Popcorn, Puddin’ Pop, and Provisions for the Privileged…

Sorry for the long break between posts…it was a busy weekend.  I’ll do my best to catch you up on happenings in Hammond River over the last little while:

1. Popcorn.  Jim, Anna and I finally got to see The King’s Speech last weekend.  We loved it!  It had sharp writing, pathos, and humour all in one p-p-p-package!  Helena Bonham Carter was particularly good as the Queen.  If you haven’t seen the movie yet, please go…you’ll be glad you did!  While we were enjoying ourselves in the company of civilized adults, Hope and her friend, Gabrielle, were down the hall in another theatre, watching the premiere of the Justin Bieber movie, Never Say Never, with two or three hundred screaming tweens (I felt sorry for the theatre employees who had to clean up afterwards).  I did appreciate Bieber’s impression of Obama when he was a guest on Conan the other night…it was bang-on!

Hope with her idol outside the theatre...photo by Jim...

2. Puddin’ Pop.  For new readers of my blog, “Puddin’ Pop” is what I call my 17-month-old granddaughter, Elise.  On Friday, I was called upon to babysit while Kaylee and Scott went to Moncton to see the Great Big Sea concert I gave Kaylee the tickets for at Christmas time.  Despite the fact that I have three children and two stepchildren, I don’t consider myself “the mommy type” and was a little nervous about spending several hours alone with no backup “Aunties” to help care for my Puddin’ Pop.  Kaylee took pity on me, and prestuffed the liners in the cloth diapers (which I’ve never used…they’re a lot fancier and more expensive than they used to be…velcro and liners and snaps, oh my!).  Jim dropped me off at Kaylee and Scott’s on the way to work.  The first thing we noticed was that Scott had shaved off his beard (yay…I like beards on certain people…my son-in-law is not one of them!).  He was all ready for those questions at work like “Where’s your beard?”  He saved the clippings in a Ziploc bag, so he could pull it out and say, “Right here!”  All together now:  “EWWWWW!”

Elise and her bearded Daddy at Christmas time...

Kaylee gave me detailed instructions about when and how much to feed my granddaughter (the milk with the cow on the pitcher was for Elise), and when she went to bed.  She showed me the gold-plated baby toothpaste ($4 for a tiny tube).  Scott showed me how to get Netflix on the Wii (they only have 21 channels on the TV)…seeing the blank look on my face, he wrote it down.  Kaylee put the baby down for a nap about 11:30, and she and Scott left shortly after that, almost forgetting the sushi they’d bought to eat for supper.

Puddin’ Pop woke up a couple of hours later.  The next five hours is a blur of activity: trying to get her to eat something besides grapes and baby banana rusks, chasing her down the hallway when she tried to “escape” to her room, watching “Barney” on Netflix, reading stories (Elise recognizes her letters already – she is also learning sign language), and taking the lid on and off the wooden block container (over and over and over again).  By 6:30, one of us was ready to crash…I put Elise to bed too, after putting the triple-stuffed nighttime diaper on her.

"Whatchoo talkin' about, Gramma?"


I went back into the living room and turned on Cake Boss…on one of the episodes, the bakery had run out of sugar…how ludicrous is that?  Puddin’ Pop took a while to settle down, but she seemed happy to talk to herself in her crib.  I was ready to go to sleep by 10:00 p.m.  I changed into my jammies, and curled up (or more accurately, “doubled up”) on the loveseat.  Kaylee had suggested I bring our air mattress, but I was afraid her cats would poke a hole in it.  I woke up in the middle of the night with one of the cats’ faces peering intently into mine…Yoko is the one that races you down the hall to the bathroom to get a drink if you’re foolish enough to turn the faucet on for her (I’m not that gullible!).  Cats aren’t nearly as good at cleaning up under high chairs as dogs are either…

About 8 a.m. the next morning, Scott brought Elise in to change her diaper.  “Hi, Sweetie,” I called, as they went by.  The response was considerably more masculine and mature-sounding than my granddaughter: “Hi!” answered my smartass son-in-law.  After we had breakfast, and the kids told me about the concert (uncomfortable seating, the “yelling yahoo” sitting beside them, etc.), they drove me home.  I stayed in my jammies for the rest of the day…I was exhausted!

