The “There Should Be An Award for That” Awards…Winter Edition…

This past summer, I did a post called The “There Should Be An Award for That” Awards.  Having spent the greater part of the day trolling unsuccessfully for something else to write about, I bring you a Winter Edition of the Awards:

1. The “Most Freshly Pressed” Award.  Winner: My friend, Todd Pack at Todd Pack’s Messy Desk.  On Tuesday, Todd was Freshly Pressed for the 4th time in the mere 8 months he’s been blogging!  He’s an excellent writer, great dad, and an all-around nice guy.  Check out his blog!

Four Times "Freshly Pressed" Man...

2. The “Giggling at Inappropriate Moments” Award.  Winner: Hope.  During my dad’s Christmas concert on Tuesday night, the audience was invited to sing along to three Christmas carols.  Hope found the word “ass” in the lyrics of What Child is This? highly amusing.

3. The “Last Minute” Award.  Winner: Anna.  We leave at 7 a.m. for town every morning.  This morning, she decided at 6:56 a.m. that it would be a good time to look for her bodysuit for cheerleading (they have two basketball games this evening).  We didn’t find it…we did, however, find her French language dictionary that’s been AWOL since school started in September.  Her friend, Celia, will be very happy not to have to share hers any more!

4. The “Worst Stocking Stuffer Ever” Award.  Winner: Vicks VapoRub.  Today, my new blogging acquaintance, Vickie at Jumping in Mud Puddles, talked about things she got in her stocking as a child.  Sure…we all got socks, but how many kids were lucky enough to be the recipients of Vicks and tweezers?  Vickie was also recently Freshly Pressed.

Worst Stocking Stuffer Ever...


5. The “Angry Street Musician” Award.  Winner: The kid I saw sitting on the sidewalk in front of the City Market today playing a xylophone as if he were doing a drum solo.  Newsflash:  You are not Phil Collins, and xylophones should not be struck hard enough to bend the keys.  Producing harsh tones is not conducive to filling up your hat with change (unless people pay you to STOP). 

6. The “Clever Pun” Award.  Winner: A customer at my favourite Chinese food place.  Once a week, I buy my lunch…it’s my treat to myself.  I usually go to House of Chan in Brunswick Square and get one of their combo plates.  When I arrived there today, the Lo Mein noodle warmer was empty…there were three more people in front of me who were also waiting for noodles!  I got a kick out of the guy who went around the lineup, ordered fried rice with his chicken balls and dry garlic meatballs, and then proceeded to call his noodle-loving buddy in front of me a “Ricist.”  Eventually, fresh noodles were ready…I enjoyed them with my cashew guy ding and sweet and sour chicken.


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33 responses to “The “There Should Be An Award for That” Awards…Winter Edition…

  1. planejaner

    fun! great awards…and worthy recipients!
    blessings on your day–

  2. That’s funny: ricist!

    Great idea, giving out these awards. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much! I don’t think I ever won an award for having Vicks Vapor Rub in my stocking. I should mention that she wrapped oyster crackers and a can of mandarin oranges as gifts the year I told her I wanted a lot of presents under the
    Great blog! 🙂

    • But Vickie…you didn’t get the award…the Vicks did! LOL. I think oyster crackers would qualify as one of the worst stocking stuffers too! Glad you enjoyed this post…high praise coming from you! If you have time, check out the archives… Thanks for stopping by! Wendy

  4. You know, it takes a special kind of man to make that Flash costume work.

  5. Some of those street musicians I donate to, hoping they will earn enough money and STOP playing. Great Awards choices!

  6. Great awards, and I’m in awe of Todd Pack.

  7. What a delightful post, Wendy. You crack me up … and you are always so creative with your post ideas!
    Lovely awards. And I also love “ricist”.
    Sunshine xx

  8. Great awards! Panties in the stocking, yes…Vick’s and tweezers, no, but there’s always this year. Hugs, Diane

  9. Loved the post Wendy. Its always fun to check out your blog because I never know what to expect.

    That’s exactly how I picture Todd Pack. Super hero Dad. He is awesome for sure.

    My family would probably give Dean and I the worst stocking stuffer award for the year we put a bottle of Tabasco sauce in everyone’s stockings. My brother-in-law was a trucker and gave us a case of the the stuff and we decided to bless everyone with a bottle.

    • Thanks, Jeanne…I like to change things up every once in a while! Todd is great! Hmm…Tabasco sauce wouldn’t be my favourite stocking stuffer, I’m afraid…but I’m a food wimp when it comes to spicy stuff! Wendy

  10. This post is so fun! Great idea! Your blog is always delightful to read–so many reasons–this sort of surprise is one of them.

    Isn’t it weird that sometimes when you struggle the most with a post, you end up with something amazing!


  11. Hahahahahah! I didn’t know Todd (six-)Pack has been doing P90X!

    Good stuff, Wendy. Happy Friday!

  12. That angry street musician must have been a sight. Getting all worked up to play the xylophone – classic!

  13. Hippie Cahier

    Love Todd’s Superhero suit!

  14. Hippie Cahier

    Oh…and the street musician — maybe he asked Santa for bongos and is venting his disappointment?

    • I don’t know, Hippie…he was pounding on them really hard with the stick things (don’t know what you call the things you play a xylophone with)…it was not the least bit musical, or Christmasy…just loud, obnoxious noise! Wendy

  15. Hilarious, Wendy! And, Todd Pack in that costume?…oh my, oh my, oh my…loved it!

  16. I like how your mind works, Wendy! And I always enjoy a good chuckle.

    What a snazzy outfit! Your friend Todd must certainly deserved that “Most freshly pressed” Award. 4 time in 8 months!

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