Tiptoeing Through Tuesday…

Tuesday has never been my favourite day, but it’s nearly 11 a.m., and it’s actually been not bad (so far…touching wooden desk as I speak!).

Here are some random things from my last few days:

1. Snow/Whirlwind Shopping Trip/Music on Saturday.  We woke up to snow on the ground on Saturday…not much by New Brunswick standards.  In what was probably record time for shopping with the girls, we managed to pick up winter boots for Hope on Saturday at Old Navy for $19…WIN!  We were rushing to drop off Anna and Brianna at the new Harry Potter movie, and then dropped Hope off at her dad’s to watch the Santa Claus Parade in (uptown) Saint John.  Her dad is one of the judges, so the kids get to watch the parade from the comfort of a Saint John City Transit bus.  This year, the head judge brought them pizza and pop.  Jim and I stopped for groceries (sans kids) on the way home…we hadn’t done a major food run since Jim’s surgery!  We spent $165…nobody had better look in the cupboard and complain “There’s nothing to eat!”  There will be two more parades next weekend: the Lancaster Santa Claus Parade (West Saint John), which Anna’s cheerleading team is in, and the Kennebecasis Valley Santa Claus Parade (Quispamsis), which Hope’s cheerleading team is in.  I finally had the chance to listen to a Richard Shindell album I’d ordered (Courier), thanks to my friend Hippie Cahier.  It was so amazing, I listened to it twice in a row!

2. Laundry/Migraine on Sunday.  Four loads of laundry…first migraine for a while!  Family ate pot pies/fries for supper instead of planned lasagna.  I ate Multi-Grain Cheerios and Saltines (neither of which stayed down).  Opted to PVR Amazing Race instead of watch it (you know I’m sick when that happens!).

3. Jim’s Sense of Smell Came Back.  Since his sinus surgery almost two weeks ago, Jim hasn’t been able to smell much.  Anna was scrambling eggs Sunday morning, and he actually caught a whiff of them!  He’s also happy to be able to blow his nose again!

4. Relaxing Monday.  Worried that the migraine might come back, I stayed home from the bookstore on Monday.  Played on the computer and made lasagna (with homemade spaghetti sauce from our garden tomatoes) while Jim slept through old Newhart and M*A*S*H episodes in the La-Z-Boy.  Dad and Anna got home late – they had seen a car hit a deer (one of a group of three), but the deer got up and ran off after doing a little cartwheel.  The man’s car was slightly damaged.  We watched Amazing Race after supper, and were happy to see Chad and Stephanie go…I give their marriage a year…tops!  Two and a Half Men came on at ten…I’ve been underwhelmed with the show this season…the writing was a lot funnier when the dirty jokes were subtle.  I used to let the kids watch it, knowing they probably wouldn’t pick up on the raunchy parts, but now, it’s just “in-your-face” crass!

5. Weird Dreams.  I dreamed of running again last night (for somebody who doesn’t run, I dream about it a lot!).  I also dreamed that I was in town with no purse, no wallet and no phone.  Then I ran into another running man who was “having a low” (Jim is Type 1 Diabetic – he has “low” sugars a lot in the night), so I followed this poor guy into the men’s room to try to help him.  Realizing I’d wandered into forbidden territory, I came out and informed the staff in the snack bar that there was a man “having a low” in the men’s room, and that they should get him some juice.  Then I used some Chinese girl’s (I think she was a stripper) Hello Kitty cell phone to call home to ask Jim to come and get me…but not before we went to my old apartment in Moncton to deliver a blanket(?) to a bad mother who was letting her two toddlers run around outside by themselves.  While we were there, my brother wandered in (having made the 1000-mile drive from Ontario)…my aunt from Florida was already there!  If I’m going to have weird dreams, I do it right (I think it might have been the hot dogs we ate for lunch)!

6. Stats.  Opening up a friend’s blog post this morning, she was complaining that she had gotten some 1500 hits this past WEEK by searchers using the search term “turkey” or variations thereof…I think I’m going to tag all my posts “turkey” this week!

7. Airline Security.  A friend on Facebook posted a link to a note written by someone else about the recent airline security “personal” searches, and how ridiculous they were.  It was quite well-written – the poster declared that he would choose the “patdown” search when he flew home for Thanksgiving.  I got a chuckle from a commenter who suggested that he “Wear a quilt [my italics].  Go commando.”  Yeah…that will make it better…

8. Perfect Stranger Chills in PA.  Another friend on Facebook lives in Pennsylvania, and celebrated her 40th birthday this past weekend.  She was at the ice cream machine at the Old Country Buffet in Scranton at the same time as Bronson Pinchot (Balki on Perfect Strangers).  I wonder if she did the “dance of joy”? 

9. More Shopping With Teenagers Tonight.  Jim is bringing Hope and Brianna with him tonight when he comes to pick up Anna and I…Hope needs a new winter coat (she’s grown out of last year’s), and both Bri and Anna need new boots (Anna’s $90 ones from last year are totalled!).  I’m hoping that my MasterCard escapes with cuts and bruises rather than a skull fracture…

10. Holiday Decorating.  I have friends who have already decorated their homes for Christmas…I personally think they’re deranged!  I saw a couple of Target ads for Black Friday last night…nuts! 


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24 responses to “Tiptoeing Through Tuesday…

  1. Snow already? Sigh. I know it is inevitable but still… Laundry… The part I hate the most if the folding part. I hate it when men (yes mostly men) say, Oh I do laundry. I always ask: do you fold and put away? Nope. Then it does not count!

    Wrt. the hits from people searching for turkeys… All those people never actually stepped inside my blog, so to speak. They looked at the picture from within google image search, and they left (with or without downloading the picture). It’s like trying to sell a house but you only got a bunch of drive-bys. That’s why looking that high number makes me depressed.

