WordPress Doesn’t Love Me Today…

Just a note to my blogging buddies…as far as WordPress is concerned, I am invisible today…none of my comments on your blogs are showing up (on my screen, at least – even though one blog informed me that I’d left duplicate comments – nothing to see!).   Please bear with me, and I will be back to commenting on your blogs as soon as WordPress Support can figure out what’s happening!



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25 responses to “WordPress Doesn’t Love Me Today…

  1. Damn WordPress. I had to retrieve you comments from my Spam! So that’s where you other attempted comments have likely gone. Thanks for reading, Wendy. WE love you!

  2. 1959duke

    Good Luck!

  3. Thanks for the love, you guys…I just sent an e-mail to the “spamcatcher” people on the advice of WordPress support…in the meantime, please check your spam files carefully to make sure real comments aren’t imprisoned there! Thanks!


  4. A week or so back when wordpress was misbehaving a note came up saying there was a problem and that it “must be Matt’s fault.” That made me laugh because my son’s name is Matt. I thought sheesh, the kids get blamed for everything. lol Hope the problem soon straightens itself out.

  5. Is it me? I swear, I always feel like things like this happen just as I join the party! 😉

    This is when I wish there was some kind of 1-800-wordpress helpline. And yes, I realize that’s way too many numbers, but wouldn’t it be nice in emergencies? Sigh.

  6. We still love you, Wendy! Bah, humbug to WordPress. At least until they fix your problem.

  7. Margie

    WordPress told me to take the afternoon off and not do anything but have a nap… Okay, it wasn’t WordPress, it was my spouses computer. It caught a virus, and now I think I have one too…

  8. The Hipster

    Mercury. . . .
    Glad you got it fixed.

  9. Stinkin’Wordpress. I still love you.

  10. I sympathize. My new posts always turn out grey until I go back in and fix them! If I had hair left, I’d pull it out.

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