Mercury is Messin’ This Mother Up…

I found out on Friday that Mercury was in retrograde, according to my friend at Hippie Cahier.  Apparently, this is a bad thing.  I’ve decided to blame everything that’s happened to me this week on that messed-up planet…

1. “Goodbye, Red Meat…I loved you well.”  Kaylee, Scott and Elise came over for supper on Sunday night.  I served a beef and barley stew (with rutabaga and carrots from the garden).  Everybody loved it…I would have thrown in a few more vegetables and a bit more barley if I’d known how much they would love it!  Monday morning, the beef caught up with me…I gave up pork several years ago due to difficulty digesting it (I don’t have a problem with cured meat like ham and bacon, thank goodness!), and have lately started having trouble with beef.  I did not go to the bookstore on Monday.

2. Computer/Internet Issues.   Those started on Tuesday when I got back to the bookstore.  Every time I’d try to leave a comment on somebody’s blog, I’d have to do it two or three times because I would get booted off the Internet…it’s been like that all week!  I’ve had trouble with Hotmail too.

3. Modelling Clay Emergency.  We got home late on Tuesday night, due to Anna having cheerleading, Devin having an orthodontist appointment, and Hope’s cheerleading practice being changed from Wednesday to Tuesday.  Thankfully, Jim’s parents picked up Devin and Hope for us since it was impossible for us to get there in time!  After supper, Hope announced that she had to have modelling clay for a project at school…too exhausted to go out again, I suggested we make it.  She also told me she had a couple of other homework assignments…aargh!  Hope printed a modelling clay recipe from the Internet, and I got out the flour, salt and water.  She wanted four colours of clay…I spent the next hour trying to incorporate food colouring into the rather stiff dough (I really want to thank whichever child lost the lid for the blue food colouring…my hands were blue for three days!).  The colours came out very muddy-looking.  Meanwhile, Hope was busy in the dining room.  After a while, she came out and chucked the clay in the garbage: “I can’t get it to stick!” she said.  “I told you we should have bought it!”  I wrote a note to the teacher to explain why the homework didn’t get done…sigh…

4. Modelling Clay…Take #2.  We brought home massive amounts of dollar store modelling clay for Hope’s project on Wednesday night.  We also got Christmas cards, wrapping paper, and candy canes (for hot chocolate, of course – one of Anna’s “emergencies”).  Hope got right to work with the “good clay” and constructed her cheerleading stunt group.  She told me that the legs kept falling off, so she decided to leave them off.  There is also no “front” in the stunt group (the “back” is hidden behind the “flyer”):

Hope's Cheerleading Stunt Group

5.  Revenge of the Orca Beans.  Jim made supper, but I didn’t eat much because I wasn’t feeling very well.  I had made chili on the weekend with orca and romano beans from our garden, and had put some in my lunch on Wednesday.  Some of the family had eaten it Monday night, but I was still recovering from my “red meat episode” so had opted for cereal instead.  Jim had mentioned a bit of stomach distress after having it for his lunch on Tuesday, but I blamed that on the massive amount of chili powder he’d added to it.  By 6:30 Wednesday night, I was in agony…I spent the next 4 hours in close proximity to the commode and eating the Costco version of Imodium like M & M’s.  In the midst of my misery, I remembered that I had sent some of the killer chili home with Kaylee (Scott won’t eat beans, so she doesn’t make chili), and decided I’d better give her a heads-up.  I dialled her number.  “Hi…you know that chili I gave you?  Did you eat it yet?”  Kaylee told me that she’d planned on having it for lunch the next day.  “Throw it out!” I told her.  “I’m dying here…”

6.  “Expedited” apparently means “Whenever you feel like it.”  I felt like a dishrag on Thursday when I woke up…I opted to skip work again (lucky I can do that!).  Jim didn’t feel well either, so we stayed home together.  Dad phoned me from the store to let me know we had gotten an e-mail about a book I’d ordered for a friend on November 25th.  I had requested “expedited shipping”…according to the e-mail, it was sent on the 29th…it took them four days to get it out of the building!  They also stated that it would take up to 14 business days to arrive!  If time wasn’t of the essence, I wouldn’t have bothered paying the extra for shipping!

7.  Farewell to a dear friend.  Friday was a sad day…members of our book club gathered at a local restaurant for dinner to send a good friend, S., on her way out of the province.  She is moving 2000 miles away with her new man, who we met, and approve of…very nice fellow!  Dad and I gave S. a book about Emily Carr, an artist we knew she liked…S. was moved by the Celtic blessing I wrote in the front.  I had a glass of wine, and a beautiful spinach salad before bidding S. “Adieu”…I know we’ll see her again…she is a Maritimer, and they always come home!


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31 responses to “Mercury is Messin’ This Mother Up…

  1. Oh Wendy… I can feel your pain from here. Sorry to hear about your week. Every once in a while my gall bladder acts up and I eat Zantac like it was going out of style.

