Seedlings, Saling, Streamers, and School Picture Day…

It’s been a busy week in Hammond River:

1. A week ago Friday, Hope and I were on the way to Giant Tiger to get presents for Dad for his birthday.  As we approached a pedestrian light, Hope observed that it should be the type that makes a noise, “You know, for the deaf people.”

I looked at her and asked, “What did you just say?”

“Oh!” she said sheepishly.  “I meant blind people!”

2. We celebrated Kaylee’s 25th and Dad’s 74th birthday with a combo party last Sunday.  The sun even made an appearance!  We enjoyed sitting out on our deck for a while, although I was dismayed to find that some small animal had chewed a hole in the seat of one of our deck chairs that we just bought last summer!

Kaylee reading in the background while Elise plays with her mom's birthday balloon...


For dessert, we had pound cake (thanks for the recipe, Lenore!), and chocolate cinnamon cake:

Kaylee's Birthday Cake...decorated by Anna...note to self: remember that Kaylee loves pound cake but doesn't like cream cheese icing!

Dad's Birthday Cake, decorated by Brianna...

3. Seedlings.  Monday was a holiday for Canadians: Queen Victoria’s birthday.  I took advantage of the lack of precipitation to finally get seeds planted in the garden!  My seedlings, however, are still hanging out in my back kitchen, waiting to go outside.  It’s supposed to be decent weather tomorrow, so I’m planning to stay home from the bookstore and get them transplanted!

Mostly tomato seedlings, with peppers at bottom left and brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, and bunching onions in two trays at top left

4. Saling.  Saturday was the Annual Quispamsis Yard Sale.   It was misty, but not really raining, so Jim and I and the girls piled into the van, equipped with our highlighted map…we actually got away from the house within 15 minutes of the time we’d planned to leave!  Pickings were fairly slim compared to the first year we went, but I managed to get about $250 worth of books for less than $20!  Jim got a new leather wallet still in the box for a dollar (his old one is like George’s on Seinfeld!), 5 sets of Magnetix building toys for $1 each (which will be kept well out of Elise’s reach!), and a mitre saw for $15.  This was our best buy though:

My New Old China Cabinet (minus the shelves - we took them out to clean them)...reflections of my dining table in the glass

This china cabinet was sitting with a sign that said “Make an Offer” on it…it was filthy…I fell in love immediately!  After Jim saw me get all excited about it (and some discussion about where we would put it), he made an offer (I told him it could be my birthday present)!  After a little dickering, he got the cabinet as well as a bright green desk and chair for Brianna for $120.  Hope and I cleaned up the cabinet last night, and it already looks way better than it did when we bought it!  I’m planning to put my mom’s collections and some of my other family knickknacks in it.

5. Streamers.  I spent yesterday catching up on laundry, seven loads to be exact…I should have it all folded by Tuesday!  Dad worked on deerproofing the garden.  He installed the poles we got a few weeks ago, and strung them with string and streamers.  I hope it will do the trick!

Our (hopefully) deerproof fence...we are officially country folks now...only the best families have yellow caution tape flying from string in their back yards!

6. School Picture Day.  Wednesday, June 1st has been designated as School Picture Day by Clay Morgan at EduClaytion.  I will be participating along with my friends Leanne Shirtliffe (Ironic Mom), possibly Chase McFadden (Some Species Eat Their Young) and a bunch of other folks.  You’re invited too…just dig out your yearbook photos, write a little post, and then link up on Wednesday!

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45 responses to “Seedlings, Saling, Streamers, and School Picture Day…

  1. Sounds like you all have been busy bees. The cakes look yummy! I love the China cabinet.I’m sure your treasures will look beautiful in it! I like to find interesting pieces of furniture and then when my mom visits she paints it for me–I like the distressed southwest look.

    Have a great day!

    • Thanks, Katybeth! The cakes were good…still working on finishing Dad’s chocolate one. I’m really pleased with the china cabinet too…will post another photo once I’ve got Mom’s stuff in it!


  2. Great snags at the yard sale, Wendy! I’d love to see a picture of the green desk. The china cabinet is lovely. Nicely done! Was the pound cake a success? I hope everyone liked it (minus the cream cheese icing for some).
    Looks like you had a busy but wonderful week/weekend. I love the Hope slip up regarding the sound effect for the ‘deaf’. I’ve said the same thing. D’oh!
    ~ Lenore

    • Thanks, Lenore…I forgot to tell the story of sending Jim to shop for the ingredients for the cake: I put “butter (3 sticks)” on the grocery list…he came back with 3 lbs.! He stopped at his mom’s on the way back home…they both thought I had lost my mind! “What’s she going to do with all that butter?!!!” I’ve got two lbs. of butter in my freezer for future use! Everybody liked the cake, although Kaylee reminded me that she’s not a fan of cream cheese (the cream cheese icing was Jim’s idea). Wendy

  3. I love sales! What a great cabinet. Planning to do the school picture day post, if the children don’t derail the plans.

    • Thanks, Annie…I’m sure we paid only a fraction of what the china cabinet was worth! Looking forward to seeing your school photo…bet you were cute as a button! Wendy

  4. Wendy–
    what a lovely week you’ve had. So much life–birthdays and cakes and seedlings–and, that cabinet–can you imagine the life it has “seen”?

    If only it could talk.


  5. Fact: I love the smell of tomato plants. I will rub the felt-like leaves between my thumb and index finger and then inhale the scent. Memories of childhood, I expect.

