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Where the Wild Things Are…

Tonight, we got home a little bit late because of having to stop to do errands on the way home…I made a lovely chicken stirfry for supper (featuring fresh zucchini from our garden).  By the time I’d finished dessert (more luscious blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream – https://writerwoman61.wordpress.com/2010/08/08/i-owe-it-all-to-pig-fat/), it was after 8:00, and I still had blueberries to pick.

I grabbed a plastic mixing bowl (I like to harvest stuff in mixing bowls), and went outside.  We’d had a minor blueberry boom over the last couple of days – the bushes were loaded with big, ripe berries again.  I’d been picking for about half an hour when I felt something drop down my shirt.

As I was fishing the small green inchworm out of my cleavage (I never freak out about bugs!), I saw something small and fast run across in front of my feet into the long grass beside the rhubarb…I’m hoping it was a mouse…

It was at about the halfway point that I heard the rumble of thunder in the distance.  It was getting darker, and the mosquitoes and other bugs were coming out in earnest – they were biting me through my jeans!  I continued to pick, straining to see the dark berries in the dim light.  Luckily, the storm held off…

The next sound I heard was that of a deer snorting.  For those who don’t know, deer snort as a way of telling you that you’re pissing them off…I turned nervously around, checking to see how close it was, and praying it was a doe and not the buck.  She was more than 200 feet away – nothing to worry about.  I went back to the task at hand.

Finally, I was coming down the home stretch…by now it was so dark, I was picking almost entirely by feel.  I checked the backside of the last bush, and headed for the house.

Then I saw the bats swooping around…I’m never picking that late again!!!


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