Monday Miscellany…

I spent most of yesterday catching up on laundry, since I didn’t get any done with our shopping trip on Saturday.  We had to go to town to pick up Hope from her friend’s house, and stopped at Co-Op for gas.  An older man cleaned our windshield while Jim was filling the tank, and then went over to speak to another customer that he knew.  I overheard him say, “He was autocratic, but fair.”  Not a word I expected a gas jockey to say…     

After we got back, I took the time to make some Spinach Manicotti.  I was quite pleased with how it came out, since it was my first time making it, and I was completely winging the filling!  I had seen the noodles on sale for $1 a package at Liquidation World…I bought 2 (because I always buy even numbers of anything that’s on sale…I have a thing for symmetry).  I had a couple of packages of spinach in the freezer, which I thawed.  I bought two large tubs of lasagna-type cottage cheese, and mixed it with the spinach.  After cooking the noodles for the amount of time indicated on the box, I thought I could use a pastry decorating tool to squeeze the filling into the noodles.  That was a fail…I ended up standing the noodle on end in my hand, and using my other hand to fill it!  I stuffed noodles until I ran out of filling, put them in a casserole, poured a jar of 4-cheese pasta sauce over the top of the stuffed noodles, and put them in the microwave.  I still had several unstuffed noodles left over, which are in my fridge.  Next time, I think I’ll throw a couple of eggs and some shredded mozzarella cheese into the filling…it will probably give it more body.  Along with some garden green beans from the freezer, the manicotti made a tasty supper last night, and a good lunch today!

I was having vivid dreams most of the night…I dreamed that I had gone downstairs.  At that very moment, Jim woke me up because he was “having a low”…I needed to go downstairs to get him some juice and cookies.  I told him I was technically “already up.”

When I arrived at the bookstore this morning, I sat down to read the blogs that I follow.  One of my friends had included a link for some music in her post…I looked in vain for my earphones to listen to it (I don’t have speakers on my store computer).  I texted Anna to see if she’d borrowed them.  “No…” was the reply.  Then I remembered the somewhat “sketchy” girl who had come in on Friday…I had purchased a copy of “Catcher in the Rye” from her and had left her alone near my desk while I went into the other room to get her money.  Crap!  I was excited to get a copy of the book (we get lots of requests for it, but that is only the second copy we’ve had in our ten-year history!)…apparently $5 wasn’t quite enough for her!

The rest of the day passed without incident…we had one customer in, who bought one book (and three Internet orders).  I spent a lot of time looking for an image on Google for a blog post I wanted to write…no luck!  Anna and I came home with Jim, since Dad had an extra rehearsal for the Men’s Chorus tonight…their Christmas Concert is tomorrow night.  While we were eating supper, Jim got one of his “smile” fries caught in his throat.  Hope said, “They’re not supposed to make you choke…they’re supposed to make you smile!”

"Smile" Fries...


Anna remarked, “I love irony.” 

Hope asked, “Who’s Irony?”

After supper, Anna poured herself a glass of eggnog.  “What spice is it that you put in it to make it taste good?  Paprika?”

“No,” I answered.  “You should probably use nutmeg!  Paprika would be a whole different taste…”

Hope is making Christmas cookies for her school’s bake sale tomorrow…the school is buying turkeys for people who can’t afford them for Christmas.  I’ve been recruited to help make icing…I think it’s going to be another late night…


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20 responses to “Monday Miscellany…

  1. duke1959

    I just want you to know I am not happy with you. You talk about all of this wonderful food and don’t include me!

  2. All I see here is “manicotti” and “smile fries”. Food!!!

    Good luck at the bake sale! 🙂

  3. When I used to cook at the Italian restaurant many years ago we used our hands to fill the manicotti as you described. Wearing gloves of course! You are right about adding the eggs and mozzerella cheese to the mixture. I usually added some parmesan cheese as well. Sounds like a wonderful meal except for the choking part.

  4. Lovely post – the things that make you laugh make me laugh too! Sorry about your earphones … that’s so disappointing. xx

  5. I love the dialogue here:

    “I love irony.”
    “Who’s Irony?”——————-Hysterical!

    I think I’ve lived too much outside of North America in recent years—I have never heard of smile fries! Are they sold frozen?

    Happy Holidays from Haiti,

    • Glad you liked it, Kathy! Smile fries are actually made here in Florenceville, New Brunswick by a New Brunswick family business called McCain…yes, they are frozen. Wendy

      • That was my favorite part, too! (about Who’s irony)

        Reminded me of when we told my then three year old that her grandparents were moving to Miami. “What’s your Ami?”

      • Glad you liked it, Amanda…your story about your little one reminded me of one of our family stories: We always called my Great-Grandmother Thompson “Mam-Tom.” When I was three, I looked at my Great-Grandad, and asked “Is he Mr. Mam-Tom?”


  6. “Who’s irony?” I love that line. Sounds like your Monday was better than the past few (except for the headphones and the choking smiley fries). Wish I had some of that spinach manicotti! Hugs, Diane

  7. Nice post (sorry about the headphones!), but I’m still stuck on the fact that you stopped for gas someplace where they come out and clean your windshield! Seriously, I don’t think I’ve seen that since the Ford administration!

  8. Who is irony? That’s a classic!

    Sorry about your headphones. You just can’t trust anyone.

    • Glad you liked it, Joey! I felt bad about the headphones too…it’s a shame when people are that desparate! I’m the type of person who trusts everybody until they give me a reason not to…sigh… Wendy

  9. The manicotti and that four cheese sauce smothering it sounds divine!! Sinful but divine 😉

    I’m so sorry about the ear-phones 😦 Who would want to take earphones…it’s not like they’ll fetch any serious cash!!

    Totally loved Hope’s “Who’s Irony?” 🙂 and of course Smileys are supposed to make you smile 🙂 It’s been a while since I saw those…used to pig out them at one time!

    Hugs, H.

    • Hi Harsha: It’s neat that you know about Smiley fries! I’m looking forward to making the manicotti again…will probably use my own spaghetti sauce next time! By the looks of that girl I think took my earphones, it doesn’t look like she has much pleasure in her life…if she wanted them that badly, she can have them! Hugs, Wendy

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