Day of Whine and Noses…

Warning to my regular readers…this is not my typical “everything is wonderful” post…

Anna and I are home sick today…she has the flu, and Hope was generous enough to give me a cold…since I’ve been awake since 3:30 a.m., I decided that I should probably stay home from the bookstore. 

AWOL Bloggers

There seems to be a rash of good bloggers lately who are “taking a break” or quitting blogging completely.  Your public misses you…please come back (you know who you are)! 

Pothole Piss-off

Thursday night, we blew another tire on the Mazda 6 when we hit one of the 30,000 potholes lurking on our local streets…it was the second tire we’ve had to replace in two months!  Seriously…it’s spring…the snow is long gone!  Fix the damn holes!

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I think it’s rained every day of May so far…they’re predicting a sunny day for Kaylee’s birthday on the 22nd…I won’t hold my breath!  Luckily, our landlord was able to get our garden plot plowed for us on Saturday morning…he kindly extended it another 6 feet so that we’d have more space.  If it would stop raining for a while, I might be able to get some seeds planted, and my seedlings put outside…they’re definitely not very happy in my back kitchen:

Lackadaisical plants in the back kitchen..."We need sun, Mom!"

Cheers and Tears

Saturday morning was Anna’s provincial cheerleading championships.  The Harbour View High team performed very well…they were enthusiastic and tight, and there weren’t any major mistakes.  I was sure they’d be called back…I was wrong…again!  Congratulations to the repeat champions, Harrison Trimble High, whose performance was flawless, as usual!  Special kudos to the team from Carleton North High, who I also thought should have been called back…they have improved a lot since the beginning of the year!   I would like to give a shoutout to Fredericton High, who kept the crowd entertained all season in between performances with their infectious dancing!  They were the embodiment of “spirit” even though they were never called back!

Harbour View High team after Provincials...Anna is crouching down in the middle of the back row (photo by Brianna)


Network Numbnuts  

I watch very little network TV, so I was upset on the weekend to learn that ABC had cancelled three of my shows in one go:  Off the Map, Mr. Sunshine, and Better With You!  

Off the Map was the only drama I watched.  It was created by the same folks as Grey’s Anatomy (which I used to watch until about four years ago when I started working an evening job).  The acting was good, the plot twists surprising, and it starred one of the sexiest New Zealanders (not Australian…thanks, Lynley for the correction!) I’ve ever seen, Martin Henderson.  I hope you get a new gig soon, Martin!

When I first watched Mr. Sunshine, I wasn’t expecting great things.  I was pleasantly surprised though: Alison Janney‘s narcissistic character was hilarious, and Nate Torrence as her son was adorable…that guy just had to smile, and it made you feel good!  Matthew Perry‘s character wasn’t far removed from his Friends persona…the wise-cracker who just wanted people to like him.  I will miss this show!

Nate Torrence and his irresistable from

Better with You was the “bridge” between The Middle and Modern Family on Wednesday nights.  It explored three related couples in various stages of their relationships.  An excellent ensemble cast made the show a lot of fun…notable members were Jake Lacy, whose combination of goofiness, facial expressions and comic timing was funny every time, and Debra Jo Rupp, whose character always said what people are thinking but are afraid to say.  This was one of the only sitcoms I’ve ever seen that portrayed couples in a fairly realistic way (The Middle is another one).

I’m happy to see that CBS has renewed The Amazing Race and Big Bang Theory, as well as Two and a Half Men.  However, word that Ashton Kutcher will replace Charlie Sheen on Men sounds like a death knell for that show…the last couple of seasons haven’t been great anyway.  Ashton was fine on That 70’s Show as the brainless Kelso, but I don’t think he has the “parts” to pull this off…

Canine Cacophony

Jake is driving me nuts!  He barks whenever he sees a squirrel or chipmunk on the back deck, or hears the slightest little noise…I can’t wait to go back to work tomorrow!

"What are you barking at, Stupid?" (photo by Anna)

Hopefully, I’ll be feeling better by the time I post again…thanks for letting me vent!


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57 responses to “Day of Whine and Noses…

  1. thejaggedman

    Wendy, I hope you get feeling better. I understand concerning the rain. We have a creek that runs across the back off our place and it was over its banks more than not this spring! Great post by the way even if it was a little jagged!

  2. Hope you feel better soon. I’m bracing for my annual spring cold or is it allergies??? Grandson Jack has had a bad cold for the last week and a fever before that. It hasn’t spread to anyone else yet….

    Hope you can get your plants in the ground soon. We are finally enjoying abundant sunshine yesterday and today, still cold though.

    You can vent anytime you need to as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Feel better. And allergies are yucky–I have them also. As for everything else, hey, your post title is great. That’s something, right?

  4. Saw a bunch of stories today about the fall season. I hadn’t heard of a lot of the shows that were cancelled. I also hadn’t heard of some of the shows that were renewed, and, honestly, I didn’t know “Outsourced” was still on. Hope you feel better soon.

