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An Award, A Maniacal Kitten, and Lies I Never Told You…

Earlier this week, my friend Amanda at Life is a Spectrum foisted off bestowed a new blogger’s award on me, The Memetastic Award.  It was conceived by Jillsmo at Yeah. Good Times.  I had to Google “meme” to find out what I was “tastic” at!  Apparently, “meme” rhymes with “cream”, and describes a concept that spreads via the Internet.  Here’s the award:

Memetastic Award…

(I feel younger just displaying it…maybe I should start dotting my “i”‘s with little hearts?  It almost makes me want to start using Emoticons…ooh, the horror!).

The rules for accepting The Memetastic Award are as follows:

1. You must proudly display the “absolutely disgusting graphic” (her words) that Jillsmo created in your post [check].

2. You must list 5 things about yourself, and 4 of them must be bold-faced lies (I can totally do that…it will be fun!).

3. You must pass this award on to 5 bloggers that you either like or don’t like or don’t really have much of an opinion about.  I’ve decided to pick on pass it on to bloggers I haven’t previously spread lies good words about.  Jill claims to not care why we picked who we pick, but I’m going to tell you why (Amanda picked me because she said she thought I would provide a happy home for the “maniacally-delighted cat”…unfortunately, Jim and his kids are allergic to cats!  My daughter, Kaylee, has two cats with issues…maybe she has room for one more?).

4. If you FAIL to follow Rules #1-3, Jillsmo will become the stalker from hell (or something to that effect)…I’m not tempting fate on that one!

5. Once you’re finished, please link your celebratory post back to The Memetastic Hop, so Jillsmo can see how far her diabolical scheme has gone.


Five things about WENDY…which one is true?

1. I was once a principal dancer for the National Ballet of Canada, but was forced to retire due to a mysterious epidemic of hernias suffered by my male partners.

2. I used to have a bread-baking show on The Food Network called The Yeast You Can Do!

3. I recently took an action figure of Angelina Jolie on a photographic tour of my city, and I’m still allowed to walk around unsupervised in public.

4. Jim and I have a villa in Tuscany.  We go there for a month at a time and stuff ourselves with food our kids don’t like, and listen to our music all day long!

5. My house is spotless, and filled with books, antiques and art.


And the victims winners are (in alphabetical order, by blog name):

1. Big Happy NothingAmiable Amiable has got lots of room at her house for the kitten, who’s sure to provide amusing antics to entertain AA and her husband (now that their children have moved out).  The cat will help keep those pesky birds away from the bird feeder too!

2. Flying Gma’s Blog.  Jeanne can entertain the cat by taking it up with her when she flies her plane.  I’d suggest investing in a kitty-carrier, though…might be kind of hard to see where you’re going with a crazed cat wrapped around your face!

3. H is for HappinessHarsha is more a dog person than a cat person, I think, but her little fellow, Ishaan, would have fun with a kitten, especially a mischievous one!  I bet the maniacal cat has never been to India!

4. I’ll Have NunavutIan and Suzanne really need another cat to keep the older ones young.  They could always use it as a scarf to keep warm too!

5. Lady Justine’s BlogLady Justine already has a menagerie at her house in France…she’s such a soft touch with animals, she’ll be happy about adding a kitten to the mix.  Maybe it can help her potty-train Tilly!

Be sure to check out all their blogs and harass ask them when they’re going to post the obnoxious kitten!  Thanks again to Amanda for this honour…stop in at her blog too!



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Jane’s Homework Assignment…A Room of My Own…

Today, my friend Jane over at PlaneJaner’s Journey gave us a homework assignment (http://planejaner.wordpress.com/2010/07/13/a-room-all-your-own-really-its-only-for-you-now-comes-the-hard-part/)… I’ll wait here while you read about it…

(twiddling thumbs…doodling…staring around the room…wishing Anna would turn off Family Channel…)

Okay…here’s my dream room:

The #1 rule in my room is that no one under the age of, say, 25, will be admitted unless there is a copious amount of blood involved – no pets allowed either.  No one but me will be able to eat or drink anything in my room.

I'll need a sign like this...

I don’t know what colour my room would be…I’m really not interested in or good at decorating stuff.  However, it would be furnished with Victorian antique furniture (including the rocker I inherited from my mom, a comfy armchair, and perhaps a settee of some kind), so the paint would have to coordinate with that.  There would be an crocheted afghan that I made to wrap around me if I get chilly (any side tables would have doilies, also made by me).  There would be a desk with a computer (desktop – I hate laptops).  The desk would be fully-equipped with all needed equipment: pens, pencils, paper, scissors, stapler, ruler, glue, etc.  It would be completely off-limits to any child who can’t find school supplies somewhere else in the house.  There would be a stereo/radio (tuned to CBC) with all my albums (vinyl), cassettes, and CDs. There would be no TV in my room.  The room would be soundproof, both to keep outside noise out, and not to have children complaining about my music.

Something like this would be amazing, but alas, my windows aren't that big!

I would have shelves about 4 feet high on every wall which would be filled with books (including my collection of antique “Lucile”‘s), miniatures, my mom’s bell collection, her collection of wooden boxes, and other family heirlooms.  There would be an antique rug on the floor, and the walls would be full of Mom’s photographs and art, and some of my own acquisitions.  In one corner, there would be shelves constructed to hold my collection of Victoria Magazines (nearly complete, back to 1988 or so).

