Post #200…What Do You Mean “There’s No Party”?

This is my 200th post…do I have anything earth-shattering to report?  No.  A profile of an extremely interesting person?  No.  Great news?  Not really.  What I’ve got is another collection of random things:

1. Dread of Deer.  About three weeks ago, we looked out the window into the back yard, and discovered with dismay that the deer have learned that they are capable of jumping the fence!  Unless I can think of a plan to keep them out, gardening this year is going to be a dangerous thing…I’ve been so obsessed that I actually dreamed that we had three baby deer in our living room (I let them out the back door)…

"Are you lookin' at me? Because I'll totally snort at you if you come any closer! It's way more fun on this side of the fence!" (photo by Anna)

2. Discriminating Darlin’.  My granddaughter, Elise, is almost 19 months old, and has recently learned how to count to 10…sort of.  She starts at “3” because she feels that “1” and “2” are too trivial to bother with!  

 3. Doh!  Every morning as we’re on our way into town to the bookstore, we listen to the CBC News World Report at 7 p.m., which is usually hosted by Peter Armstrong.  When talking about the ongoing issues in Ivory Coast, the illustrious anchorman reported that the militants were “fighting definitely”.  Um…I think “defiantly” is what your copywriter meant, Peter.  While we’re at it, can we talk about your improper pronunciation of potash (“pott-ish”), Afghanistan (“aff-gan-i-stun“), and Pakistan (“pack-i-stun“)?  Wrong, wrong, wrong!

4. Decisions and Debates.  Speaking of CBC, they’ve been promoting a nifty new “tool” on their website which is supposed to help decide which tool party leader to vote for in our upcoming federal election on May 2nd.  I used the Vote Compass, and was not at all surprised that I lean left on both economic and social issues.  I still don’t know who I’m going to support…all the candidates have not been announced in our riding yet.  The lone female, Green Party candidate, Elizabeth May, is fighting for the right to be included in the leaders’ debate…I hope she succeeds!

The Candidates..."Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, and Curly" (photo from

5. Dunce.  Yesterday afternoon, I received this e-mail from my daughter’s high school, I have copied it verbatim, except to remove the principal’s name and change his initial, to protect the  idiot innocent:

Good afternoon all,
This is Mr. B. calling to inform you that the school recieved a threatening phone call today. Although it turned out to be a crank call, we took it very serious placed the school into a lockdown. The police were called and very quickly resolved the problem.
I also want to tell you that this is the week of our musical and the tickets are going fast. If you are thinking of attending, you better pick up your tickets at the office or get them at the door.
Thats it for now,

Mr. B.

Hmmm…97 words…three grammatical/spelling errors that I can spot immediately.  My daughter tells me the students refer to the author as “Slow Marvin” (not his real name), and that he doesn’t actually teach any classes (what a relief!).  I’m so glad that the school took the threat “serious”…I wish they were as serious about grammar.  “Now Mr. B…please don this dunce cap and go sit in the corner!”

This isn't "Slow Marvin"...(photo from

6. Deliciousness.  A random Herding Cats post wouldn’t be complete without food!  Feast your eyes on these photos of Jim’s banana bread (we have to hide the banana bread bananas from my dad, or he’ll eat them!), and my cornbread-topped chili!

Jim's banana bread: regular, flax, and chocolate chip


Chili topped with cornbread...yummy!

You can do this chili yourself:  Make your regular chili, and then put it into a casserole.  Mix up some cornbread batter and pour it over the top of the chili.  Bake it in the oven until the cornbread is done.  Instant deliciousness!

Thanks for coming over to celebrate my 200th post…I sincerely hope that none of the stuff you’ve learned here keeps you awake this evening…



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71 responses to “Post #200…What Do You Mean “There’s No Party”?

  1. Hippie Cahier

    Does your principal have a blog? Was it Freshly Pressed today as “CBS Should Have Ran Hawaii Five-0?” Ugh. I’m ready to attack the world with a red pen today. Somebody hold me back…oh, wait…is that banana bread? Yum!

  2. Congratulations on your 200th post, Wendy the prolific! Maybe you can host a party for your 300th post?

    I can’t stand when notes come home from school with glaring errors. It’s hard to restrain myself from sending them back with corrections.

  3. I missed the spelling and grammar errors completely in the letter from Mr. Principal and laughed hard at the combination of topics. The subject line in the e-mail should have read, “and the show will go on.”

    • PS–Can’t argue that schools need to send home notes with correct spelling and grammar…but please make sure those red pens have felt tips…generally speaking we are not trying to offend you with our spelling slaughter and over uses of the semi-colon or …..Please know that me, myself and I stand in awe of your genius in this area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I love you anyway, Katybeth: “creative spelling” and all! I’m just a bit anal in that area. Okay…a LOT anal!