    P.S. Ditto what you said about the bloggers on sabatical.

    • I only watched “Outsourced” once, and didn’t find it very funny, Todd…I lost my call center job when it was outsourced to the States! I barely need two hands to count the number of network shows I watched…I watch more Food Network, TLC and History Channel shows. I miss my blogging buddies…glad Hippie is coming back soon! Wendy

  5. Hi Wendy,

    I found your blog via Judith’s “I choose how I live my life” blog!
    I hope you and your family are feeling much better now.
    As a patriotic Kiwi I have to mention that the stunning Martin Henderson is a New Zealander, not an Australian. We are a small country and like to claim out own….:-)
    Good luck with the garden and may the sun shine so your plants grow well.
    We are having really stormy, unsettled weather as we head into winter down under.
    Best wishes
    Lynley in NZ

    • Thanks so much for the correction, Lynley…my brain slipped a cog…I’d written about him in another post, and had it right in that one! Will make the correction immediately! Welcome to Hammond River…my posts are usually more upbeat than this one…please check out the archives! Wendy

      • ordinarygoodness

        Thanks for popping in to my blog Wendy:-) I am intrigued with Herding Cats in Hammond River! I have two cats and I know exactly how hard it is to herd them.

        I’ll keep on checking out your blog. You look very experienced at it all. I am gradually getting the blog thing sussed. Good fun!

      • Thanks, Lynley…we actually don’t have cats any more…Jim and his kids are allergic to them! My blog title refers to living in the country with four teenagers and a dog (and my dad)… I just had my year blogoversary in March…am having great fun, especially meeting up with people online from all over the world! Many of these folks I now consider friends… Have fun! Wendy

  6. I think your plants look wonderful! And hey–everyone is allowed a ‘vent’ here and there–go for it!

    And I hear ya about lack o’ sleep–that does. me. in. I could vent about that for years…:)

    Take care!

    • Thanks, Reeling…the plants are all crooked, because I have to keep turning the trays away from the light as the plants stretch towards it…hopefully they’ll straighten up once they’re outside! Wendy

  7. The weather is getting my down a bit. Can’t get out to work outside. I know we’re not supposed to complain because there are so many out there in far worse shape, so I’m just stating..Yes, rain, please go away. Hope you’re ALL soon feeling better, Wendy.

    • I know things could be a whole lot worse, Laura…thankful I’m not in Manitoba right now! May is usually my favourite month, but I’ve hardly been outside! Wendy

  8. Sorry you feel crappy….however since misery loves company I will share that I was in bed for the weekend–finally feeling better today.
    Sorry about your shows. It always seems they cancel what we love best–nail polish, lip stick, television shows. It’s (please note the perfectly placed apostrophe ) NOT FAIR (whimsical capitalization= shouting) .
    Ok that sucks about the cheerleading! Your girl’s should have won; why give it to the same teams over and over. So BORING. “Repeat champions” and “Flawless performance AGAIN.” (I know I missed a comma somewhere…sooorrry) BUT what about letting the kids who are very good and have worked so hard a chance to win???? Stupid judges.
    Hope you are fine as frog hair real soon!

  9. jacquelincangro

    Rainy days and Mondays always get me down. I hear you Wendy!
    Hope you’ll be feeling up to snuff really soon.

  10. Thanks, Katybeth…the right team won. However, I have my doubts about the other three teams who made callbacks…there were some pretty glaring errors that even I could see!

    Glad you’re feeling better too!


  11. Aw, poor Wendy — feel better soon, OK? I know what you mean about being sick, though, as my son brought me some nasty respiratory virus over Easter that I finally whipped out of my system!

  12. Wendy – So sorry to hear you and Anna aren’t feeling well. Hope you’re both up and feeling better soon.

    There must be something in the air, because Gus has been driving me crazy with his incessant barking over the slightest noise. What’s up with that?

    I agree that Ashton Kutcher is not the best choice to replace CS on Two and a Half Men. I loved that show, but it had gotten a little over the top for me this past season.

    Take good care, my friend. Hugs, Diane

    • Thanks, Diane…I meant to comment on your post about Gus giving himself away when he’s been getting into trouble. Jake does the same thing…luckily, he hasn’t discovered Hope’s 50+ LipSmackers collection! I’m feeling a bit better tonight, and Anna ate a little bit of supper, so she’ll probably go to school tomorrow. Hugs, Wendy

  13. Hope you both feel better soon!!

  14. 1959duke

    I hope you get feeling better . I found request about AWOL bloggers somewhat interesting. If they are AWOL how will they be able to read your request?

  15. Sorry to hear about the bad turn. You’ll be back to best in no time. Just like I went from beach yesterday to cold Pittsburgh and work tonight.

  16. Sorry to hear that you have been feeling like the pu-pu platter! This rain really blows!

    And I’m with you. What’s with all the AWOL bloggers? Shite. Ollie ollie in come free. Please!