    Fact: Looking forward to seeing your school picture!

    Fact: Writing the word “fact” at the beginning of sentences is highly annoying…

  6. Oh yeah, those pictures are gonna be hilarious. I gotta give Ironic Mom credit for this idea. Also love the Seinfeld reference Wendy 🙂

  7. Oh, Wendy, the china cabinet is lovely–just beautiful! I have cabinet envy!

  8. Love these posts of yours, Wendy – a taste of so many things! The cakes look fabulous, and the cabinet is wonderful. I love how your Dad deerproofed your fence …
    Ah, our old photos are in storage in Cape Town, so can’t take part in the school photo challenge … what a pity! (phew)
    Sunshine xx

    • Thanks, Sunshine…I’m pretty happy about the cabinet…it was definitely calling to me! Too bad you don’t have your school photos with you…I’m sure you were gorgeous! Hugs, Wendy

  9. Jess Witkins

    What a fun set of events. Those cakes look so delicious! I would absolutely eat the cream cheese frosting anytime!

    Can’t wait to see the school pictures on wednesday. I don’t have mine with me, or I’d post it, but I’m excited to see the “album.” 🙂

    • Thanks, Jess…the cakes were good! Too bad you don’t have your picture, although you’re so young, I’m sure you haven’t changed much since high school! Wendy

  10. Sounds like a fun time–I love things like the yard sale! I also remember in Ohio Memorial Day was always a gardening blitz–and there even used to be a Giant Tiger where you could tool up for it!

  11. A lot of fun at your place!
    Great great china cabinet.
    You made Lenore’s pound cake. Awesome. I’m making it this week for my in laws who will be visiting. It looks great. I love me some cream cheese frosting, not icing but frosting, thick and not very sweet. Yumm.

  12. School picture day sounds like tonnes of fun. I may have to join you!

  13. The school picture thing sounds like a hoot but I just got rid of all my old yearbooks about a year ago. Maybe I have some old graduation pictures around somewhere. I hope not.

    Sounds like you had a busy weekend. I love the china cabinet and the fact that you found some books for the store.

    The cakes look absolutely delicious. I am particularly fond of creamcheese frosting especially on pumpkin bars or carrot cake.

  14. Thanks for sharing your recent happenings. Like everyone else, I love the cabinet. It has a lot of character.

  15. jacquelincangro

    That china cabinet is beautiful. Looks like it is in mint condition. What a find.

    That episode of Seinfeld with George’s wallet was on just last week. I hope Jim doesn’t have problems sitting as a result of his too-fat wallet, like George did. 🙂

    Good luck with planting your seedlings and keeping the deer out.

    • I wouldn’t say the cabinet is in mint condition, Jacquelin…it definitely has “character”! I’m just about to go out and start transplanting…I’m a little confused about that yellow thing in the sky though…haven’t seen it for so long! Have a beautiful birthday! Wendy

  16. Sounds like you made out like a bandit at the yard sale. I’m a sucker for yard sales, too. My biggest score was a home-theater audio system with 5.1 surround sound (minus the speaker wire) for $20.

    I like the idea of putting yellow caution tape around your property to keep out the deer. I can hear it now. DEER No. 1: “Hey, lets go over there!” DEER No. 2: “Hold on. See that? Crime scene.”

    • You win, Todd! A couple of years ago, Jim was really happy to get 2 rolls of network cable (which normally sells for about a dollar a foot) and a dehumidifier for FREE! Your deer scenario is hilarious! Wendy

  17. Love the china cabinet, Wendy. Although I don’t have one it’s something I do plan to have one day. Hopefully, I’ll get as good a buy as what Jim did. 🙂

    Mmmm, the cakes look delicious.

  18. I never heard of Giant Tiger. Must be a Canadian thing. I like the look of that first cake. I’m still eating my special order carrot cake from my May 17th birthday.

    • I thought Giant Tiger was Canadian, Colleen, until my friend, Tom (originally from Ohio), said they used to have it there! Happy belated Birthday! Carrot cake is one of my favourites too! Wendy

  19. Jeanne Heuer

    That yard sale is to die for. Curt would just go nuts, such deals!

  20. Wendy – So glad you were able to soak up sun on dual birthday party day…yummy looking cakes. I love your new old china cabinet. Sounds like you all got some real bargains. ♥ Diane

  21. I don’t know how you grow tomatoes and peppers from seeds. We’re in basically the same climate zone, and unless we put fairly big plants in the ground in early June, the frost comes back and the tomatoes are still green. I may have to come for a visit and some gardening tips.

    • My tomatoes and peppers are the seedlings I was talking about, Charles (although I did plant seeds directly into the ground last year after our dog destroyed my seedlings, and still got tomatoes!). You’re welcome to come for a visit any time (just give me a little warning, so I can make a path through the house!). Wendy

  22. That cabinet is gorgeous! I fell in love immediately too 🙂 Love the look of all those seedlings…can’t wait for pictures of the veggies later on. I’m so glad you had a happy celebration of birthdays 🙂 We all need more of those n’est pas?!

    • I’m pretty happy with the china cabinet too, Harsha! I finally got my seedlings into the ground this week…will be writing about that later… Our next round of birthdays comes in July and early August: mine, Jim’s, Hope’s and Anna’s all come in a three-week period of each other… Hugs, Wendy

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