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“Rain, Rain, Go Away” and Other Random Utterings…

Here is a random collection of things I’ve heard people say this week:

1. “Rain, Rain, Go Away!”  That was me.  I didn’t really say it…I thought it.  It’s been raining since Thursday, and isn’t supposed to stop until next Thursday.  I didn’t go to Book Club on Friday night because of it…driving on the highway at night in heavy rain is dangerous!  As of Sunday morning, we’ve already had about 100 mm, with at least 50 more predicted today.  At least the man with the cows down the road kept them in this weekend to prevent a repeat of this:

Jim took this photo of the cows, and one horse, in October of 2009 after more than 90 mm of rain fell overnight...

2. “Freezer.”  I was sitting at the bookstore on Thursday afternoon, when I heard the front door open, and someone come in.  He walked into the room where my desk is (the bookstore has four rooms), and said, “Freezer,”  just like that.  Freezer??!!  You do know you’re in a bookstore, don’t you, buddy?  It was after I looked out the window and saw his truck that I put two and two together…it had the name of a local used appliance company on the side.  Coming in that morning, we’d noticed a mini-fridge box that our landlord had put out for the garbage…I guessed these guys had come for the old one, and directed them upstairs.

3. “I got my licence!”  That’s what Hope said when we picked her up at school after completing the last week of her Red Cross Babysitting training on Thursday.  She got right to work when we got home making up business cards and flyers, and put an ad on Kijiji. 

4. “I stuck a straw up my nose!”  That was Anna.  She was coming into the bookstore after school on Friday, after waiting for the bus for 20 minutes in the pelting rain.  She tripped coming up the store steps, and managed to stick the straw from her Booster Juice smoothie up her nose…at least she didn’t fall!

5. “I got my report card!”  This was Brianna, as she proudly held the paper out for me to see.   “Geez, only 100% in French?”  I teased.  Bri said she was “basically the teacher’s pet.”  Works for me.

6. “I got the job, I think.”  That was Hope after coming back from an interview with a neighbouring family with a five-year-old autistic boy.  Jim dropped her off, and she called us 20 minutes later to tell us she was finished.  Pretty grown up to have your first job interview at twelve.  The family was looking for someone to babysit the little guy for occasional evenings out, and Professional Development days at school.  Hope is to go over for training next week.  She thought it was neat that both she and the little boy are lactose-intolerant.

7. “I’m on the team!”  Brianna announced this in the car when we picked her and Devin up on Saturday at their mom’s house.  Three girls, three cheerleading teams at three different schools…seven practices a week on four different days.  Bonus: Devin’s on the Tech Crew at his school, which is at least another couple of nights a week.  We may have to install a coffeemaker in the van…

8. “Oh, my giant blue head!”  Will Ferrell as Megamind.  We took the kids to see the movie in 3-D on Saturday afternoon.  We all loved it!  The soundtrack was awesome.   Tina Fey was great as the voice of Roxanne Ritchie.  Nice twist ending too…I like it when a movie isn’t predictable!

Megamind poster...

9. “Does anybody know where the extra meatballs are?”  One of the waitresses at Vito’s said this, as we were eating our meal after the movie.  My first thought was, “Shouldn’t she be looking for them in the kitchen?”  Then it dawned on me that she was standing in front of the computerized cash register.  “Ohhh…she’s trying to find it on the screen,” I thought.

10. “I found your wine!”  Another waitress at Vito’s.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t heading for my table (how do you lose a glass of wine, anyway?).


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Weekly Wrapup…

Tough to believe it’s Friday already…another week is almost finished…have only posted once this week, but I’ve been BUSY (honest!):

1. On Monday, I took Anna to find a bathing suit top…said bathing suit top had to be UNDERWIRE due to Anna’s genes from her father’s side of the family (let’s just say the women on my side of the family tend more towards pear-shaped).  Finding the perfect one took quite a while…it cost more than the last THREE complete bathing suits I bought for myself (keeping in mind that the kids spend my money so fast, I probably bought those suits over a 15-year period)!  Jim patiently waited on a bench in the mall while we completed our purchase…it took most of my cash (including coins) because the debit/credit machine wasn’t working…Murphy must have bought his bathing suit there just before we arrived…

2. We had Kaylee, Scott and Elise over for supper on Monday night…they had been away on vacation, and I hadn’t seen my “puddin-pop” in more than two weeks.  She is crawling now, and working on pushing her first two teeth through…can’t believe she’s nine months old already! 

