Welcome to Hammond River…

Today, I’m guest hosting at my friend Maura’s blog, 36 x 37, while she’s working on a special assignment…I’d like to thank Maura for trusting me to “mind the store” while she’s away.  For my regular readers, please check out my post (it’s from my early days) and Maura’s archives if you haven’t yet…she’s an Ohio girl like me, and a talented writer!

If you’re new to my blog, please make yourself at home…the tea is always on (I’m afraid if you want coffee, you’ll have to make it yourself…being a bit mechanically-challenged, I’ve never learned how to operate a coffeemaker!).  There’s probably some Peppermint Cheesecake left in the fridge:

Peppermint Cheesecake that Hope and I made...

You might want to bring a warm coat, boots (please leave those by the back door!), a hat, and some mittens…this is what we woke up to this morning:

Jim's Toyota Corolla is somewhere under there...that's our driveway and garage in the background...

The kids were happy to have a Snow Day (no school)…the first one this year (this snowfall wasn’t bad by New Brunswick standards…only about a foot).  They’d probably say they got a Snow Day because they wore their pyjamas inside out and backward last night (a tradition among Maritime children).

As Maura said, my blog is a mixed bag…some might call it “unfocused,” but I’d prefer to think of it as “eclectic.”  It’s probably easier to use the tabs to get around…if you want funny, click “satire.”  If you’re looking for stories of my childhood, look at “memories.”  There’s a lot about the daily life of my rather large family: hit “family.”  Last spring and summer, I worked on my garden, which will be found under “gardening.”  Since I love to cook and bake, you’ll find some delicious things under “cooking” as well.  I talk about pretty much everything here, except sex and religion.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Hammond River, and come back often (click on the Sign Me Up! button, and I’ll come to you in your e-mail!…how easy is that?).  Also, over the nearly 10 months I’ve been writing my blog, I’ve built what I think is a pretty amazing community of blogging buddies (you’ll find links to them on the right side under “He Said”, “She Said”, and “They Said”).  Check them out too!

Thanks again to Maura for directing folks here, and thanks to you for taking time out of your busy day to read my “musings.”




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25 responses to “Welcome to Hammond River…

  1. I’m glad to be part of your blogging community, Wendy! I always feel at home here, and I’d love a cup of tea and a slice of peppermint cheesecake. Mmmm.
    Beautiful snow, gosh.
    Sunshine xx

  2. Coffee cup in hand… pulling up my chair.. oh! peppermint cheese cake how nice!
    Our snow days have been and gone now it’s just rain, but thankfully nothing like Oz.
    Hope you stay safe and warm.

  3. The cheesecake turned out beautifully! Have you had a chance to try it yet? Mmm…all I can think of are the little bits of chocolate chunks that float throughout the layers of cream cheese. So good! Also, we have yet to see this much snow in Iqaluit. However, it appears as though the forecast is calling for flurries over the next few days…finally! We might have some safer roads to walk on!

    • The cheesecake was awesome, Suzanne! We had some last night (although it caused a bit of an issue with my lactose intolerance…glad I only had a small piece). Thanks again for the recipe! Wendy

  4. Okay, Wendy, this is the cutest post! It’s the eclectic quality of your blog that I like most!

    But so much snow–actually I miss it here in Haiti—-

    By the way, I just noticed that I’m on your “She Said” list! Thanks so much. I love being a part of your community and treasure having you as a member of mine!

    I’m going to run over to Maura’s blog, as I’ve never been there, but I’ll be back for tea–promise!

    Hugs from Haiti,

  5. I’ll make my coffee coz I must try some of that peppermint cheescake 🙂 I love peppermint but don’t recall it ever in a cheescake before!

    Totally loved the snow-covered car! Sorry, I know it’s a lot of work for you guys, but I absolutely adore snow 🙂

    Loved the rant over at Maura’s…still laughing over it 🙂

    Once again, am happy to have found you! I sure do seem to say that a lot huh?? Mean it every time 🙂

    Hugs, H.

  6. Okay, your snow puts my snow to shame. Never had peppermint cheesecake, but I think I like it! Have fun guest blogging today. Hugs, Diane

  7. Ah, such a warm and welcoming post. And may the snow stay there and not here!

  8. Peppermint cheese cake sounds really good right about now….

  9. I always love visiting, even though I don’t always leave a comment. (But I ALWAYS leave my boots at the door!!!) 😉

  10. Backwards pajamas? Is that all it takes?

  11. I like your musings and am glad I stumbled over to Hammond River on one of my strolls around the blogosphere. Nice to know ya!

  12. Hippie Cahier

    A snow day sounds like so much fun! I’ll have to settle for a three-day weekend instead. And, I’m happy to make my own coffee if you’ll tell me a story or two…

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