        Glad you got a giggle from the post!


  4. What do you mean, “No party”? If that’s true, then what’s with all the cyber champagne?

    I laughed out loud at Slow Marvin’s note. I love that he said he was “calling to tell you” the news…by e-mail. I didn’t even know that was possible.

    Extra points for the line, “If you are thinking of attending, you better pick up your tickets at the office or get them at the door.” It sounds like a threat almost–if only he’d ended with, “or else!”

  5. Wendy–
    yeah! 200!
    Now. About that Pirniciple. I cant begin too tell you how esspeshially vexashious is gramaatical incerectnes.. It for reals chaps my hide.

    (Seriously–my kids and I catch SO many of those in “to come home” letters and the like…it’s mind-boggling. I think we need to take over the world.)

    blessings and best–

  6. Congratulations on your milestone and your significant blog stats!

    We have had the same Dear Deer problem, and I posted our solutions at

    Also, thanks for the cornbread topped chili idea – I just happen to have chili in the fridge!

  7. Fun post! I love the letter from the principal–we were in lockdown today, and oh, by the way, buy your musical tickets. And I really liked: “you better pick up your tickets at the office or buy them at the door.” Obviously he’s used to giving orders. But what alternative is there to buying tickets in advance or at the door?

  8. Congratulations on 200 blog posts, Wendy! May you have many many more. I have such a soft spot for your granddaughter – she is too cute for words. Or numbers!
    I love that the principal had to write “This is Mr B …” – perhaps you would have got that by the email address, or by the sign-off at the end of the email?
    Anyway, this is Sunshine in London here, and I am very glad to have connected with you and I think I have read most of your 200 posts!
    Sunshine xx
    (I’m the one that just wrote this comment.)

    • For some reason, Sunshine, the e-mails always have the same wording as the voicemail (which I actually didn’t get yesterday)…I wonder if some secretary is just typing the phone call for the e-mail? I’m glad to have you as a reader too! Hugs, Wendy

  9. Wow, 200 posts, congrats! I just crossed the 50 mark and have a hard time imagining finding another 150 topics to write about. But I guess someday I’ll get there too. I can most relate to #1 above about the deer issues as we are overwhelmed with deer also. And just last week I hit one with my truck. Luckily very little damage to the truck… the deer on the other hand did not fare very well.

    • Thanks, Steve! I’ve been at it just over a year, and my topics are pretty varied, as you can see by this post. Glad your truck survived the deer! My cousin totalled his classic ’69 Nova about 25 years ago in a deer collision in Ohio. My son-in-law hit one near our house last fall, and only broke his headlight…he and Kaylee felt awful about the deer though… Thanks for reading! Wendy

  10. Congrats on #200! I don’t remember my 200th but I’m certain I followed it up with 201. Probably. With my math skills you never know.

    • Right…you’re a history teacher, Clay. How long have you been blogging? I’m actually pretty good at math, except for geometry, because it involves spatial skills, which I don’t own… Thanks for reading! Wendy

  11. Are you sure he doesn’t refer to himself as Principle Marvin?

    Happy 200th, Wendy. Here’s to the next 200.

  12. If it’s any consolation, Wendy, we get the same letters and emails on this side of the bridge. These are the people who are educating the next generation of teachers. Can you see a pattern developing?

    Congratulations on 200. That’s a real achievement!

    • Thanks, Charles! My elementary education in the country was far superior to what I got in the city in high school…I kind of hoped that the system where you are would be a bit better with fewer kids to worry about. Wendy

  13. Does Mr B also have a Hebrew name? I think he was the one who left the comment on my colonoscopy post.
    Happy 200th! I have just consumed an ENTIRE ENTEMANN’S PECAN COFFE CAKE ROLL (serves 8). Seriously. I am that kind of friend.

    • Thanks, Rene…now I’m going to have to go back and read those comments again! Mr. B. is typical Saint John redneck I’m afraid… Yum…pecans…and I never met a coffee cake I didn’t like! Wendy

  14. Wow! 200, congrats. I only have 95 more to go to catch you.
    Give Mr. B a break, it was an emergency… and oh yeah, we have a musical coming up, get your tickets. He should have his secretary send out the memos or at least proofread them.


