Things I Learned This Weekend…

Here are a few of the things I learned this past weekend:

1. That we have a new bird hanging around our back deck.  Anna called me on Saturday to let me know that we had a brown-headed cowbird.

Brown-headed cowbird (photo from - couldn't find Anna's photo!)


2. That the Habitat for Humanity ReStore has neat stuff.  We went on Saturday morning.  In addition to every building material known to man, there were used books (nothing I wanted for the store though), brand new 1″ binders, used furniture and appliances, and even scented candles!  We were looking for lumber to extend our fence posts higher.  We got two bundles of nine 2″x 2″‘s, 8 feet long for $10 each.  We will string twine between them and put streamers and ribbons on the twine to hopefully prevent the deer from trying to jump the fence.  As the teenage boy loaded the wood into the back of the van, I drew a blank on how to thank him:  He was only about 17, so he wasn’t really a “Sir”.  I didn’t want to call him “Son”, because he wasn’t my son, and I didn’t want to sound ancient.  So I said, “Thank you…dear!” which is what Saint Johners call people that they’re not on a first-name basis with.  I don’t think he heard me… 

3. That Kaylee makes better homemade pizza than her mother (yes, I said that).  We had supper at her house on Saturday, and she made three awesome pizzas using essentially the same dough recipe that I do!  I need to get some pizza stones…

4. That 19-month-old toddlers are great imitators.  Scott set his ice cream bowl down on the floor for the cat to lick, and a couple minutes later, Elise bent from the waist, stuck her tongue out and her bum in the air, and tried to lick the bowl too!  We all wished we’d had a video camera going at the time.

Elise getting fit with mommy's weights...

5. That our van registration expired over a month ago.  As we drove home from Kaylee’s, there were four Rothesay Police vehicles setting up a roadblock…they waved us through.  Jim asked me to check the van registration in the glove compartment just in case…it’s a really good thing they didn’t stop us…it would have been a $185 fine! 

6. That even the deer don’t like Rebecca Black’s song.  When we came home from Kaylee’s house, there were about 5 deer grazing in the side yard.  They stood and looked at us as we got out of the van.  Then Hope had an idea:  she did a perfect rendition of Rebecca Black singing “Friday”, complete with nasal congestion.  All the deer took off running immediately! 

7. That people running extra-curricular programs in our schools expect way too much from the kids (and their parents).  Hope had a two-hour cheerleading practice on Saturday, followed by 8 hours of competition and another 2 hours of practice on Sunday.  Devin spent more than 24 hours at his school on Saturday and Sunday doing backstage stuff in preparation for the upcoming musical.  He’ll be at school every night this week until about 11.  Anna has two 5-hour+ cheer practices this week to get ready for their first competition on Saturday (about 7 hours).  At least, Jim enjoys driving… 

8. That I’m too old to stay up until midnight three nights in a row.  Late nights Thursday, Friday and Saturday led to a Sunday migraine.  I missed Hope’s cheer competition and my sister-in-law’s birthday party (Happy Birthday, Tracy)!  On the plus side, Hope’s team didn’t get any deductions this time (but she managed to leave her track pants and jacket at the host school – we hope to get them back tomorrow!).

Hope in her sparkly eye makeup from the cheer competition…

9. That Anna will do laundry if I’m sick.  She even came up and asked if we had any darks in our hamper she could do for us!  It’s a good thing I was lying down at the time.  Now, if I can get her to pick up her dirty dishes off the family room floor…

10. That the price of lactose-free milk can jump by 25 cents a litre in one go.  We now pay $5.19 for 2 litres (a litre is a little bigger than a quart) of Lacteeze (three people in the family are lactose-intolerant).  We go through about 3 litres of Lacteeze a week, in addition to 4 litres of regular milk.  Thank goodness gas prices only go up 2 to 3 cents a litre at a time!


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36 responses to “Things I Learned This Weekend…

  1. We too are big fans of the Re-Store. (Sara works for Habitat for Humanity International.) Sounds like you may have earned an advanced degree this weekend-wish I had learned as much!