    • You’re right, Lin…folding is the worst…two days later, the four loads are still sitting on the chair in the family room where I left them (with the last load still in the dryer…hope it’s dry!)… I bet a few of those people actually visited…quality sells! Hugs, Wendy

  2. Ugh to the migraines! Have you tried reike? Aren’t dreams amazing? And why do we remember some in great detail and others not at all? I keep hearing bulletins about the full body cavity searches at airports. I am planning to get to the airport 3.5 hours early tomorrow with a box of popcorn so I can watch people get searched. And then it will be my turn. Yesterday I casually strolled past a badge detector thing in an office building. Three guards rushed up to me screaming “Are you aware that you just breached security???!!!” I said, “I’m looking for the beauty salon,” and the female guard said, “Oh, it’s next door.”

    • Just make sure that if you where a hooded sweatshirt you wear something underneath like a tshirt so you can remove the sweatshirt. That caused my friend to be searched two weeks ago.

    • Hi Rene: I hope you have an “uneventful” experience at the airport. There was a soundbite on the news this morning of a flight attendant who’d had her breast prosthesis “questioned” after being patted down by airport security…shocking! Wendy

  3. I feel your migrane pain. Hopefully it will be gone soon. the last one I had was when I was doing daycare in my home with 10 kids running around. Don’t need to go there again.

    Now the for the Mastercard pain….Maybe can talk my kids into a giftless Christmas and a trip to Goodwill for the winter clothes they need. Not likely that will happen.

    Isn’t amazing how much more of everything you need when you live a place with four seasons. I tried one of the big vacuum bags for storage for all the snowmobiling suits. It worked great until I got a mouse in the house that chewed a hole in the bag. Right back where I started.

    Two weeks ago returning from Santa Barbara my friend had to be searched when we went through security. Before she was searched they had her stand in a clear plastic box like she was on display while the rest of us on the flight filed by. She had to wait for a female attendant to come to search her from another gate.

    • Luckily, the migraine was “relatively” short-lived…have had them last two days before…seem to be more frequent now that I’m nearing that “certain age.” We don’t have snowmobile suits at our house…we do have a full garbage bag of hats, mitts and scarves! I’m all for safe flights, but they are getting a little bit zealous in their searching… Wendy

  4. planejaner

    glad you are feeling better–Migraines are horrific! And that Jim’s sense of smell came back–that’s a blessing, indeed!
    stay well, be well, and have a wonderful Tiesday!

  5. Balki! That’s awesome!

    You reminded me that I meant to do the laundry today. Yikes!

  6. Snow! We were at 71 degrees today, far too warm for my liking this time of year. I hope your headache does not return; I truly know how bad it is. Feel better and stay warm! Diane

  7. Don’t you just love crazy dreams? I love that your dream included a Chinese stripper with a Hello Kitty phone. Wendy, you’re funny even when you’re sleeping.

    Off to tag “sweet potatoes” in tomorrow’s post. I could use some of the same hit love your friend received yesterday.

    • Thanks, Maura…lucky I woke up pretty much right after those dreams…might not have remembered otherwise! My friend insists that those folks actually just clicked past her blog on Google, but actually didn’t come…still not sure how that stuff works…good luck with “sweet potatoes” though…mmm! Wendy

  8. That dream and the fact that you remembered it in such detail is awesome! Maybe hot dogs, maybe post-migraine? Hubby gets migraines…but so far hasn’t shared any dreams, which may because they include strippers? 😉

    LOL @ airline security suggestion…both!

    Good luck with the ‘teen-shopping’ expedition and 3 cheers for Jim’s returning sense of smell!

    Hugs, H.

    • Hi Harsha: I’m thinking I remembered so much of it because the dream happened right before the alarm went off…I have no idea where the stripper came from! With all the travelling you do, you’re probably a pro at the airport! I’d be quite happy if I never had to fly again (but that would make it difficult to go to Italy!). Hugs, Wendy

  9. Hey Wendy, sorry to hear about the migraine … I don’t get them, but my husband does occasionally so I know they’re not fun.

    What a hilarious dream … and I was so amused that you were busy even in your dream!

    What is Black Friday??

    Keep well and warm
    Sunshine xx

    • Sorry Sunshine…didn’t mean to confuse you with my reference to Black Friday…that’s the day after American Thanksgiving when the Christmas shopping gets SERIOUS (CRAZY). Target is opening at 4 a.m. All the stores have huge sales going on, and I’ve heard about near riots in previous years. A lot of my Canadian friends cross the border into Maine to buy their gifts on Black Friday…also turkeys are really cheap in the States! I’ve never participated…I don’t enjoy shopping on normal days (and I hate crowds!). Glad you don’t get migraines! Hugs, Wendy

      • Oh my goodness, Wendy – that does sound crazy! They have serious sales here in the UK on Boxing Day (do you also call the day after Christmas Boxing Day?), with similar madness and near riots. I couldn’t bear to be anywhere near those places!
        You didn’t confuse me – you’re educating me, and I love it! xx

      • We definitely have (crazy) Boxing Day sales in Canada (although they don’t happen until the 27th or the 28th, because stores are closed on the 26th)…I don’t think the after-Christmas sales are nearly as crazy in the U.S. (but I could be wrong!).

  10. I remember having to WORK on a Boxing Day one year, at Best Buy… it was one of the worst days ever and brought about all the bad things of humanity! Seriously, we had to start at 4am to open at 5, there was a massive queue and people were literally pushing and shoving each other and running around like hooligans once the doors opened. It was horrible!! Sorry to hear about your migraine… hope you’re feeling better 🙂

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