  15. Love your 200th post especially with the grammar errors, pronounciations and yummy food. Keep up the good work! Blessings, Jeanne

    • Thanks, Jeanne…you’re the first one to mention the pronunciation…that one really bugs me, because my training is in Broadcast Journalism. I figure that if you’ve got a plum job anchoring a national newscast in prime time, you should be able to handle basic pronunciation (I also have a friend I went to school with who substitutes for him a lot…she is way more talented!). Wendy

  16. Congrats on your 200th post! I was drawn to your blogh through your comment on Mostly Bright Idea’s recent post, and I’m sticking around – in part – because you reside in New Brunswick. I’m partial to maritimers, because my Mom’s side of the family has roots in Amherst, Nova Scotia. Here’s to 200+ more posts. Again, congratulations to you.

    • Thank you, Lenore…welcome to Hammond River! I’m not a “true” Maritimer (born in Ohio, raised in southern Ontario), but I’ve lived in the Maritimes since 1983, so I consider myself an adoptee! Charles is very talented…I hope I write as well as he does some day! I’ll check out your place as well! Wendy

  17. Congrats on your 200th post, Wendy! Your granddaughter is a real sweetie!!

  18. I love this post! Random thoughts that come together rather nicely into a sweet, homespun, funny feast for the eyes and ears! Your little grandchild is adorable. The way she counts, well, you must be in heaven. Maybe you can have her count the deer in your yard. 🙂

    • Thanks, Monica! I hope to never have more than ten deer in the yard at a time (although one when the garden is in will be too many!)…I’m really looking forward to seeing Elise on the weekend! Wendy

  19. Deer in the living room! And you thought this wouldn’t be an interesting post–such stuff as dreams are made of! What a hoot, Wendy!

  20. When my dad lived in the country he had the old electric fence around the garden. That kept them out!

  21. I love that she starts at three! What an adorable little sweetheart!

    And the principal’s letter really made me want to punch somebody. I hate when I receive letters from People in High Paying Jobs who can’t string a sentence together…

  22. Jess Witkins

    I can’t believe that letter from the principal! The spelling and grammar alone are pretty bad. But what got me was the direct conversation switch into theater tickets! lol. Serious threat? Check. Show times and business driving? Check, check!

  23. thejaggedman

    Congrats on your 200th post. I love random things so this post rocks! I had a chance to rescue a doe that was caught on a fence last week. I didn’t have a dream about one in my living room though. As far as this post keeping me up at night I don’t think so.Now if I ate some of your cornbread chili I maybe but it looks so good I would not care! Great post and thanks for sharing!

  24. Deer are scary. They’ve got those dead eyes. You find them in your yard staring at you through the window and it’s pretty creepy.

    • I don’t really find deer scary, GG (unless they’re on the wrong side of the fence). They are very bold, however, and I’ve been in more than one showdown with them (I won!). Wendy

  25. Congratulations on 200 posts, Wendy!

    Someone really ought to grade it and send it back to him (anonymously, of course). Sure, he’d resent it, but someday, he’ll thank you for it.

  26. jacquelincangro

    Congrats on the big 2-0-0!
    The banana bread looks delish…I love that Jim made it three ways. Keeps things interesting. Has he ever tried coconut for a Caribbean flair?

    I saw the guys on This Old House use a small module that emits noises deer don’t like. It’s battery operated and it can be hung in a low lying bush. Something like the DeerBeGone2000, or something less corny. 🙂

  27. 200, eh? Wow. That’s freakishly exceptional! It’s a milestone, right? I think the faithful who’ve been reading along should send a gift to you for helping get through some really mindnumbing work days.

  28. Elise is right, 1 and 2 are so over rated. 200 is an achievement though…congrats!

  29. Congratulations on your 200th post. And that letter from school! Oh my! Reminds me of stories I used to hear from a friend of mine who was absolutely brilliant (Phi Beta Kappa, Masters in Gifted & Talented Ed from Columbia) and had a grasp of the structure of the English language that amazed me. She taught for a few years, then left. Among the reasons were one school which gave a multiple choice test on English to the whole school and to speed up the grading process used an answer key with holes cut out to show the correct answers. While grading her students’ papers, she realized that in a few cases the key actually showed the wrong answer as correct. When she raised this with the principal, he said it was too much trouble to correct the key, and just to go by the key and mark the correct answers wrong.

  30. What a joy to read! This is my first time visiting your blog, and it won’t be my last!

  31. Hi Wendy, Wow! 200 posts? Way to go! And this one was so fun. So random, but so interesting. Especially the deer in your living room dream (glad you let them out!). There should be a badge for reaching 100, 200 etc. posts…

  32. Sorry I’m so behind on reading posts, but I have to say yummy to the banana bread. And who can blame Elise for skipping numbers one and two…after all one is the loneliest number and two can be as bad as one, it’s the loneliest number since the number one (thank you, Three Dog Night). Happy 200th post and good luck keeping those beautiful yet pesky deer out of your garden. Hugs, Diane

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