Of Gardening, Greens, Greenery and Goldbricking…NEW POST!

Well, here I am again: “live” so to speak, and thankfully still “alive” after a rather stressful week.  Here’s what’s been happening in Hammond River:

After virtually ignoring my garden all week, I was surprised to find that the weeds were trying to take over (funny how that happens!).  I spent much of Saturday evening and Sunday pulling out the invaders and rediscovering the plants underneath (Dad helped with the hoeing on Sunday too, as well as installing poles for the climbing beans, and strings for the peas).

This year, I tried to plant things in a different spot than they had been in last year, “rotating my crops” like a good farmer would.  The squash and beans are at the top of the garden, instead of in the middle.  The tomatoes were planted at the top last year – when we were weeding, we discovered all kinds of tomato plants that were growing from fruit that must have dropped on the ground last year (Dad calls the orphans “volunteers”)!  Some of them were bigger than the seedlings I’d grown in the house…how ironic is that?  Of course, I have no idea what varieties they are (I had about a dozen different ones last year), so it will be fun to see what I get!

This is some squash (notice the lacy leaves from the cucumber beetles!), with the "volunteer" tomato plants in the middle and the bottom right corner of it.


Two rows of peas, with newly-installed strings...


Pole Beans...


Bush beans with purslane at the foot of the plant...

Midweek, we were able to have our first salad from the garden, mixing seven or eight kinds of lettuces and greens, including kale and arugula (this is the first year I’ve tried those).

Salad greens: three kinds of lettuce, tat soi, arugula, kale, and other greens...

Yesterday, we had our first feed of cooked greens: spinach, Swiss chard, beet greens, bull’s blood greens, and kale.  It’s a good thing there are only three of us who like them, because this big pot of raw greens fit into a small bowl once cooked:

Greens before cooking in a big pasta pot...


Small bowl of greens after cooking...

Here’s an update on how our back yard looks after the landscapers have been here:

Yard levelled, grass seed planted...uprooted peony bushes still in the foreground...


Looking straight (?!!) down our fence...didn't they do a great job putting it back up? NOT!


Other plants in the back yard are blooming:

Pink peonies that the deer didn't eat the buds off of...


A pretty bush beside the back deck...I don't know what kind it is...


Jim spent Saturday rebuilding two of our rotten front steps…here is his finished handiwork:

Jim fixed our front steps using a mix of old and new lumber...nice and solid now!


Here he is relaxing on our new porch swing with Jake after he was finished:

Jim and Jake take it easy...


Hope everybody has a great week…more archive posts to follow…will feature some of Anna’s dragonfly pictures next week!


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46 responses to “Of Gardening, Greens, Greenery and Goldbricking…NEW POST!

  1. Very nice! Love the new porch swing!

    If you’re interested, the greenhouse I’m a part of has a blog (surprised? I run it!). Check it out…I’m going to be posting some new pictures in the next day or so… http://iqaluitgreenhousesociety.wordpress.com/

    • I love our swing too…very nice for reading outside! Glad to hear you’ve found a way to grow some veggies for yourself, Suzanne! Great results in the pics I saw!


  2. What great looking greens! Kale is big everywhere this year-I think it really adds to salad.
    I grow mint for my ice tea and have a hard time keeping up with it, I can’t imagine a BIG garden like yours!
    Happy 4th of July to the American part of you!

  3. I used to have a little herb garden and a butterfly garden, but nothing to the extent that you have. How wonderful to be able to have a salad from your very own garden. Love looking at your pictures. Have no idea what that bush is either, but it is quite pretty. Vickie

  4. 1959duke

    Weeds are like rude family members that no matter how hard to try to keep them away they keep showing up!

  5. The greens look great, Wendy. And the swing looks like the perfect place to spend time after a challenging day (or week). ~ Lenore

  6. The garden’s looking good, Wendy! Sounds like you’re productive even amidst so many extra responsibilities! Congrats, my friend!

  7. I love going out to the garden to get the vegetables or salad greens for dinner. Alas, in my tiny, tiny inner city garden there is no room for vegetables, only a few herbs in pots.
    Enjoy your garden, your swing and your lovely family.