3. Provisions for the Privileged.  Jim, Hope and I went to Costco yesterday.  We left Anna at home, because I didn’t feel like spending $200 in one go.  We needed acetaminophen, and their price was far less than the drug stores (I remembered afterwards that we also needed allergy meds…oops!).  As we were going in, Jim flashed his member’s card at the doorperson.  Hope asked, “Do you have to show your card?”  

“Yes,” I replied.  “They don’t let just anybody into Costco!”  It was at that point that I realized just how “lucky” I am to be one of the families they admit to the home of the biggest jars of olives you’ll ever see…three years ago when I was a single mom, I couldn’t have afforded the membership fee.  My parents certainly would never have been able to swing it when I was a kid either. 

I don’t enjoy going to Costco…it represents the kind of greed and consumerism I hate, and it’s a cold experience to shop there.  Nonetheless, I spent $55, and picked up a few bargains on essentials.  While we waited in the checkout line, Hope wondered why the clerks didn’t have a microphone to call on when they needed something, instead of just yelling out?  Why indeed?  She was also surprised that we didn’t get bags to put our purchases in.  I explained that that’s how they were able to offer such low prices…no frills! 

I would like it if I got a warm and fuzzy feeling shopping at Costco, but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen… 

4. Bonus: Hope-ism of the Week.  When Hope brought me a form to fill out for cheerleading, I asked her why she didn’t do it herself…she knew all the information.  “My messing’s writey!” she replied.  She’s also left-handed…


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40 responses to “Popcorn, Puddin’ Pop, and Provisions for the Privileged…

  1. I adored The King’s Speech. Everything about that movie was perfect. Everyone expects him to win the Oscar. I think about rampant consumerism in a lot of places. I watch people coming in and out of Target and I think they probably don’t need most of what they buy, but they buy it simply because it’s there and because they can.

  2. Sounds like a busy weekend in Hammond River.
    Now, excuse my ignorance, but I don’t understand the stuffing of diapers. I don’t think we have that kind here in Haiti. Are these semi-disposable diapers? (Embarrassed by my ignorance, but more curious than anything.)
    Hugs from Haiti,

    • Nope, Kathy…they are the new “high-tech” cloth diapers ($25 each)…they have a pocket for the cloth liners, which keeps the liquid from seeping through to the outside layer. Here’s a link with a photo: http://bit.ly/hBlk0j I’d never seen anything like it in my life, and I’ve been a mom for 25 years! Hugs, Wendy

  3. Sounds like you’ve had a busy time over the past few days, Wendy.
    Sunshine xx

  4. Wendy – A few years ago I was going through a missing babies stage and begged my sister to let me bring my infant nephew home with me for the weekend. Two hours later, I called her to say he was coming home. I had forgotten in just a few short years how much work infants/toddlers are! I know you and Puddin’ Pop enjoyed your time together.

    Costco is overwhelming to me and always so crowded. It’s not a pleasant experience for me either.


    • Glad you could relate, Diane…Hope’s almost thirteen, so it’s been a while since I’ve had a baby to look after! I have the greatest respect for people who choose child care as a profession…I myself would not be good at it! Hugs, Wendy

  5. That Puddin’ Pop is pretty cute. I hope she’s not scared having a father that keeps his beard in a plastic bag!

  6. I gotta see that King’s Speech movie. Now that you’ve discovered Netflix for Wii you can watch many free movies. Why just last night I took in The 39 Steps from Hitchcock (1935) just because I had the freebies from Netflix.

