An Award, A Maniacal Kitten, and Lies I Never Told You…

Earlier this week, my friend Amanda at Life is a Spectrum foisted off bestowed a new blogger’s award on me, The Memetastic Award.  It was conceived by Jillsmo at Yeah. Good Times.  I had to Google “meme” to find out what I was “tastic” at!  Apparently, “meme” rhymes with “cream”, and describes a concept that spreads via the Internet.  Here’s the award:

Memetastic Award…

(I feel younger just displaying it…maybe I should start dotting my “i”‘s with little hearts?  It almost makes me want to start using Emoticons…ooh, the horror!).

The rules for accepting The Memetastic Award are as follows:

1. You must proudly display the “absolutely disgusting graphic” (her words) that Jillsmo created in your post [check].

2. You must list 5 things about yourself, and 4 of them must be bold-faced lies (I can totally do that…it will be fun!).

3. You must pass this award on to 5 bloggers that you either like or don’t like or don’t really have much of an opinion about.  I’ve decided to pick on pass it on to bloggers I haven’t previously spread lies good words about.  Jill claims to not care why we picked who we pick, but I’m going to tell you why (Amanda picked me because she said she thought I would provide a happy home for the “maniacally-delighted cat”…unfortunately, Jim and his kids are allergic to cats!  My daughter, Kaylee, has two cats with issues…maybe she has room for one more?).

4. If you FAIL to follow Rules #1-3, Jillsmo will become the stalker from hell (or something to that effect)…I’m not tempting fate on that one!

5. Once you’re finished, please link your celebratory post back to The Memetastic Hop, so Jillsmo can see how far her diabolical scheme has gone.


Five things about WENDY…which one is true?

1. I was once a principal dancer for the National Ballet of Canada, but was forced to retire due to a mysterious epidemic of hernias suffered by my male partners.

2. I used to have a bread-baking show on The Food Network called The Yeast You Can Do!

3. I recently took an action figure of Angelina Jolie on a photographic tour of my city, and I’m still allowed to walk around unsupervised in public.

4. Jim and I have a villa in Tuscany.  We go there for a month at a time and stuff ourselves with food our kids don’t like, and listen to our music all day long!

5. My house is spotless, and filled with books, antiques and art.


And the victims winners are (in alphabetical order, by blog name):

1. Big Happy NothingAmiable Amiable has got lots of room at her house for the kitten, who’s sure to provide amusing antics to entertain AA and her husband (now that their children have moved out).  The cat will help keep those pesky birds away from the bird feeder too!

2. Flying Gma’s Blog.  Jeanne can entertain the cat by taking it up with her when she flies her plane.  I’d suggest investing in a kitty-carrier, though…might be kind of hard to see where you’re going with a crazed cat wrapped around your face!

3. H is for HappinessHarsha is more a dog person than a cat person, I think, but her little fellow, Ishaan, would have fun with a kitten, especially a mischievous one!  I bet the maniacal cat has never been to India!

4. I’ll Have NunavutIan and Suzanne really need another cat to keep the older ones young.  They could always use it as a scarf to keep warm too!

5. Lady Justine’s BlogLady Justine already has a menagerie at her house in France…she’s such a soft touch with animals, she’ll be happy about adding a kitten to the mix.  Maybe it can help her potty-train Tilly!

Be sure to check out all their blogs and harass ask them when they’re going to post the obnoxious kitten!  Thanks again to Amanda for this honour…stop in at her blog too!



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45 responses to “An Award, A Maniacal Kitten, and Lies I Never Told You…

  1. duke1959

    And there was any doubt who would win?

  2. Funny, funny, funny, and so easy to pick the true you. And forgive me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the film “Black Swan” originally supposed to be about your career, only there were no gory parts, except for the grimaces on the faces of the male dancers?

  3. My mind is already spinning trying to think of the five things about me to include. I love the thought of an out of control cat flying with me. Adds a new dimension to the flying experience.

    It will be interesting to see how my old mind wraps around the linking back to sites but I’m up for the challenge.

    Thanks Wendy! I love the thought of at least one of us having a villa in Tuscany and eating whatever food we like and listening to our favorite music. Good for you and Jim, you’re living my dream…there is hope for me yet.