    • Thanks, Judith…I’m still looking for a good place to plant herbs/perennials…I have some chives in a separate clay pot beside the garden, but haven’t planted any other herbs yet. Wendy

  8. Now this made me feel like summer!

  9. jacquelincangro

    That is so interesting about the tomato plant in the middle of the squash plant. Do you think both will survive?

    I think there’s nothing like fresh greens picked right from the garden to the table. Delicious!

    Nice handiwork, Jim! Those steps look great.

  10. There is nothing like fresh greens from the garden. And yours look luscious!

  11. The Jagged Man

    Love the garden pictures! My grandfather had and acre and a half (give or take) garden and it was a labor of love. Yours looks to be the same. As far as the steps go my woodworking skills would have left a mound of sawdust so my hats off to Jim for a great looking job! Can’t wait for the dragonfly pictures. I have taken a few good ones myself so I know the effort it takes to get them!

    • Thanks, JM…I’ll pass your kind words on to Jim about the steps! Anna told me there were a whole bunch of dragonflies out in the field where she and Brianna took a walk the other night… Wendy

  12. Love the garden pictures and fresh salad greens. Our garden is slow this year since it needed to be replanted. First cold weather for too long and then deer came during the night and ate it all to the ground. Round two is starting to take shape. Hope the job is going well.

  13. Wendy, I’m jealous. For the first time in 32 years we really don’t have much of a vegetable garden to speak of. With all the crappy weather Brian was not able to plough when he should have. The when he could have, he ended up working for a landscaping company. Long hours as I’m sure you know. We planted a few things but nothing like we usually do. Ah well, I guess I can admire yours. Not much else I can do.

    • The weather really hasn’t cooperated well this year, has it, Laura? I think we were spoiled last year (especially since 2009 was such an awful summer!). Hope you’re able to replant next year! Wendy

  14. It looks like you have great soil to work with, congrats on taking advantage of it!

  15. How wonderful to be able to grow your own salad. Congratulations on such beautiful produce. And, how nice to have a “solid” step…way to go on getting those “honey do’s” done.

  16. oh how nice to have a big garden

  17. I’m so envious of your land! We have a wee backdoor garden plot for our veggies. Can I come over for dinner??? It looks delish! It’s been too hot in our land for lettuces…maybe in the fall 🙂

  18. Jess Witkins

    So jealous of the porch swing! Looks like you guys accomplished a lot of hard work around the house. The lettuce looks so tasty. I wish we’d planted some this year. We’ve got 2 little green tomatoes making their way to ripeness and then to salsa if I have any say over them. 🙂

    • I always loved the old wooden porch swings when I was a kid…my Grandma had one, and my brother built one for my mom, Jess. My tomatoes aren’t even to the blossom stage yet (except for some small yellow plants I bought!). Wendy

  19. Your garden is looking great, Wendy! ALL we have are weeds, this year. Oh, and strawberries.

    The leveled field is looking wonderful, too–can’t you just envision it, already, with green grass?


  20. What a great post. Enjoyed this immensely.

  21. Horrid weeds. I wish there was a way to stop them…for now I have child labor weed pullers. I just have to tune out the moans and groans!
    Wow, that is neat about the “volunteers” I’ve never seen that. But then again I see more weeds than anything else!! Time to get strict on the weed pullers.

  22. The garden looks great. My corn is as taller than a toddler and volunteer plants are my favorite. They are a garden fringe benefit. I let plants go to see just to have them. I’m not sure what “goldbricking” is. http://looseleafnotes.com

    • Glad you came by, Colleen…sorry I haven’t been over to your place lately…the new job has taken over my life!

      I’ve never tried planting corn here…our season is so short!

      “Goldbricking” is slang for loafing…


  23. It’s beautiful where you live! I have no idea how you find time to garden. I hope to have a garden one day. It’s on my bucket list.

    • Thanks, Annie…spent most of my day off today weeding (had started yesterday, but the sun was too strong – was getting seriously burned even with sunscreen!). With seven people in the family, it’s one way we try to keep the grocery bills down! Wendy

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