I’m a Little Bit ADD, I’m a Little Bit Rock and Roll (With Apologies to the Osmonds)…

Fasten your seatbelts, readers…it’s going to be a bumpy ride…I’ll be going through topics faster than my kids can make ice cream disappear.  You’ll laugh; you’ll groan; you’ll salivate; you’ll wish you were having dinner at my house!

1.  Best. Candy. Ever.  Utah didn’t just give us the Osmond family…they also have the Sweet Candy Company which makes the best candy ever: Raspberry Sticks, which are described on the package as “raspberry jelly centers dipped in luscious milk chocolate” (this is NOT a lie!).  I discovered these bits of deliciousness at our local Co-Op when they were marked down after Christmas last week…I bought three boxes…unfortunately, they were gone when I went back for more last night!

Sweet's Raspberry Sticks...

2. Did You Miss a Post?  It seems that my blog host may have been having issues last week…just wondering if everyone who subscribes got notice of my Friday post on the Bay of Fundy…it was a “rerun” from the early days.  I wasn’t the only one having problems: my friend Renée at Life in the Boomer Lane moved her blog to a different host, and her subscribers aren’t getting their notifications (if you’re a fan of Renée’s, the link in my “She Said” blogroll still works!).  Poor Todd at Todd Pack’s Messy Desk put up a post on Thursday that got far fewer comments than usual…he thought the post was bad, but I tried to access it twice, and got the message “Post Not Found” both times!  He ended up taking it down.

3. Cooking Up a Storm.  Jim cooked twice last week, making a turkey dinner with dressing, mashed pototoes, and vegetables last Sunday (and Grammie Clark’s cheesecake for dessert!), and a lovely seafood chowder on Wednesday (with homemade biscuits!).  This past Sunday, I used frozen tomatoes from our garden to make some more pizza sauce (took several hours to cook them down), and made a deep dish pizza (which I forgot to photograph before people dove into it!).  For dessert, we had sour cream chocolate cake.

Homemade Pizza Sauce...I wish you had "Smellovision"...yum!

Leftover Pizza...I cooked the dough a little too long, but it tasted good!


Sour Cream Chocolate Cake...sinfully delicious!

4. Mr. James to the Rescue (Again).  When I came downstairs Sunday morning, Dad informed me that Jake was “having trouble” again.  He’d obviously gotten into something he shouldn’t have, and was pooping everywhere (Jake, not my dad!).  Consequently, the fuzzy white hair on his rear end wasn’t so white any more (still Jake).  After giving the dog a bath, I called our resident hairdresser and dog groomer, Jim (aka “Mr. James”) downstairs to do a quick trim on our schoodle’s bum.  I love that man!  We decided it would be best to sterilize the scissors with a little bleach before putting them in the dishwasher…

5. Valentine’s Day.  I’m finally taking down the Christmas books display at the bookstore and replacing it with a Valentine’s Day-themed selection.  Books with the word “love” in the title will be 10% off for the next little while…

Lover's Secrets...10% off...any takers?

6. Crossing Guards With Magical Powers.  As Jim and I were watching our usual Wednesday night comedies on ABC, a commercial that featured a crossing guard caught my cynical eye: she stops the kids in the middle of traffic to take a decongestant (?!!).  Jim helpfully pointed out that she had also stopped the traffic: “She’s an omnipotent crossing guard!” he declared.  I thought The Omnipotent Crossing Guard would make a great blog title.

7. Off the Map.  Speaking of ABC, I’m loving the new drama by the creators of Grey’s Anatomy, Off The Map.  It’s got interesting plotlines and characterization, cool guest stars (Michael McKean and Cheech Marin, so far), and a leading man from New Zealand named Martin Henderson, whose pecs are as sexy as his accent (don’t worry, guys…there are beautiful women on it too)!

Martin Henderson as Dr. Ben Keeton...hot in the jungle...