    I hope that you are feeling better soon. We all could use some vitamin D. Please, Mr. Sunshine. Any day now. It’s not like we’re complaining but c’mon. It’s almost June…

  17. Hope you all are feeling better! I can relate. Life seems to go through hills and valleys…and potholes!

    Love the title for this post. Creative!

  18. Sorry you’re feeling bad, Wendy! And, indeed, we do have some AWOL bloggers. I miss them too–though I’m not sure mine are the same as yours.
    Wishing you sunshine,

    • Thanks, Kathy…the sun has actually been trying to come out here for the last few minutes…crossing my fingers that it stays! I’m feeling a bit better today, although I’m sniffling a lot! I didn’t want to name the AWOL bloggers and make them feel bad…they know who they are! Hugs, Wendy

  19. Glad you’re feeling better, and didn’t disappear into a huge pothole on the way to work.

    • Thanks, Peggy…it’s a good thing we have regular-sized cars! Jim and I looked at each other after passing a low-slung sports car the other day, and voiced the same concern about it disappearing into a hole! Wendy

  20. The sun will come out! It just HAS TO!

    I managed to set my plants out last week, and was very happy and satisfied to watch those seedlings begin to grow already, though we, too, are having much cloud and rain. The plants don’t seem to mind, though. 😀

    I like a rant-post from time-to-time. It’s cleansing and honest. I’ve made much worse!

    With what I’m hearing about the decline in the quality of 2.5 Men, I actually think Ashton would work out well…just how would you work him in, though? It might only last half a season, or it could blow up the ratings. Let’s see…using my imagination here…Charlie gets drunk and marries a cross-dressing Merchant Marine in Vegas and gets kidnapped and taken out to sea. Ashton is the actual , newly divorced 2nd mortgage holder on the beach house who, in lieu of foreclosure, or while pending, moves into the house, allowing Alan to stay while he “finds a place” but Allen keeps putting off moving out. Ashton rediscovers and goes through his little Black Book and finds Charlie has been using it all these years to get dates…

    His character could have an angry or insane ex-wife who routinely bombards the house with bottle rockets and paint bombs. And who breaks in and keeps stealing things. Like the toilet.

    It could work.

    • Glad you got your plants out, Spectra! We had a whole half-hour of sun this afternoon…it’s gone again now. Are you sure you’re not really a Hollywood TV writer doing an undercover blog? If not, maybe you should be…just sayin’! For me, 2 1/2 Men has been way too “in your face” the last couple of years…it was a lot funnier when the double entendres didn’t have to be explained… Wendy

  21. Wendy!
    Can I just say…I am sad you are not feeling well…but it made my day that you posted whilst GRUMPY! Now I know you are not perfect! 🙂

    I am so happy you got the garden plot plowed–how wonderful, ONCE THE WEATHER CLEARS–to get out there and muck about.

    Seems I put up our Ark too soon, as well. Although, today…no rain…no clouds…

    • I’m pretty far from perfect, Jane…glad you enjoyed my misery! LOL! I’m still using Kleenex like crazy, but feeling a bit better… The sun did come out a little while ago, but it’s gone again…we might get some more on Thursday…or not… Hugs, Wendy

  22. Based on the comments, Wendy, I’d say your post was a success! While I hope you and Anna are both feeling better soon, I quite enjoyed the atypical approach. Well done! ~ Lenore

  23. Hi Wendy and I join with all the rest in wishing you a speedy return to great health.
    Thanks for this post. Do you know as a New Zealander I had never heard of Martin Henderson. So thanks for the introduction. We haven’t had that series here although we have had and still get Greys Anatomy.

  24. I’m sorry you’ve had it rough, but great post!

  25. Noooo! They canceled Off the Map. I loved that show, it was going to be my replacement for Grey’s Anatomy, since its getting old and I figured would be retired soon.

    And good luck with your cold, I’ve been trying to get rid of mine for 2 1/2 weeks. (still coughing)

    • Thanks, Jeanne…I was disappointed too…it was the only drama I watch (and Martin Henderson was as cute as McDreamy)! I’m still a bit stuffy today, but think I’m on the mend. Wendy

  26. PS: If I had just looked at the name of your bookstore, Shoots wouldn’t have surprised me. oops.

  27. Jess Witkins

    Feel better soon, Wendy! How can I help? I could take your dog on a walk in the woods…nope, that wouldn’t be smart. Well, I know nothing about potholes, how ’bout I make you a cup of tea? 🙂

    • Thanks, Jess…your tea was delicious! I am feeling a bit better today, and the sun has just poked its head out…I’m hoping it stays for more than half an hour… Wendy

  28. Loved the title on this one Wendy! Potholes in Canada? Unexpected! If I am one of the AWOL bloggers (don’t want to be presumptuous!), I can promise you I’ll be writing regularly again once school starts on the 6th of June – Ishaan’s not mine 😛

    Hugs, H.

    • The potholes are crazy still…it rained almost every day in May, so repairs have been delayed on them… You have a valid excuse on your lack of blog posting, Harsha! Your dad wasn’t well! Hugs, Wendy

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