A Girlfriend, Not a Girlfriend, Two Girl Friends, and a Movie to See With a Girl Friend…NEW POST!

Jim and Devin in a lightsaber duel, ca. 1999

Our “little boy” is growing up…at almost 18, Devin has his first girlfriend!  We met K briefly (long enough to say “Hi” but not long enough to sufficiently embarrass Dev) on Wednesday night…they were in deep conversation at the snack bar, after seeing the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  The girls had “interrogated” her in an online chat…Jim and I limited ourselves to checking her out on Facebook.  Dev and K seem to have a lot in common, and she’s a very talented animé artist.  Hopefully, we’ll be allowed to have her over to the house some time soon…

Work’s been pretty busy lately, since there have been two or three cruise ships in Saint John every week (more vendors at the Market on cruise days).  My boss comes down every week for a meeting with me on Tuesday mornings.  This past week, my list for him was almost as long as my arm…he was there nearly an hour.  He let me know that our contract had been extended through the end of August (which means no summer vacation for me – Jim will take the girls himself).  After our meeting was over, I opened up my e-mail…hmmm…there was one from my boss.  When I finished reading it, I burst out laughing, and then called Jim to tell him about it: I had been the mistaken recipient of an e-mail meant for my boss’ girlfriend!  “I love you,” he said, and signed his name with two XX’s after it (I knew it wasn’t for me, because he talked about an upcoming date they had planned!).

“Um…I’m fond of you, too…perhaps you should forward this to the right person,” I responded. 

The reply came back quickly: “Ha ha…that hardly ever happens!” [hardly ever?].  We have another meeting tomorrow…”Awkward!” as my girls would say…

In April, I mentioned that Hope and her friend Gabrielle were going to sing the national anthem for the Canada Day ceremony at Market Square.  Hope arranged it herself…she’s the most assertive of all the kids (maybe it’s because she’s the youngest)!  The Marketing Coordinator of the mall had invited the girls to participate in the parade before the opening, and had said they would be singing at 11:30 am.  I had to work that day, but left at 11:15 to make sure I caught their song.  Jim and Anna were on their way, having watched the parade.  I didn’t see Jim and Anna at the mall.  The girls sang “Oh Canada,” finishing just before Jim and Anna came in from outside…luckily, Gabrielle’s mom had their video camera and was right up front!  Here’s a photo Anna took after the girls sang…Hope was having a little trouble looking enthused about our Cultural Services Officer’s speech:

Gabrielle and Hope after singing "Oh Canada"...Gabrielle really wasn't putting her head on our mayor's shoulder...photo by Anna

Wednesday night, Jim was recruited to drive Devin into town for his movie date, and Anna and Brianna to Saint John Idol.   Hope and I decided to go along and go to a movie with Jim (a different one than Dev and K went to!).  After checking Rotten Tomatoes online, we opted for Bridesmaids.  It had one of our favourite actors, Chris O’Dowd, in it (he’s hilarious as Roy on The IT Crowd).  Perhaps I should have checked the rating before agreeing to take Hope along…I spent the first five minutes of the movie with my hand over her eyes!  The movie was great, even though it was quite raunchy…a lot of fun to go see with your girl friends (Jim enjoyed it too, though!).  Melissa McCarthy (Mike and Molly) was laugh-out-loud funny as Megan…I’m not a fan of her other show (I find it mean-spirited).  Her real-life husband, Ben Falcone, is also in the movie (don’t leave until the credits are over, or you’ll miss a bonus scene!).

Chris O'Dowd as "Officer Rhodes" in Bridesmaids...photo by Universal Pictures...

Last week, I promised you some dragonfly photos that Anna took…here they are (my friend Jeanne tells me they’re actually “damselflies”…see her comment below – thanks, Jeanne):

Damselfly...photo by Anna...

Another damselfly closeup...photo by Anna...