    • We have Netflix at our house too, Clay, but ours is on our PC (I think)…I haven’t tried it here at home yet (just another piece of technology Jim has that I have no idea how to use…I was mentioning that I’d like to hear my albums some day…he says, “The turntable’s hooked up.” Yes, dear, but I don’t know how to operate the stereo system!). Hitchcock had amazing movies…”Rear Window” and “The Birds” are classics! Wendy

  7. Puddin’ Pop is adorable, Wendy. I guess we like to give the grandkids little nicknames. Don’t we?

    Great post!

  8. Thumbs up for The King’s Speech. I hope Colin Firth takes the Academy award. True Grit was also a favorite this year.

  9. I wonder when I’m finally going to get to see that movie!! I MUST see it!

    Puddin’ Pop is getting more adorable by the day…and that second picture…adorable 🙂 I understand how you were exhausted though…their energy levels are just amazing huh? Sometimes I think there should be a law against that kind of thing 😛

    Aah Costco…I remember how I was totally gob-smacked when I entered one on my first trip to the US. I couldn’t believe there were really that many things in the world to sell! And those giant sizes…there was a time when I bought stuff there to gift to the huge extended family back home, but no more. I’m done! The only HUGE shops I enter now are bookstores 🙂 But nothing beats the charm of the corner bookshop with a friendly owner and fellow book lover 🙂

    Hugs, H.

  10. Sounds like a good weekend, all things considered. You really do need to find a way to stream Netflix to your TV. I don’t know if it’s available on Netflix in Canada, but in the States, you can even stream Cake Boss. (Really, a bakery ran out of sugar? That sounds staged.)

    • Hi Todd: Kaylee’s Netflix at her house goes through the Wii…ours goes through Jim’s PC…his “monitor” is our big screen TV (he’s an IT guy!). I just need to learn how to use ours! I wonder about things being “staged” on Cake Boss sometimes too…one time, brown water was coming out of the faucet, and the ningnong bakers were using it anyway (after Buddy told them not to!)…how dumb do you have to be to use brown water to make a cake?


  11. Wendy–
    it’s always fun to tag along on your real life errands and adventures…
    I loved the “Hopeism” at the last, as well.
    Your Puddin’ Pop is the cuteness…

  12. Glad you survived your evening with Puddin’ Pop. Isn’t it amazing that so much energy can be contained in a person so small?

    I’ve never been to Costco, but I hear the cakes there are excellent. I’ll be the Costco bakery never runs out of sugar.

    • I think it’s not so much Elise’s energy as my lack of it that’s the issue, Maura! The baked goods at Costco always look really good, but they’re crazy expensive! I’d rather make my own! Wendy

  13. We had parallel weekends! Saw King’s Speech for second time–was dying to take my husband. (And I’ve had a HUGE crush on Firth for eons). Went to Costco and spent a bundle. I mainly go to buy cases of their Marcona almonds–delish. And I’ve called my son “Puddin'” for years. Now he’s older I shortened it to simply “Pud.”
    Your Puddin’ Pop is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!

    • Neat, RITY! King’s Speech was excellent! Does your son put up with being called “Puddin'” in front of his friends? Embarrassing my teenagers is a hobby of mine… As I said to Jane, my granddaughter is the cutest baby in the world, and I’m not just saying that because she’s mine (yes I am!). Wendy

  14. Hippie Cahier

    Love your new decor!

    I saw The King’s Speech this weekend and liked it, too. It was between that and Just Go With It. We decided afterward that we had made the best decision.

  15. Nancy Gedney

    Adorable Puddin’ Pop! Sounds like Granny did a good job!

  16. King’s Speech and the Bieber movie… quite a contrast.

    I think your son-in-law saving his bear in a baggie is hillarious.

    Glad you got some Grandma time with the Puddin’ Pop.

    Messing’s typey,


  17. I am the only person in the US who has not seen The Kings Speech.

  18. “My messing’s writey!” is ALMOST as bad as my first day using Dragon speech recognition, at the end of which I looked at my shoes and stated “undo zipper” with my headset still on… 🙂

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