A Premature Passing; Pecans, Pesto, and Pizza; and the Plowman Pops In…

The past week was pronounced…no matter how I persevered, people persisted in being a pain in my patoot:

1. A Premature Passing.  On Wednesday night, I was poking into the family photo albums, looking for the prized pictures of phenom puck-passer, Wayne Gretzky, for the post I published for his prestigious birthday.  As I perused the pages, my dad was peering over my shoulder.  “Oh, was that when Anna was cremated?  You looked good there!” he proclaimed.

Taking pains to prevent the peals of laughter that would probably provoke my pop, I parried with “I think we’ll wait until after Anna dies to cremate her (my very much alive 16-year-old was standing next to me at the time).” 

Putting on a pained expression, Dad picked up on his mistake.  “You know I meant christened,” he pouted.

Anna...not quite ready to be cremated...


2. Pecans, Pesto, and Pizza.  Thursday, the “powers that be” proclaimed a snow day for public school pupils.  My “pets” pronounced it “Piss Off A Parent Day.”  Anna and Hope passed the day at the bookstore with me, plundering my purse for every penny.  They prevailed that they were “parched” and might “perish” if their pleas for payment were pooh-poohed.  When not pestering me, they picked at each other.  Anna proposed patronizing Pomodori for supper.  Jim and I permitted it, since I had no prior plan for our evening meal.  I ordered the Spinach Salad with Sugared Pecans, Feta, and Figs, something I’d been pumped to partake of.  The progeny both had Chicken Pesto Pizza, and Jim got Spicy Italian Sausage Pizza with hot peppers.  After paying with pre-purchased gift cards, we polished off our plates, and the girls took some pizza home in a package.

3. The Plowman Pops In.  I preach to people I know that I’ve got “the best plow guy in the world.”  He was that every other day but last Thursday.  On our way home from Pomodori, my phone rang.  My dad called to tell me he was stuck partway down the driveway…he had tried to power his way through the plentiful snowdrifts…the plow guy had not been there at all that day.  As we approached, we saw Dad shovelling behind the paused vehicle.  That was when the plow guy made his appearance, approaching from the other direction.  Jim parked by the side of the road, and the girls and I plunged through the knee-deep snow towards the house to get more shovels.  When we got there, we were exhausted.  I changed my socks and was at the door putting on my boots, when the plow guy came to the door.  He asked if I wanted to pay him!  I was more than a little peeved, thinking I’d be more inclined to pay him if he’d shown up before my dad’s car got buried up to its rims in pesky precipitation!  I wrote him a cheque (a preposterous amount, since he hadn’t asked for payment all winter!), and then waited as he plowed near the house so that I could get back out to where Dad’s car was.  I made it just in time for his car to be freed, and for Jim’s battery to die at the end of the driveway.  Dad parked his car in front of the garage, and then helped me push Jim’s car until it started again.  It was after 8 by the time we got in the house!  We plunked down on the couch.  We were all pooped!  Our pooch was pleased to see us…he parked himself on my chest and pushed his head up under my chin.  After a few minutes of “puppy love” the pains of our predicament were forgotten…

Puppy Love...(photo by Hope)


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35 responses to “A Premature Passing; Pecans, Pesto, and Pizza; and the Plowman Pops In…

  1. Oh yay! I love your letter-feature posts. So glad to hear Anna hasn’t been cremated; she has a lot of good years ahead of her.

    Here’s what I want to know…how long does it take to write a post like this?

  2. Awesome and somehow scary at the same time! I can’t even come up with an alliterative comment and you do a whole post! Congratulations!

  3. Love the christened/cremated confusion. And the always amusing alliteration.

  4. Pleased to pass some precious moments with your priceless post–I’m all ppppppuckered up here!
    hugs from Haiti,

  5. Priceless prose, I’m well im-pressed, Wendy!
    Sunshine xx

  6. Thanks, Sunshine…glad you enjoyed it!


  7. What a time for the plow guy to want paid!

  8. I was impressed how you minded your p’s and q’s when you did not tell the plow person that he pissed you off. A payment request should have been made after he plowed properly.

    its sounds like pandaemonium between pops car packed in snow and poor Jim’s dead battery. I bet you just wanted to say Pah.

    Your peeps sound like perfect pips.

  9. duke1959

    You and this Wayne Gretzky thing seems to be getting serious. One question? Does your husband know about this?

  10. I have to give you props for this post. (Sorry, that’s all I could come up with.)

    I’ve had been peeved with my plow guy due to performance like that, but fortunately my only plow guy is… me. And I don’t like being pissy at me.


  11. Your pooch is precious as is your perfectly p-peppered prose.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  12. When I saw premature passing I was concerned. Then I was laughing a second later.

    I love that you referred to the kiddies as the progeny. Know why? Because you’re a great mom. In fact, you’re the greatest Canadian mom in history! 😉

    • Thank you, Clay…I wonder if there’s a fridge magnet for that! LOL!

      (For those of you wondering what the heck Clay’s talking about, he commented on his blog about some other woman being his “favourite Canadian mom”…he’s sucking up now!).


  13. Hippie Cahier

    A priceless post from a paragon of parenting. Perhaps you could propose a prize-winning prospect in pinpointing the number of p’s appearing in your masterpiece.

  14. LOL Wendy…another fun post, well for me to read, not so much for you guys with all that shoveling! You had me in splits at cremated and christened and it just got better and better 🙂

    I LOVE the sound of Jim’s Italian sausage pizza and your salad! And Jake looks the picture of poochy perfection 🙂

    Hugs, H 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Harsha! I really don’t mind shovelling, but it’s not much fun after coming home from a long day of work!

      The salad was awesome…I’m a bit of a spinach salad connaisseur!


  15. This post was perfectly pleasing! Glad the plow guy showed up and very happy Anna is still with us! Hugs, Diane

  16. Glad you enjoyed it, Diane…


  17. Powerful post, Wendy! Purely pleasurable to peruse!

  18. That restaurant sounds great. I’m hungry now. I hope you’re happy. Also, Anna looks just like you.

    • Pomodori is in the process of trying to set up franchises right now, Todd…maybe they’ll open one in Nashville! The food is amazing, and they use local ingredients as much as they can (I’m about to talk about food in my post today, too…just a heads-up)!

      Anna probably doesn’t look as much like me as my other two girls (eyes are different), but you’re sweet to say that!


  19. A well done writing exercise, kinda pops! Makes me take notice of the letter P in a new way. It also reminds me that I received a death certificate instead of a birth one when my first son was born.

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