8. Just Call Me ‘Ms. Technical’.  Yesterday, Dad’s monitor started flickering for no apparent reason.  I got on the phone with Jim (the computer tech), who advised me to try my monitor to see if if would work.  After unhooking Dad’s heavy old-style monitor and hauling it down off the desk out of the way, I carried my slim-line monitor over from my office across the hall, only to find that it didn’t have the right connector to plug into Dad’s computer.  I carried my monitor back, and hooked it back up again.  I only swore a little bit.  Then I went into the back room and pulled out the old (massive) monitor to try it.  I connected it to Dad’s computer (right connection, but no picture…hurrah!).  Still flickering though, from what I could see.  Unhooking it again, I was getting ready to put it away when Dad insisted on carrying it for me (have you ever been offered help when you didn’t really want it?…sigh).  After reconnecting the regular monitor, the problem persisted, and I did a Google search, which suggested that if it wasn’t the monitor, it was likely the video card.   I called Jim again, who said he would look at it in the morning.  After we got home, I floated my “video card theory” for Jim, and was shot down.  Fast forward to this morning:  I turned on Dad’s computer and the monitor was fine.  I forgot the standard advice offered every week by the technicians on The IT Crowd: “Have you tried turning it on and off?” 

9. I’m the Last One Picked for Wii Games Too.  The kids conned me into playing Wii with them the other night.  I totally suck at baseball and tennis…at least I started to get the hang of bowling halfway through!  Damn that hand-eye coordination…I wonder if they have word games for Wii?

10. Classic Albums Live: The Who

Where?  The Imperial Theatre. 

When?  Saturday night. 

What?  An amazing group of musicians recreating the “Who’s Next?” album. 

Why?  I bought Jim tickets for Christmas, and we desperately needed a Date Night!

How?  Very skillfully!  This was our second Classic Albums Live show (we saw the Supertramp: Crime of the Century show last year and it was equally great!).  The band did an excellent job recreating the album note-for-note, and this folkie girl was instantly transported back 35 years to her “headbanger period” (age 15-16).  All the musicians and singers were very talented, and the drummer was awesome! 

If you have a chance to see a Classic Albums Live show, I’d heartily recommend it!

This concludes your tour through my rather addled Tuesday brain…I hope that the transitions didn’t cause any whiplash!


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43 responses to “I’m a Little Bit ADD, I’m a Little Bit Rock and Roll (With Apologies to the Osmonds)…

  1. Welcome back–that left me breathless–and hungry!

  2. planejaner

    I saw the bay of fundy post–just didn’t comment…everything seemed fine over at “my place”…so, hopefully all the snafus are fixed!
    fun post!
    (didn’t need the visual of Jake’s butt, though…need to go wash my eyes…)

  3. Lovely, busy post, Wendy – I did all the things you said I would! Except I don’t have whiplash … I don’t think so, anyway. Like jane, I need to cleanse the pallet after the Jake images! 🙂
    The Classic Albums Live concert sounds fabulous – what a special date night. Can’t wait to hear about it!
    Sunshine xx

    • Glad you enjoyed the post, Sunshine…sorry about the Jake visual! That was pretty much all I planned to write about Date Night…although I probably could have added a comment about the guy who’d obviously had a few beers before he came, and kept climbing over us to go to the washroom…not so good! Hugs, Wendy

  4. s

    Getting lost in the jungle with the Martin Henderson would be better than those raspberry filled chocolate sticks 🙂

  5. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for mentioning my subscriber issues. Now, I can virtually dive into that deep dish pizza. I’m salivating.

  6. Oh my goodness! When I was hunting Iqaluit for some candy, I came across the Sweet chocolate sticks, but they were dark chocolate with an orange jelly centre. It was like heaven…

    Love, love, loooooove The Who. Closest I came to seeing them live was seeing Tommy in Toronto…great show!

    • I thought of you, Suzanne, when I was posting about the candy…orange filling would be just as awesome I think! I wasn’t a big Who fan when I went to the concert, but I knew what a good job they’d done on Supertramp, and they were just as great on this one! Maybe you’ll have a chance to see them when you’re back down south some time! Wendy

  7. I didn’t notice the problems with subscriptions but am wondering if the same thing happened to me. I had a guest poster Friday and the numbers were typical. Was it a WordPress thing?

    Also, love the opening line. Was that by chance Bette Davis saying that in your mind?

    • Yes, Clay…I was probably channelling Bette Davis in my opening line… I’m thinking it was a WordPress glitch…comments on my Friday post were probably half the usual number… Wendy

  8. N B

    Thanks to you numbering the transitions I didn’t get whiplash. I must say, that cake does look wonderfully delicious. Do you happen to have a recipe?

  9. izziedarling

    Whoa, Wendy, you are the busy bee! So glad your dad didn’t poop all over the house. x iz

  10. You had me with Raspberry Sticks. Sound wonderful.

    Its possible that you know this and I hate to share it after Raspberry sticks…but cheap canned pumpkin mixed in with Jake’s food ( a tablespoon or two) will cure “his troubles.” I buy it by the case at Thanksgiving and dog show people always take it on the road.