There would be a special cupboard filled with my personal snacks…the ones that I have to hide now to make sure I actually get some of them: multigrain tortilla chips, cashews, chocolate cherries, honey roasted peanuts, Smoky Bacon Ruffles, and red licorice (this may need to be LOCKED!).  A small fridge will be necessary for iced tea, lemonade, and spinach dip (for the tortilla chips).  I will also need an electric kettle for tea, and my own big mug.

I like this Blue Willow pattern mug...

I would use my room to read, write, listen to my music, crochet, or decoupage (another hobby of mine that I never get to do).

This is the kind of decoupage I do...

Now to answer the rest of Jane’s questions:

Do I deserve it?  Absofrigginlutely!  I’ve been a mother for almost a quarter of a century…I deserve some time to myself and a kid-free place to do that!

Could I accept a gift of a room for myself without guilt or worry?  YES!  I’d only be worried about keeping kids out of it! 

Could I give myself my own room?  YES…all I need is for one kid to move out!

Is this a “woman” thing?  I don’t think so…Jim often talks about having a room of his own too!

Now about Jane needing therapy…I don’t think I’m qualified to comment on that…

Thanks, Jane…now I’ve got something else to add to my “Bucket List” https://writerwoman61.wordpress.com/2010/06/02/my-bucket-list/ …this one is actually do-able!


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Scanning for Gold at Book Sales…

I love the month of May…it is easily my favourite!  The weather is more summerlike, trees and flowers begin blossoming, and it’s time to plant the garden.  It’s also book sale season – I love scouting for our store!

Tomorrow night, Jim and I will travel to Moncton for the Canadian Federation of University Women’s 48th Annual Book Fair (the Fredericton Chapter will hold theirs on May 28th and 29th).  Friday morning, Dad and I (and the kids – they’re off school on Friday), will be in line for the annual Saint John Free Public Library Book Sale.  Hope will be shopping for herself, but Anna will be helping us find the good stuff!

I haven’t been to the Moncton sale since I’ve had the bookstore, so I’m not sure what to expect…I’m hoping for great things!  The sale is held in a Curling Club in the neighbourhood I used to live in before moving to Saint John (we’ll be stopping to visit old friends for tea after we buy books!).

Venue for the Moncton sale...

The plan at any book sale is to be one of the first people through the door…there is a lot of competition for good books!  Lining up an hour before the doors open is not unheard of.  The library sale is held in an open area outside the library – tables are covered with cloths which are lifted at the appointed opening time.  My strategy there is to stake out the first table I want to look at.

People have different ideas about how to carry their treasures: I usually bring 3 or 4 sturdy cloth shopping bags, while my dad brings his wheeled luggage cart with cardboard boxes attached with bungee cords.

I'll be bringing this bag to the sale...

Another hint for book-salers: wear sturdy shoes – you’ll be lucky if you get through the sale without your foot being run over by a stroller wheel, or even a wheelchair.  I have also been smacked in the shins by these vehicles.

This one has double wheels in the front for more crushing power, and two kids to make it hurt more...

We have certain things we look for when buying stock for the store – just because a book is old doesn’t necessarily mean it’s valuable (Mary Roberts Rinehart was a bestselling author in 1910 – you can still buy her hundred-year-old books for a couple of bucks).  Condition, rarity, and sometimes subject matter also affect the value.  I look for quality bindings, unusual publishers, offbeat subjects, and anything local.  Nothing makes my heart beat faster than finding a British binding from the 1880’s with gilt decoration and gilt-edged pages!  And you can bet that if I find a book on Ukranian cuckoo clocks, it won’t take very long to sell on the Internet…

The kind of binding I love to find...

I avoid popular fiction (although book sales are a perfect place for readers to pick up current fiction at a small fraction of the crazy cover prices that bookstores charge for new books now), Reader’s Digest condensed books (they make excellent firestarters or doorstops), Book Club Editions (even old ones), and encyclopedias.  You generally have to work hard to separate the wheat from the chaff!

Just say "NO!" to these lepers of the book world...

One thing that we’ve discovered about the library sale in particular is that they restock throughout the sale…it’s a good idea to make 3 or 4 visits if you have time. 

Here are some suggestions for book sale etiquette:

1. Keep to the right of the aisle.  Don’t block the aisle while you stand talking to your friend.

2. Keep your hands off other people’s books…if I have a pile in front of me, they’re mine!  By the same token, if I’m going through books, please be polite enough to wait until I’m finished before diving in.

This lady's got the right idea in protecting her pile...can't say much about her reading taste, though...

3. Be reasonable when sifting through the stock…most sales try to keep some kind of organization to the tables.  If you put a book on Egyptian art back into the cookbook section, you’re wasting someone’s time!

4. Leave small children at home.  They’ll be bored, and in danger of being trampled.

5. Don’t bring coffee or food into the sale.  The chance of spillage is directly related to the rarity of the book you set your cup down on.

This is a $75 book...I wonder how much it would have been had some numbnuts not set his drink on it...

6. Don’t ask volunteers to hold books for you if you don’t intend to buy them.  There might be something I want in your “hold” pile.

7. Don’t dicker.  Most book sales are charity events – that extra dollar won’t break you! 

8. Don’t pull out a hundred-dollar bill for $5 worth of books…you’re not at Walmart!

I’m hoping to come back with some gems this weekend…happy hunting at your local book sales this spring!


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