  4. You are always showing so many delicious things you make — you really must have had that baking show. That’s awesome! Say, since you’re IN with the Food Network people, could you introduce me to chef Michael Smith? He’s a great chef, from what I’ve seen, and seems quite… delicious. 😉

  5. No! NO MORE CATS! We’d like to be able to have nice furniture at least once in our lifetime.

  6. Congratulations! And, that award makes you look at least 10 years younger 🙂

  7. The Yeast You Could Do would be the best show ever! Based on my recent forays into the baking world, perhaps I could come up with a spin off series to that. The funny thing about our cats is that we still have yet to bring our old gal Sophie up here. So introducing another cat to the mix would be pretty interesting.

    Thanks for sharing the award with us!

  8. Oh please please PLEASE start dotting your i’s with little hearts!! It would be the best thing that this award has inspired so far!!!

    Also: 🙂 😉 😀 8====> no, wait, not that last one!

    • Thanks, Jillsmo, for creating this very prestigious award! I think I’ll leave the “heart-dotting” up to my teenage daughters, though… Thanks for stopping by…feel free to check out the archives! Wendy

  9. Congratulations, Wendy – ANOTHER award! Gosh, your mantelpiece must be crammed. Just enough room for that Pulitzer. 🙂
    I love your five bits of information about you – especially the lie about being able to walk around unsupervised; yeah, right!
    You’re too funny, my friend!
    Sunshine xx

  10. I like the title a lot, but I’m thinking The Yeast You Could Do should be a show about home brewing.

  11. Since this was such a smashingly great post, I second Sunshine’s Pulitzer nomination!
    Happy weekend to you!

  12. You have done our award HUGE justice with your picks. (I’m actually finding that the people to whom my fellow winners pass along this “award” has served as a great addition to my Bookmarked Blogs list.)

    I think that, like the Academy, we should all now get to vote on future award winners. AND it should be televised.

    • I’m glad you found some new reads, Amanda…I am pretty happy with my Blogroll picks! Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to highlight some of my peeps! Will there be a “maniacal kitten” on the Awards show? Wendy

  13. The award is the cat’s pajamas! And that is not a lie.

    Obviously, your truth is #4. I determined this, in part, because there’s absolutely no way you are allowed to walk unsupervised in public after a visit from The Jolie. Nice try, Wendy!

    By the way, can I visit you at the villa in Tuscany after my visit to your amazing coast?

    I can’t wait to post [more] lies about myself! MEOW!

  14. LOL…hilarious as always! Thanks Wendy! A great honor and all…but wait a minute…what was that about emoticons? Now you tell me! How do you get through my posts 😛

    Will get down to the business of thinking up all those lies just as soon as I get through what’s going to be a rather hectic Sunday 🙂

    Maniacal Cat + Maniacal Ishaan = Serene H (only coz she’s run off to the nearest deserted island she can find ;-))

    Oh and 3 Cheers for Emoticons 😀 Hip Hip Hurrah 😀

    Hugs, H.

    • Congratulations, Harsha! Emoticons are a “meme” too…I might have to send you two cats, since you’re “Double Memetastic”! Looking forward to your “acceptance speech”! Hugs, Wendy

  15. I love the facts about Wendy. I know which one is true, but I know one based on photos I’ve seen that could be true too. Have you contacted the Food Network? You should. Congratulations on your newest award. Hugs, Diane

  16. Dotting your i’s with funny. Fun fun read, Wendy! 🙂

  17. A villa in Tuscany?! Woo… PLEASE let’s be friends! LOL. 😉


  18. Poor kitty. I think she’s cute! Congratulations!

  19. Congratulations, Wendy! As usually you have added your wonderfully clever spin to this. Love it!

  20. Hippie Cahier

    Can I come visit you in Tuscany? Congratulations on your fabulous award!

  21. Oh, Wendy, I would TOTALLY watch “The Yeast You Can Do!” LOL. Who should I contact at The Food Network to campaign to bring it back?

  22. So that taking back the house is going slow huh? Have to escape to Tuscany to listen to your own music, you little dreamer you. This award is a fun idea, can’t wait to follow those who you sent it to.

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