This weekend, I sat staring at five Hotmail pages of unread blog posts (about 150 e-mails)…I was approximately 10 days behind on my reading, and it would only get worse.  So, I deleted them, resolving to go through my blogroll on my days off, and read the latest post by everyone on my list.  Hopefully, this will get be somewhat back in the loop, and eliminate some of the guilt!  I am sorry that I have probably missed some pretty great posts!  I’ll try to do a better job of keeping up…


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56 responses to “A Girlfriend, Not a Girlfriend, Two Girl Friends, and a Movie to See With a Girl Friend…NEW POST!

  1. What gorgeous dragonfly shots! They just seem to be so much more colorful farther up north than here in the mid Atlantic!

  2. Sounds like things are busy but better than the alternative!

  3. you are busy busy! I love the dragonfly photos…make sure to tell your budding photographer for me!

    I just saw “Bridesmaids” last night…

    so, I have one question for you:
    “Can George Glass do this?”
    funny, funny movie–and oh, so very wrong!


  4. Love the catch up post. I’m dreadfully behind in blog reading, too. Tis the season!

  5. That is hilarious about the boss sending you the email for his girlfriend.

    Love the dragonfly photos. She’s talented!

    I have been aiming to post about 3 times a week and I started to wonder if in the summer I should do less. It’s hard for people, including myself, to find time to read!

    • The misdirected e-mail was pretty funny, Annie…I’ve only been on the job for a month! Will pass your kind words about the photos on to Anna! I used to try to post 3 times a week before I started the new job…I find it necessary to fill in with archive posts now! Wendy

  6. Too funny and very busy you all are! I remember those days…when the girls performed with Encore Youth Performers, a performing group in our area. Great times. You reminded me I need to write about that and include it in the family book I’m preparing. Thanks!
    Anna’s photos of the dragonflies are wonderful. Nice to see real ones…they’re quite an icon these days.
    I won’t tell anyone about your boss’s faux pas…ye gads.

  7. Anna’s taking great photos. 🙂

    Hopefully you won’t get any more “awkward” emails from your boss! Ha ha ha ha ha!

    • Thanks, Koreen…your words about Anna’s photos mean a lot coming from you! I’ll be sure to tell her! I’m hoping to keep things on a strictly “professional” level with my boss from now on too… Wendy

  8. Margie

    I remember the days when my daughters were dating. They were miserable when they didn’t have a boyfriend, and only slightly less miserable when they did have one. It is a tough task to find the right person!

    • I can remember being miserable a lot of the time when I was a teenager too, Margie (and sadly, a lot of my adult life!)…I didn’t find “the right person” until I was almost 47! Wendy

  9. Wow–congratulations on having your contract extended! I’m sorry you’ll miss your vacation, but, gosh, maybe this job could turn into the real deal on a permanent basis!

    By the way, the email from your boss made me laugh!


  10. Loved her photos. But if I may be so bold, I believe those are damselflies. Dragonflies at rest have their wings open, damselflies have their wings closed.
    Glad for the review of Bridesmaids, we have been meaning to go but keep second guessing ourselves.

    • Thanks for the correction, Jeanne…will fix that right away! I depend on you for accurate “critter” info! “Bridesmaids” is a great movie to go to if you want to completely forget about crap going on in your life for a couple of hours! Wendy

  11. Keep us posted on the meeting. And, keep us posted on your son’s girlfriend. (smile) The update posts are enjoyable, Wendy. Glad I could read this post ‘fresh’ before it got lost in my own backlog. *sigh*

  12. Loved Anna’s photos. I took a picture of the same thing and wondered at the time if it was a dragonfly or not but never did any research. Love the blue color and knowing the right name for both of our damselfly pictures.

    No guilt on deleting email notifications… You can only do what you can do and still have fun. Congrats on the work extension!

  13. I appreciate you going back and reading past blog posts. I think you’re the only reader on my blog who ever comments on posts from a week ago unless someone randomly finds the post from a search engine.

  14. I love the photos Anna took of the dragonfly. So colorful!
    Hope you get to invite K over soon. It’s always a struggle getting permission to meet the girlfriend or boyfriend. My son now has a girlfriend and only recently started “letting” me talk to her and it’s been great. Well worth it!