  2. Been there with the vehicle registration. Been pulled over for stuff too. Glad you found out.

  3. Thanks for reminding me about the ReStore…I keep meaning to go check it out!

  4. I’ve never heard of Re-Store. What a great idea.

  5. That’s a lot to learn in one weekend. Actually, it’s a lot to learn in a month. And that $185 fine — really? Ours was due in December and we didn’t remember until February. I’m glad we slipped through.

    Glad you’re over the migraine. They’re terrible.

    Great post, Wendy!

    • Thanks, Charles! They just started getting tough here in New Brunswick…they stopped sending reminders by mail about a year ago, so now we’re on our own for remembering the registration renewal! I don’t get migraines very often, thank goodness! Wendy

  6. Aw. Anna gets a gold star for lightening the load for you. What a good kid. I hope you’re feeling better, Wendy.

    • Thanks, Maura…much better today…stayed home to try to catch up on the stuff I didn’t get finished on the weekend (including the five loads of laundry Anna didn’t do!). Wendy

  7. Bummer about the migraine, Wendy. Fellow blogger, havocandshine is on day 2 of hers. Misery. I am glad you are on the other side. I’m also glad you were waved through the road block. So . . . what are you going to do with your extra $185? 😉

  8. thejaggedman

    I love pizza stones and ReStore’s. I also love that we are never to old to learn something though you are an overachiever: ten things in one weekend! Pace your self or you may pull something. Great post!

  9. Jess Witkins

    Ok, my favorite part of this was the singing of “Friday” to the deer who ran away. That’s just insanely comical and perfect.

  10. Random, but important stuff to know. Hope the migraine didn’t last too long. Oh and next time, may I suggest keeping a camera hanging around your neck at all times, in the event of another priceless moment?

  11. The story about Elise is so precious and adorable! As is the photo of Hope.

    You get your rest, girl! Phew! What a busy weekend, bird identification and all. My goddaughter (10) is a cheerleader and her schedule is grueling. This Sunday, I’m headed to her grand finale – a cheer “extravaganza.” As much as the parents and families love it, I expect they might do a cheer when the season is over.

  12. Oh I can relate to so many of these! I actually believe that schools would take parental/human organs if they could and sell them on the black market!

  13. jacquelincangro

    Man, I got tired just reading about all of the extracurricular activites the kids are doing this week. I’m with you on the midnight thing. I pulled some late-nighters recently to finish a project I’m working on, and I pay for it too. Migraine City!

    • I’m looking forward to the end of cheerleading season for sure, Jacquelin! When I was in college, I went to bed at midnight every night, and was up at 6:30…can’t do that any more! Wendy

  14. Never too young to learn, right?

  15. I keep hearing about Rebecca Black, but I don’t know who she is.

    If you’d known her song kept deer away, you could have saved the money from the fence materials to buy more Lacteeze.

  16. A very quiet shout out to migraines (exclamation point excluded for obvious reasons). Hope, hope, hope your meds work better than mine and that you have fewer kids. Then again, that is my hope for the world. Love the herding cats concept–it says it all. Am sure you saw those cat herding commercials a few years back, can’t recall what they were for, but they were brilliant! I’ll be back–must count children now. –L (havocandshine)

    • Welcome to Hammond River, autiesmama! Feel free to check out the archives if you have time… Jim and I have five children between us (four teens still living at home) and a granddaughter…my dad also lives with us. I don’t get migraines very often…the most effective medication I’ve found so far is acetaminophen with caffeine in it… Thanks for reading! Wendy

      • Belated Thanks! Have appreciated your stops in Havocandshine quite a bit. Do you remember the commercial that ran ran a few years back that used herding cats as it’s “catch?” I can only think of that when I read your title. It is my all time 100% favorite commercial. So stopping by is lovely simply by virtue of that memory. Again, thanks!

      • No problem, Leslie…that’s one thing I’ve found in the last year about the blogging community…it’s extremely supportive! Other folks have sent me the video for that commercial (which I hadn’t seen because I don’t think it played in Canada)…my title just refers to the “joys” of living with four teenagers in the country. Thanks for stopping by! Wendy

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