    Love the clay figure. Oh how I remember those late night last minute projects the kids failed to tell me that were due the next day. Jeanne

    • Thanks, Jeanne…I’m lucky never to have had gall bladder trouble…I hear that’s very painful! If I had a nickel for every school project that’s been completed the night before it was due, I’d be rich! Wendy

  2. Wow, Wendy, damn that Mercury! And bless your heart! This all sounds seriously miserable.

    How are you feeling now? Food poisoning is the worst.

    Also, since I’m only now beginning to read your blog, I have tons of questions, but I will read backward to begin filling in the details. I’m assuming your Canadian–correct?

    I look forward to reading more!

    Happy Holidays from Haiti,

    • I’m feeling a lot better now, Kathy, and I feel like a whiner when I think what people where you are are going through! I was born in Ohio, but moved to Ontario when I was eight (1969), and have lived in the Maritimes since 1983. Wendy

  3. Hippie Cahier

    Well first I hope you and Jim are feeling better. I found a source that says retrograde ends December 29 to 30.

    Happy New Year?

    Hope’s cheerleading stunt looks like Mr. Bill! One of The Jolie’s admirers at the White House thought it would be funny to film her beating up Mr. Bill on the sidewalk. Tourists. 🙂

    Neither here nor there, but I’m really enjoying Meg Hutchinson. Thanks again!

    • We are feeling better, Hippie, thanks! December 29th or 30th…really???!!! Jim had the same thought about Hope’s clay sculpture…he was actually looking for a way to attach a picture of Mr. Bill in a comment… Glad you’re liking Meg…she’s special to Jim and I, because her concert opening for Rose Cousins was one of our first dates! Wendy

  4. I’ve had the same trouble with red meat! I’m a bit better these days, it’s not an instantaneous “reaction” if you know what I mean.

    Hope you’re feeling better!

    • Thanks, Joey…I am feeling better…I think I would have been fine if the ratio of veggies to meat in the stew had been higher (nothing would have saved me from the chili though…there was something horribly wrong with it!). Wendy

  5. my week has been of a questionable quality as well. i will happily blame mecury! *shakes fist*

    when does it get out of retrograde?!

  6. Our local Waldorf Witch (really she is Pagan, but we call her are witch in the interest of diversity and we like having a witch around-she doesn’t mind) described a planet as being in retrograde when it is moving backward. Which seems to fit your week pretty well. However. Mercury just came into retrograde on the 10th (sorry Mercury refuses to take full responsibility for your snarled up week.) We will be moving backwards until January 18th.

    Having said all this, I am sorry for your troubles and hope things get much better..if not you can always move to Australia (Anthony and His Very Bad No Good Horrible Day)

  7. planejaner

    Oh, Honey Wendy…
    what a week.
    I am hoping you are feeling better today…
    I was missing you and sending you much love in the gap, wondering.


  8. I’m so sorry. Mercury in Retrograde is bad for you but it makes great reading for us. Hopefully, things will improve for you. I love the cheerleading sculpture.

  9. Mercury ruins everything! Sorry it messed up your week. Hoping next week is better for you and that you’re feeling better. Hugs, Diane

  10. Sounds like a miserable week. Hopefully next week will be much better. I was wondering why you hadn’t been posting. I thought maybe you were busy with Christmas preparations.

  11. Hope youre feeling better. Those school emergencies are always a treat, arent they?

  12. I don’t know why but that modeling clay figure made me LOL because it reminded me of whole premise of “Everybody Loves Raymond”: mother-in-law trying to come between a couple.

    Oy. I am sure it’s just me. BUT ART is subjective right?!

  13. Sorry it’s been a rough week for you, my dear friend. I’ve missed you, but figured you were just having a busy week. Take care and be gentle with yourself.
    Warm hugs from London xx

  14. Sorry to hear about your tough week! Hope you get some restoration over the weekend. I can so relate to the last minute run to the store because, oh by the way, a young one has a massive project due in about 12 hours! Take care.

    • Not much restoration over the weekend, I’m afraid, Clay (read the next post for more info!)…if I had a nickel for every last-minute trip to the store for something for homework, I’d be rich! Wendy

  15. Oh No Wendy!! I do hope you’re feeling better now and I’m glad your warning to Kaylee was in time to avert further pain!

    So that’s the reason last week was a bit sticky…I knew it had to be something cosmic! I’ve been having Internet issues for so long now…I’m ready to give up…just about. The thought of missing my daily Blog reads…sometimes they’re the only bright spot in my day…is the only thing that keeps me from flinging the laptop across the room sometimes! I’m not kidding. Any idea what Mercury’s doing this week?

    And 3 cheers for attempting to make ‘modelling clay’!! I didn’t even know that was possible!

    Feel better soon 🙂

    Hugs, H.

    • I’m feeling a lot better now, thanks, Harsha! The bad news is that Mercury could be messed up for the next few weeks (until Dec. 30th or even Jan. 18th depending on who you decide to believe – see comments)… The clay was okay, just not quite right for what Hope was trying to do…next time, I would mix the food colouring with the water and it would incorporate better (my issue was needing four colours, and not having enough salt to make four separate batches (which is why I ended up trying to colour it after the fact!). I’m sure Ishaan would have a great time with it though! Hugs, Wendy

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