  15. I think you should greet your boss with–‘We have to stop meeting this way.” The pictures are terrific. I often delete my google reader when it overwhelms me. I don’t think its possible to show up all the time in the virtual world, work a job, and take care of a family but I appreciate your never ending effort! 🙂

    • Our meeting is this morning…think I’ll just wait and see what he says first, Katybeth…

      Thanks for your support on the blog backup…lots of guilt to hitting that “delete” button!


  16. jacquelincangro

    It’s so funny that parents can now “check out” their children’s dates on FB. So much more dignified than tailing them. 🙂

    What an awkward email from your boss. I recently received a message intended for another work colleague. The email chain was going back and forth about how confused and embarrassed they were to have messed up on a recent project. Busted! Note to self: always double check the “To” line.

    Really nice dragonfly photos. Compliments to Anna.

  17. What an interesting phase this is, when teenagers start dating. The text messages never stop.

    I’d never heard of damselflies. Great photos!

    No need for guilt, Wendy. Blogging can easily become a full-time activity. And you need to enjoy this long-awaited and much-too-short summer.

    • Funny…Devin is our one kid who doesn’t have a cellphone, Charles! He hadn’t really needed one until now… Will pass your compliments on the photos to Anna. Full-time activity, indeed! Fun, though… Wendy

  18. Wow. The world of dating is so different for teenagers AND their parents than back in the day when we passed actual NOTES to one another 🙂

    Love the dragonfly photos — what a summery image!

    And I totally feel your pain about getting behind on reading. I’ve kinda done the same thing, because of starting a job in the past two months, and I’m STILL playing catch up!

    Love catching up with you …

  19. Nice to catch up Wendy. The boss story is hilarious!

  20. One of the hardest parts of having your children date is when you get attached to someone they are dating, and then it doesn’t work out. I understand about being behind in reading blogs. It’s so hard to get anything done if you’re tied to the computer though.

  21. LOVE Chris O’Dowd! My new favorite actor. Love the way you write and I feel caught up on your current events. Am also WAYYYY behind on reading posts. I do think ’tis the season, as they said. I can get lost on the computer for hours at night, but don’t get online when I’m on vacation.

    • Have you seen Chris in The IT Crowd, Reeling? The link I included takes you to a place you can watch the shows online…hilarious! My inbox is filling up again this week…sigh… Wendy

  22. Fun to catch up on what you’ve been doing, Wendy.

    I recently sent a “Congratulations on being pregnant!” email to the wrong person. Thankfully, it was just to another good friend of mine so it was no big deal, but I have DEFINITELY been checking my addresses more closely since then!

  23. We should all be a little more worried when we hit that “send” button that it might be going to the wrong place. Thank goodness your boss didn’t send a photo of his “junk” to his lady friend, ala Congressman Wiener.

  24. Nice new post, Wendy! You’re always a great read.

  25. Must be meet the girl week. My son is home on break, met the college g/f on skype the other night. That talking long enough but not too long is a fine line, isn’t it?

    Thanks for admitting you get blog reading swamped. I love doing it, but I get behind and…auugh!

    • Glad Omawari-son let the old man meet her, even if it was via Skype! Jim says that reading blogs is supposed to be fun…I love it too, but it makes me feel guilty when I don’t have time! Wendy

  26. Many moons ago my daughter received a phone call from a business associate who was dating a woman with the same name as hers, She listened in amazement to his conversation about the previous night and then broke in to advise him he was speaking to the wrong person. Embarrassing for him.
    And I know what you mean about the emails. I feel guilty in that I have just deleted some without reading them. I shall make apologies in a post in the next few days.

  27. The Jagged Man

    When I read the part about being behind on your blog reading I thought ” I am amazed that you can keep up with them when you have only “one” job, being a mother, less alone all the other work you do! Great post and love the damselfly pics.

  28. Katherine at be well gifts

    Great photos, We haven’t seen bridesmaids ( my husband wants to) I really enjoyed my visit to your blog, I subscribed 🙂

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