    Have you turned it off or refreshed…a miracle cure at times and one I can easily forget.

    • Oh, Katybeth…I don’t know what it is about your e-mail that my computer doesn’t like…every time I reply to your comments on my e-mail, it never shows up on the blog!

      My friend, Suzanne, told me there’s an orange version of the Raspberry Sticks out there too!

      I knew about the pumpkin trick…my sister-in-law dogsits, and told us about it after “the hambone incident” at Christmas time (we used squash, and it worked!). I’d forgotten about it, though!

      I’ll try to remember to answer your comments directly in the blog…I’m really not ignoring you!


  11. I’m sure this entire post was wonderful, as they always are, but once I saw the photograph of that jungle doctor my mind drifted and though I read to the end I can’t remember a thing past that one particular point. I do have vague recollections of delicious looking food, crossing guards and Jake’s stomach issues. I’ll try to re-read when I can get my mind out of the jungle. Hugs, Diane

  12. Am I the only one that gets annoyed when turning it off and back on works? That’s actually a good thing, but it still irks me!

  13. Raspberry Sticks sound like heaven! I like stuff that squiggly inside and covered with chocolate 😛

    And it’s nice that Jake is now again the possessor of a snow-white bum! Did you find out what it was he got into? Just so you can prevent another ‘poop-out’!

    Martin Henderson was in a Bollywood version of Pride & Prejudice, where he played Mr. Darcy opposite Aishwarya Rai (former Ms. World), who played Elizabeth. I haven’t watched that movie, but everyone that has was gushing about his looks 🙂 No one seemed to have the answer to my question…is he a good actor 😛 But with those dreamy looks…perhaps I’m nitpicking? 😉

    Hugs, H.

    • I’ve only seen two episodes of Off the Map so far, Harsha, but Martin’s been great! What was the question again? We still don’t know what Jake got into, but he’s fine now… My friend Suzanne was telling me there’s an Orange Stick too…must go back to the Internet and see if I can order some!!! Wendy

  14. Sounds like an awesome and oh-so-tasty week! And I agree that The Omnipotent Crossing Guard would be an awesome blog title.

    Sour Cream Chocolate Cake … you’re killing me!


  15. So…uh…are you handing out the recipe for that sour cream chocolate cake or what? Because I think my book club girls and I could polish that off quite nicely.

    I can’t wait to hear what you think of the Classic Albums Live show! GB and I saw The Who when they played Columbus back in 2002. I’m pleased to report that Roger Daltrey is still sexy.

    • I’ll dig it out when I get home tonight, Maura, and e-mail it to you! We loved the show (which apparently wasn’t evident in my piece…Sunshine was waiting to hear more about it too!). The tickets are reasonably-priced too! The closest they’re coming to you is Easton, PA on Jan. 28th with their Led Zeppelin show. Wendy

  16. Wendy, came back over to let you know that your comment on my post, Soul Sisters found its way into my spam, for reasons known only to WordPress! Have since had to re-approve you and hopefully all is good now!!

    Just wanted to let you and everyone else here know, if you’re missing comments you know where to look!

    Hugs, H.

  17. The food looked great. Nice you have a cooking husband too. But moving right on to Jake and his “problem” made me want to say, “That’s not dinner conversation!”

    But it reminded me of a time we had to do that with sheep who had the scours. That was a fun time too.

    • My paternal grandparents had sheep, Jeanne…not my favourite animals! We did have fun with their two goats, though! I’m lucky to have a guy who cooks (we never cook together…we each like to have the kitchen to ourselves!). Wendy

  18. And Martin Henderson, Yum!!!!!!!!

  19. I’m going to have to start watching “Off The Map” now… thanks to you. It’s all about the pecs! 😉

  20. Hippie Cahier

    Someone gave me Trader Joe’s version of those chocolate raspberry sticks for Christmas. The only way I could ration them was to put them up in the cabinet over the refrigerator where I can barely reach them. They’re delicious.

    Will you come to my house and teach me how to set up the Wii? I’m supposed to be practicing bowling. Haven’t tried tennis, but archery is hard.

    I like the idea of word games. Or Wii charades. I’ll bet they have it.

    • They are delicious, Hippie…I still have two boxes left, which I’m trying desperately to forget about! Sorry…I don’t know how to set up the Wii…the kids do that! Word games would be amazing! Wendy

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