Scott, Elise, and Kaylee on vacation...

3. I had a job interview on Tuesday…I felt it went well, but I haven’t heard anything yet…I’m hoping the guy’s as big a procrastinator as I am, and just hasn’t gotten around to calling me yet (I can dream, can’t I?)…

4. As I was coming back from the interview, I saw a woman my age wearing white overalls…apparently she didn’t get the memo that overalls on anyone over the age of 5 is not cute.  Does she have any idea how big her butt looks in those?

5. Tuesday night, I went out to check my garden: my squash plants were covered with cucumber beetles!  I normally like bugs, but not when they’re chewing holes in perfectly good leaves!  I sprayed them with soapy water, but they were back munching away within two hours!  I checked the Internet and found that I need to get some “good bugs” called “beneficial nematodes.”  In the course of my research, I also found that you can get 3 (count ’em) 1/3- cup bags of live ladybugs at Home Depot for $20 (ladybugs won’t help me with my problem, though).

There's about a dozen of these guys on each hill of my squash...

6. The rest of my garden was doing okay…was delighted to find that my new plantings of cucumbers and pumpkins were up, although the cucumber beetles may start on those soon too!  We’ve been eating Dad’s spinach from last year for the last two weeks…yummy!  The peonies and the wild roses have “popped” too.

7. As mentioned in previous posts, people are still bringing us books they want to get rid of faster than we can process them…in the past two weeks, I think I’ve priced more than 3 dozen boxes of books (some good, others a complete waste of time – seriously, have these people seen our store?).  I have 23 boxes of books that I can touch sitting in my chair at my desk (all done – waiting for people to come and pick up their money/rejects, and then the good ones will be processed and put away – wishing the “storage fairy” would do something about our little problem soon).  Dad and I have an appointment to visit a colleague’s warehouse on Sunday…he’s getting out of the business, and trying to unload his stock as quickly as possible (this is at least Dad’s fourth trip to the warehouse and my second – getting some good stuff).

8.  On Wednesday, I walked down to Harbour Station to pick up vouchers for the kids to go to the midway…got a couple of extras for my friend Brad’s kids…they’re coming to visit from Ontario next weekend!  We’ve got a lot of cleaning to do before they get here!

9.  My blogging friend, Jane, got back from her stepson’s wedding on Wednesday…she wrote a beautiful (and hilarious) post about the whole affair (http://planejaner.wordpress.com/2010/06/17/getting-them-married-grab-a-soda-and-a-sandwich-maybe-a-cookie-this-is-a-long-post/), which I greatly enjoyed reading last night.

10.  We stopped at Co-Op garden center last night to look for those “good bugs.”  No luck, but I did get some tomato/pepper/chive plants since I don’t think my inch-high ones are going to grow fast enough to produce anything before our very short growing season is over.  We tried Brunswick Nurseries too…they suggested Halifax Seeds (we’ll go there on the way home).  Brunswick Nurseries has added a couple of new critters to their domestic petting zoo (they made me think of my blogging friend, Nancy, who has 100 of these guys!):

Coffee and Cream - Two Baby Alpacas

Jim and I want to take Elise to see them soon!

11. For supper last night, we barbecued sausages, hot dogs and veggie burgers…I love the Portobello Swiss ones I’ve been getting at Superstore!  We also had our very first salad from the garden – a combo of lettuce, mixed greens, spinach, and tat soi…some of the leaves were a little holey (more bugs!), but it tasted amazing!  Leftovers in our lunches today…

12. I was out in the garden until after nine last night putting in my new plants.  Will have to get some more eggshells out to protect the tomatoes from our huge slug population!  I planted the chives in a broken terracotta pot, which I set between two of the peony bushes.  The fact that there’s dirt spilling out the side doesn’t bother me a bit.  When I was putting my hoe away, I noticed a bird feeder in the garage that Jim hadn’t discovered yet – it’s just like the one he put up a couple of weeks ago.  We’ve lost the suet feeder…it’s dropped into the bushes by our back steps, and despite his best efforts, Jim can’t find it (it is a bit challenging searching through unpruned roses/raspberry canes!).  Here’s a picture Jim took of the new feeder, which has had as many as six goldfinches perched on it at once:

Our Pretty Yellow Birds...

Tomorrow, we’re off to see the New River Beach Sand Sculpture competition…it’s my first time there…we’ll probably stop in Pennfield for blueberry shortcake too.  I haven’t decided what we’re doing for Father’s Day yet…will try to post some new garden photos later.

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