve seen the Rankin Family perform four times, and I’ve seen Jimmy Rankin’s solo show once.

Even after twenty years, the group brings energy and enthusiasm to every show they do…they are warm, funny, and full of joy!  On Tuesday night, they performed all the old favourites: North Country, Borders and Time, The Mull River Shuffle, We Rise Again (which makes me cry every time I hear it), You Feel the Same Way, and Fare Thee Well Love.  However, the song that made the biggest impression on me was this one:       

Thank you to the Rankin Family for giving us the gift of your beautiful voices for the last twenty years!

On Wednesday morning, Jim had his sinus surgery…it was performed by his mother’s cousin, Dr. Robert Rae.  This was the first time I’d met Robert, a busy ear, nose and throat specialist who also finds time to chair various medical organizations, as well as sit on several committees.  He came in to speak to us before the operation, and shook my hand warmly.  I felt immediately at ease with him.

I kissed Jim goodbye, and went to the waiting room where Jim’s parents sat.  About an hour later, Robert came out, gave Shirley a hug, and sat down to fill us in on how the surgery went.  There had been a lot of bleeding because Jim’s sinuses were full of polyps caused by allergies and chronic infection.  However, the operation had gone well.  We had been told that Jim would have to be in the recovery room for about an hour, so we settled down to wait. 

After three hours, we were all starving.  I decided to ask what was taking so long.  A friendly nurse came out and told me that Jim had been experiencing some “oozing” which was perfectly normal.  However, he was convinced that after doing pre-surgery surfing on the Internet, his brain fluids were leaking out!   Robert was summoned back to the hospital to reassure poor Jim that all his juices were still where they were supposed to be…the doctor did decide to give him some extra packing though.

Finally, about four in the afternoon, we were told that we could bring the car to the front door, and they would bring Jim down in the wheelchair.  We got him into the car, and Shirley and Gordon drove us home.  After dropping us off, they headed to the drugstore to pick up Jim’s meds.  They brought those back about an hour later…Tylenol 3’s, and an antibiotic to combat infection.

Thanks to Jim’s parents for all their support…I can’t imagine spending all day in a hospital waiting room with anybody else!  Thanks also to  Robert for fixing up my man! 

Today is Remembrance Day, which is the day when we pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice…those who fought and died for us so that we could live in freedom.  Thank you to those brave men and women, and to our veterans, and to those who continue to  serve our country!  Your gift to us is treasured by all!

Every Day is Remembrance Day...image from



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35 responses to “Gifts…

  1. Wow. What a thoughtful classy gesture from Jeanne and wonderful surprise for you!

  2. You made me smile with the “Crazy Stalker Lady”. The thought crossed my mind that someone who doesn’t know me might misinterpret my motives but I decided to send the book anyway. Glad you enjoyed the gift. Jeanne

  3. Jeanne’s gift made my mouth drop open. What a treasure! I’ll bet you could spend hours with a book like that.

    So glad to hear Jim’s ok. Poor guy. That sounds like a not-so-great way to spend a day.

  4. You can tell from Jeanne’s posts that she is a thoughtful, caring person. That was a nice thing she did.

    Glad to hear the sinuses are fixed! But “extra packing” sounds truly awful.

  5. Wow, Wendy, what a lovely gift from Jeanne. It’s so heartwarming to hear stories of such kindness and what I call “abundance” thinking. Very special. But then you’re pretty special yourself! 🙂
    Speedy recovery to your Jim.
    Sunshine xx

  6. I wish we all had such crazy stalker ladies following our blogs. What a lovely gift Jeanne! So thoughtful…

    Glad all went well with Jim…all the best to him in his recovery. Also, The Rankins do SUCH a great job of Fare Thee Well Love…they are extremely talented…

  7. What a lovely surprise and a wonderful gift from a new friend!

    Medical surfing on the internet can lead to all sorts of fears and phobias. Same thing can happen with medical dictionaries! Glad the doctor was able to reassure Jim and hope he is resting and on the road to a speedy recovery.


    • Thanks, Diane! The funny thing is that the nurse suggested he be banned from the Internet…I told her that would never happen because Jim is an IT guy! I’ll pass along your good wishes to him! Wendy

  8. Those hours spent in the hospital waiting room are no fun! Hope Jim has a quick recovery!

  9. Wow! Jeanne is certainly super cool in my book and her gesture so uplifting and heart-warming 🙂 That note is a treasure in itself 🙂 I wish more people would write letters…sigh. Will be sure to check out her site.

    Best wishes to Jim and I hope he has a speedy recovery.

    Hugs, H.

  10. The book really was a thoughtful gift, Wendy. I know you’ll treasure it.

  11. Wow, what a gift-from-the-heart from Jeanne! Things like this make me temporarily discard my sometimes Bah Humbug attitude toward gift-giving.

  12. I love this post, Wendy. Except for Jim’s surgery – I hope he is feeling better. x iz

    • Thanks, Izzie! We took Jim this afternoon to get the extra packing out, but he’s still hitting the Tylenol 3’s pretty hard, and not eating much solid food yet…he’s off work for two weeks. Hugs, Wendy

  13. Hope Jim is comfortable and mending well.

    What a kind gesture that gift was!

  14. How thoughtful of Jeanne to send you the books. Kind of serves to remind us that there are thoughtful, caring people in this world.

    Aren’t surprises like that the best?

  15. planejaner

    that’s delightful!
    I just yesterday “met” Jeanne…
    how nice for you both to be friends, and what a beautiful book!

  16. What an incredibly kind and thoughtful gift! I really hope Jim is on the road to a fast recovery!

  17. Lovely gift! The way blogger friends will surprise you sometimes, huh :)?

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